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Eastfield Park Enhancement Plan - draft concept

Opening date: 28 May 2018 Closing date: 15 July 2018

This consultation is now closed.  

The proposed concept design

The proposed concept design was based on community and stakeholder consultation, detailed site investigations and previous Council strategic planning outcomes.

It considered broad community needs for sporting infrastructure while being mindful of maintaining natural bushland and habitat and retaining as much open space as possible.

Elements of the enhancement plan

Community needs

The plan considered the needs of a number of key groups within the community:

Community and sporting clubs

  • upgrade to the current Bensons Oval
  • an additional football/cricket ground
  • two new soccer pitches
  • a new multipurpose pavilion located centrally, to service the new sports grounds
  • pony club facilities
  • Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place (MMIGP).


  • Roll Play (nature based area for children to learn to ride bicycles and scooters)
  • redevelopment of playground
  • picnic space
  • water play. 

General community

  • dog park
  • walking/running tracks
  • wetland
  • picnic space.


  • increased accessibility
  • improved car parking. 

Enhancement Plan

See larger Enhancement Plan  (pdf, 2MB)

Eastfield Park Plan
  1. MMIGP facility and car park with new access from Taylors Road
  2. Increase size of Bensons oval including lighting
  3. 4 cricket nets
  4. Additional AFL/cricket ground including lighting
  5. 2 soccer pitches including lighting
  6. New sports pavilion
  7. Picnic space/possible water play
  8. Wetlands and storm water harvesting
  9. Boardwalk to replace some of walking trail that runs between creek and the back of Bensons Oval
  10. Possible artwork to existing fence
  11. Additional car parking including lighting (120 spaces)
  12. Widen and reposition road entry to allow for 2 way traffic
  13. Replacement of walking trails
  14. Remove buildings and reinstate to parkland
  15. Additional car parking and lighting (100 spaces)
  16. Additional car parking and lighting (80 spaces)
  17. Roll play
  18. Existing dog park
  19. Existing playground to be upgraded and enlarged
  20. Possible pedestrian crossing
  21. Public toilet

Traffic and car parking

The proposed plan included additional car parking in three different locations to service the proposed community facilities and to cater for the increased usage by both sporting groups and the general community. 

The current one way road to Bensons Oval will be widened to allow for two way traffic.


A draft Landscape Plan was developed for the site, with the retention of open space and protection of native vegetation being a high priority.

The draft plan identified a number of natural enhancements to the site, including: wetlands, boardwalks, a picnic area, water play, and natural planting around the playground and Roll Play areas.

The draft design indicated that some trees/vegetation may need to be removed. Should this occur, Council is required to apply for a planning permit to remove the trees, and will ensure offset planting within Eastfield Park is undertaken as part of the future development of the Park. This will be in addition to the extensive natural enhancements proposed.

Any tree that is approved for removal will be subject to an inspection for potential habitat locations, including nests and hollows. In the event that any active or potentially active habitat is identified a suitably qualified wildlife/habitat specialist will be engaged to instruct their recovery and protection.

Where possible, the trunks of large pine trees which are recognised as suitable for timber harvesting, will be integrated into the landscape design as features or habitat.

Where native trees require removal their timber will be located in adjacent bushland reserves for the provision of habitat.

See larger Landscape Plan  (pdf, 8MB)

Eastfield Park Landscape Plan


Council will be investigating opportunities for the harvesting and reuse of water to irrigate sports fields, which will reduce the use of potable water.

Water sensitive urban design would see low scale garden beds built within the carparks, to retain and filter water before making its way to storm water drains and Taralla Creek. Trees would be planted within these garden beds to break up the space and provide a green canopy, providing added benefits such as heat banks and urban cooling. 


The proposed plan included lighting for the dog park, all sports grounds and car parks as well as ambient lighting throughout the park (including walking tracks) to increase public safety.


Timing for this project will depend on funding.  It is likely that elements of this plan will be staged.

Further information

This consultation is now closed. For further information on this project please contact Renee Herps, Project Support Officer Assets on 1300 88 22 33 or email

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