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Maroondah in focus - June 2018

Welcome to Maroondah in focus

The June-August edition of Maroondah in focus was distributed to Maroondah households in the week of Monday 18 June. For a printed version visit one of Council's service centres or email


Read it online below by opening the accordions , or view Maroondah in focus  (pdf, 5MB) as a PDF file.


Mayor’s message


Welcome to the June edition of Maroondah in focus.

It’s been a busy few months in Maroondah, with Council consulting on various projects and events and activities. I was pleased to see so many people take part in the International Women’s Day breakfast event, Tri Maroondah and our inaugural Maroondah Night Run. These popular, annual events bring the community together to keep active, learn, and celebrate the people and places that make Maroondah a great place to live.

As the new financial year approaches, Council has adopted our 2018/19 Budget which outlines our operational budget in line with the strategic direction identified in the 2017-2021 Council Plan.

Both the Budget and Council Plan include a break down of how rates and charges will be spent per $100. We also highlight some of the proposed significant capital works projects planned for the 2018/19 Council year.

For those interested to see what is happening in their wards over the next 12 months, we have also included details on our major capital works projects in this edition of Focus (found in accordion 5).

Even though we’re heading in to the cooler months, there’s still plenty on offer in Maroondah: so please take the time to view some exciting art at our three galleries; attend a show at Karralyka; visit Realm and explore all that’s on offer across the three levels; or explore the many parks and reserves around our great city.

For those who like to plan ahead, don’t forget to put Sunday 11 November in your calendar for Maroondah Festival. We’re working closely with the RSL to ensure Remembrance Day activities are included as well as the usual activities and performances to ensure the event is another great celebration of all things Maroondah.

Mayor, Cr Nora Lamont

Council meetings

Council meetings are held monthly and community members are welcome to attend.

  • Monday 25 June
  • Monday 16 July
  • Monday 27 August

Meetings start at 7.30pm and are held in the Council Chamber, Braeside Avenue, Ringwood.

Council meetings can be streamed live over the internet or accessed via an online archive.

More ways to have your say

A key feature of our website is the ability to provide feedback and have your say.

Our consultation hub features all of our consultations which provide you with the chance to share your view!

You’ll find current consultation opportunities relating to a range of policies and projects where we are seeking your feedback or comment, whether by surveys or polls.

You can also view past consultations and their outcomes. The consultation hub is available under the ‘About Council’ tab or directly from the home page using the ‘current consultations’ icon.

Plus, there are opportunities to provide feedback on any of our webpages. This helps us understand areas of the site that may require clearer or additional information.

You can subscribe to be made aware of any changes made to a particular webpage.

For those who have a specific issue to report, visit the ‘Issues and requests’ page in the customer service menu.

Help for hoarding

Has excessive collecting or neglected living conditions become a problem for you or someone you know? The Maroondah Hoarding and Squalor Network (MHSN) has launched a new website to help.

The website provides useful information and resources, including contact information for agencies that can help. Council has a Vulnerable Person’s Coordinator who can support people with complex needs such as hoarding.

There is also information about government-funded programs that can provide help with home maintenance, domestic assistance and more.

Hoarding behaviour is the persistent accumulation of, and lack of ability to relinquish, large numbers of objects or animals, resulting in extreme clutter in or around premises. This clutter can become a major health and fire hazard.

For the individual, hoarding can lead to physical and mental health issues, homelessness, social isolation and more.

It is estimated that hoarding and squalor in Australia is a multi-billion dollar issue, with more than 600,000 people estimated to be suffering from a hoarding disorder.

State considers new regulations for pools and spas


The Victorian Government recently announced its intention to introduce new regulations for household pool and spa barriers.

The proposed regulations are yet to be released, but they are expected to include a mandatory register of all household pools and spas across Victoria, coordinated by local councils; and a regular inspection regime, with pool and spa owners, including landlords, required to meet very high safety standards in relation to the condition of barriers.

As well as general wear and tear over time, the effectiveness of pool and spa barriers can be affected by landscaping and house renovations, overgrown trees and land movement so it is important that owners are vigilant when it comes to their effectiveness.

The need for reform was identified following consultation with the Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group, Life Saving Victoria, KidSafe, Spa and Pool Association of Victoria, the Royal Life Saving Society and Landscaping Victoria.

A regulatory impact statement is expected to be released by the State Government in June 2018, with the legislation proposed to be introduced into Parliament later this year. Council will provide more information to the community following the release of the regulations.

In the lead up to summer, the Victorian Government has also announced that it will undertake a new public education campaign around the dangers of leaving children unsupervised near pools and spas. The absence of adult supervision is said to have contributed to the drowning deaths of 25 children between 2000 and 2017.

The whole of Maroondah is at your fingertips!


A new digital interactive map is available to explore on Council’s website.

This is no ordinary map – it presents an incredible amount of detail on the various services, amenities, facilities and transport options within Maroondah. Extra information can be layered over the top of the map, with just one click.

You can zoom in to see the exact location of park benches and water fountains in your favourite park, or even discover the bus routes needed to reach your destination.

All you need to do is click on the “Places” menu to discover local facilities, from playgrounds, schools and sporting fields to hospitals, car parking and local community organisations.

The map can be accessed from any device and does not require you to download anything.

20-minute neighbourhoods: doing things locally!


Council is in the process of developing a pilot program for the creation of 20-minute neighbourhoods in Maroondah.

A 20-minute neighbourhood is one where people are able to meet most of their everyday needs locally within a 20-minute journey from home, either by walking, cycling, riding or taking public transport.

The project, funded by the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, aims to improve the liveability and environmental sustainability of our local area, to foster a strong sense of community and to support the local economy, each of which ties into the broader Maroondah 2040 Community Vision.

The pilot program will be located in Croydon South, centred around Eastfield shops. Members of the community who live, work and play within Croydon South will be invited to take part in community consultation activities, as well as a pilot program, which will occur between July and September.

Your Arrabri Councillors


Cr Tony Dib JP

Mobile: 0438 515 089

Maroondah BizWeek continues to go from strength to strength – this year attracting a record crowd of more than 480 people.

I was also impressed that 99 per cent of survey respondents said they would be coming back next year!

I want to remind everyone that our BizHub team is available throughout the year to help local businesses to develop and grow. Having a strong local economy means more jobs and vibrant communities, so it is important that we support our businesses to flourish.

Whether it be training sessions, workshops, mentoring or networking, there’s programs catering for all business sizes and needs.

We also have a coworking space which is available for casual or more permanent membership. It’s a great chance to get out of the home office, meet like-minded people and grow your business.

To find out more about the coworking space or other BizHub opportunities visit the BizHub website

Cr Paul Macdonald

Mobile: 0436 001 760

As a member of the Maroondah Community Safety Committee I am pleased to see the progress of the South East Melbourne Councils Alcohol Density Project.

Maroondah has joined forces with other Councils to lobby the State Government to amend the Planning Scheme to provide stronger controls over the location of new packaged liquor outlets.

If successful, this would mean councils would have greater power when assessing applications for new liquor licences and the ability to reject applications that may have a negative social and wellbeing impact on the community.

We are strong supporters for these changes, as unfortunately Maroondah experiences significantly high rates of alcohol related harm.

The Project lodged an application with the Planning Minister to seek an Amendment to the Planning Scheme in May. I look forward to sharing the outcome with you in the coming months.

Cr Kylie Spears

Mobile: 0436 003 660

I had the honour of opening an information workshop in April on how technology can help people with disabilities live more independently.

The event attracted a diverse mix of people from our community, and I’m extremely proud that Maroondah is able to provide sessions such as this. I have no doubt they will make a difference in the lives of all those who attended.

I would also like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in joining our new Maroondah Arts Advisory Committee. We had a great response from a diverse range of people in our community, which is credit to the quality and enthusiasm for the arts that we have here in Maroondah.

We had a productive first meeting and I look forward to seeing what the group can achieve as we progress.

Read more about the Maroondah Arts Advisory Committee

Arrabri Ward projects

  1. Canterbury Road upgrade ($20m) (a VicRoads project)
  2. HE Parker multi sports complex construction ($16.5m)
  3. HE Parker Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($3m)
  4. Heathmont Shops Access improvements ($1.2m)
  5. Scenic Avenue Flood Mitigation stage 3B ($500k)
  6. HE Parker Reserve sportsfield lighting upgrade ($250k)
  7. Heathmont Rail Trail reconstruction (Canterbury Rd – Lena Grove) ($250k)
  8. Armstrong Road footpath construction ($180k)
  9. HE Parker Reserve enhancement plan ($75k)
  10. Lena Grove footpath construction ($60k)
  11. The Boulevard footpath construction ($58k)
  12. Cheong Park sportsfield lighting design ($50k)

Heathmont Village improvements in full swing

Works have started on the road and carpark improvement works at Heathmont Village Shopping Centre. The project will help to improve safety, traffic flow and car park access to the centre.

Much has been happening in the area, with the pedestrian operated signals on Canterbury Road relocated about 30 metres; the left turn slip lane extended; the turn slip lane for eastbound traffic extended; and the traffic signals amended to allow for a fully controlled U-turn.

These changes are aimed at making it safer for traffic entering the centre from Canterbury Road.

As cars enter the carpark, Council has installed new splitter islands and there are also an additional 12 carpark spaces in Heathmont Road and Allens Road.

New bollards are being installed in July, with planter boxes to be added during August to further enhance the streetscape.

Find out more about this project.

Jumping for joy!


The new HE Parker multi sports complex is underway following the official sod turning in March.

The Mayor and Councillors were joined by Federal and State MPs as well as representatives from the key user groups: MENA; Ariels and Croydon District Volleyball Association and the Heathmont Cricket and Football Clubs.

The complex will include an indoor four court stadium, with four outdoor courts, a multipurpose room, meeting room, café and of course change facilities and amenities to cater for all users, including a Changing Places facility for people with severe disabilities.

Construction works for the $16.5million project are progressing well, with the site preparation on the footprint of the existing netball courts almost complete. Construction fencing and tree protection zones have been established as part of an environmental management plan, which will be monitored by an independent arborist.

This fantastic facility will have local, district and regional outcomes for the range of sporting groups and teams that will call it home. And importantly it will provide improved opportunities for our young people to participate in sport. This facility is jointly funded by the Australian Government, the Victorian Government and Maroondah City Council.

Construction safety

While construction is underway, pedestrian, cyclists and vehicle safety is important in this busy sports precinct. If you’re travelling through the reserve or to any of the many sporting facilities, please take care and remember to usethe designated paths and follow any safety signage and detours that may be in place.

Your Mullum Councillors


Cr Nora Lamont

Mobile: 0428 394 581

If you haven’t visited your local Community House recently, now is the time!

Visiting North Ringwood Community House (NRCH) recently was a wonderful reminder of what is on offer, right here on our doorstep.

Getting involved in activities and programs at the Community House is a great opportunity to meet new people and try your hand at new skills or broaden your employment opportunities.

In addition to the more traditional offerings such as social activities, computer courses and exercise classes, NRCH also offers accredited training, VCAL courses and short courses in a range of fields including aged care, retail services, disability, and leisure.

To make it easier for parents to participate, there is even an onsite childcare services.

To find out more about what is available at NRCH please visit their website,

Cr Samantha Marks

Mobile: 0408 145 110

We have recently launched 12 new walking circuits around Maroondah for the community to explore.

The new signed walking routes were designed to make it easier to navigate Maroondah on foot, and use our existing footpath network as well as other shared paths and trails.

Consultation undertaken for our Physical Activity Strategy highlighted that the community wanted low cost, easy exercise opportunities. While ticking these boxes, the walking routes are also a great way of getting to know your neighbourhood as they link to local landmarks and amenities including schools, shops and other community facilities.

The routes are of varied lengths and difficulty, to suit all fitness levels, and to make them easier to navigate we have installed signage, bollards and footpath decals.

Read more about walking routes in Maroondah

Cr Mike Symon

Mobile: 0436 002 080

Hoarding is a complex mental health issue and it can often be hard for individuals affected, or their families, to find the help they need.

I’m proud to say that Council has led the way in this field, by establishing a regional network, made up of health experts, social service agencies and MFB Victoria, dedicated to supporting members of the community affected by domestic hoarding and/or squalor.

Given that an estimated one in 20 Australians are affected by hoarding behaviour, it is important that we all work together to address these issues.

The Network is already achieving results with a new website launched in April, as a practical resource to assist and guide service providers to respond and support clients with hoarding behaviour or for people living in squalid conditions.

To find out more, visit the Maroondah Hoarding and Squalor Network (MHSN) website

Mullum Ward projects

  1. Jubilee Sporting Pavilion redevelopment ($2.5m)
  2. Karralyka redevelopment design ($800k)
  3. Mullum Reserve sportsfield renovation ($800k)
  4. Bill Wilkins Lodge redevelopment ($550k)
  5. Quambee Sporting Pavilion renewal ($250k)
  6. Ringwood Multipurpose Pavilion renewal ($200k)
  7. Wonga Road Signal light improvement works ($150k)
  8. Mullum Mullum Sportsfield lighting upgrade ($150k)
  9. Holland Road footpath construction ($138k)
  10. Mullum Mullum Reserve carpark improvement works ($110k)
  11. Jubilee Park Croquet building improvement works ($100k)
  12. Jubilee Park enhancement plan ($75k)
  13. Mullum Mullum Reserve Enhancement Plan ($75K)
  14. Quambee Reserve sportsfield renovation design ($50k)
  15. Quambee Sportsfield lighting upgrade ($30k)

New Masterplan for Ringwood

Council is currently in the final stages of updating the 2004 Ringwood Transit City Urban Design Masterplan to ensure we can maintain the sustainable growth of the activity centre.

Since its initial release, the Masterplan has facilitated the delivery of significant investment, development, and change within the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre (MAC) including the expansion of Eastland; Ringwood Station redevelopment; increase in apartment developments; a new Ringwood Town Square, and development of Eastlink and Ringwood Bypass.

Now is the time to plan for the next 15 years, with the Ringwood MAC expected to experience even more significant economic and demographic change with an increase demand for employment, housing and services.

Council has undertaken extensive research to identify the infrastructure, commercial, residential, transport, services, and urban design requirements of the activity centre which will form the basis of a draft Masterplan.

Once completed later this year, the draft Masterplan Review will be placed on community consultation. During this stage the community will have the opportunity to provide input and comment on the draft Masterplan.

What is the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Masterplan?

A Masterplan sets out a blueprint for development and investment that will occur over many years and provide a balance between meeting complex policy requirements and providing appropriate development.

Explore Ringwood Lake playspace


The new playspace at Ringwood Lake Park will open for play this month!

The million-dollar redevelopment has seen the installation of exciting new play trails that cleverly weave through the existing tree canopy. There are active play opportunities in the tree canopy, under the canopy trail, along the forest floor and in a new creek area for water and sand play.

There are track glides, rope courses and balance platforms, cubbies and animal sculptures that are sure to fuel children’s imaginations, and plenty of accessible play opportunities, including the Variety Liberty Swing and a wheelchair-friendly carousel. The surrounding BBQ and picnic areas have also been extended.

The playspace was upgraded with $900,000 from Council’s capital works budget and $100,000 from the Victorian Government’s Community Sports Infrastructure Fund.

Did you know?

Council is constructing a new accessible carpark, with entry from Maroondah Highway. The carpark will include five disabled parking bays, and accessible pathways into the playground. The carpark is due for completion in July.

Your Wyreena Councillors


Cr Marijke Graham

Mobile: 0418 109 015

I was extremely excited to hear that our Maroondah Plus 10 schools project has received $890,000 in funding over the next two years.

The Maroondah Plus 10 schools project is a partnership between Council and all Maroondah public schools, and aims to raise the wellbeing and lift the educational outcomes of students.

The Victorian Government funding boost will assist the partnership to move forward and support young people to flourish as part of a healthy and thriving community.

It also adds significant value to the work of the Communities of Wellbeing project, of which I am a member, which is focussed on bringing world class expertise in positive psychology into Maroondah.

The project will be based at Heathmont College in a new integrated Wellbeing Centre to be built over the next couple of years.

I look forward to seeing the positive outcomes it will have on our young people and local community.

Cr Michael Macdonald

Mobile: 0436 001 852

As a first-time dad it has been interesting to experience our Maternal and Child Health services from a new perspective.

From the very first home visit a few days after our son was born, to the first check up in the clinic we have felt totally supported by our nurse who has not only cared for our new baby but has supported us as new parents.

It’s also great to see our Croydon Maternal and Child Health service relocate to a new larger facility at 9 Civic Square, Croydon, next door to our Croydon service centre.

The new facility offers three larger consulting rooms to assist with the increasing demands within the Croydon area for the service.

Find out more about Council's Maternal and Child Health services.

Cr Rob Steane

Mobile: 0407 519 986

Community safety has always been a passion of mine as a Councillor, so it was extremely gratifying to be able to officially launch the completion of the Croydon CCTV camera upgrade in April.

The $435,000 project, funded through the Australian Government’s Safer Streets program, means that local police now have access to an expanded CCTV camera network, as well as improving monitoring technology. The new cameras have been strategically placed to cover the main pedestrian routes and areas of high patronage through the Croydon Town Centre.

Croydon has such lovely village feel about it and I hope that these additional safety measures will go a long way to providing our community with greater peace of mind. Council will continue to work with the local police, traders, community, and other levels of government to capitalise on these safety improvements and bring positive changes into the heart of Croydon.

Wyreena ward projects

  1. Dorset Rd/Maroondah Hwy intersection upgrade ($8m) (a VicRoads project)
  2. Springfield Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($4m)
  3. Silcock Sporting Pavilion redevelopment ($2.7m)
  4. Lincoln Road reconstruction and improvement works Stage 1 ($2.7m)
  5. Croydon Town Square development ($2m)
  6. Croydon Depot Office redevelopment ($2m)
  7. Croydon Sporting Pavilion redevelopment ($1.2m)
  8. Power Street catchment works ($900k)
  9. Brushy Creek Community Hall redevelopment ($400k)
  10. Warrien Reserve toilet block redevelopment ($270k)
  11. Hull Road easement drainage upgrade ($200k)
  12. Narr-Maen pedestrian refuge island construction ($60k)
  13. Knee Lane local area traffic maintenance works ($45k)
  14. Wellington Park Drive pedestrian refuge island construction ($45k)

Aquahub gym revamp complete


The gym at Aquahub has been transformed, with more space, new equipment and more training options.

There’s a new gym floor layout with three dedicated training zones which provide a full-body workout. Zone 1 features cardio equipment as well as pin-loaded machines and free weights.

This area features some inclusive machines suitable for all abilities. Zone 2 has a range of state-of-the-art Technogym Selection Pro pin-loaded machines as well as new cardio pieces. Zone 3 features three training matrix with platforms, plate-loaded machines and a range of dumbbells, kettlebells and more.

The new equipment makes it easier and safer to work out, with bottle and phone holders, a towel locking device and clear signage.

The post workout area has also been upgraded with a larger stretch area that incorporates foam rollers, medicine balls and fitballs.

Did you know?

Aquahub has a member lounge for meeting friends after your workout, or to chat with our fitness staff.

Master Plan for Wyreena Community Arts Centre


This year marks the 40th anniversary of Wyreena Community Arts Centre, in Croydon. Celebrating this significant milestone provides the perfect opportunity to plan for the future needs of this important community resource.

The Wyreena Community Arts Centre Masterplan project is well underway thanks to the range of community consultation undertaken during 2017. The masterplan has now been revised with changes to the design concepts. This includes revising the café shape to retain the existing Cyprus trees, modifying paths, revising parking and making minor improvements to the surrounding road and the interface to open space. The revised masterplan will be presented to Council in the coming months for its endorsement.

For more information on the Wyreena Masterplan project or consultation call 1300 88 22 33.

New town square on its way


As a designated Activity Centre, there are many projects underway to make Croydon an even more desirable and attractive place to live, work and visit.

Construction work on the new Croydon Town Square will be starting soon, following the appointment of the building contractor. The design of the new town square includes a grassed area, paving, seating and new public toilets, including a Changing Places facility, which will be funded by the Victorian Government, following Council’s successful application for $100,000 in the latest round of funding.

While construction is underway, the Centreway Arcade will continue to be open for travel between the station and Main Street, however, there may be times when it is closed for safety reasons, so please look for detour signs.

Read more about Croydon Town Square.

Did you know?

Maroondah City Council lead the introduction and development of Changing Places in Australia. The Victorian Government has announced it will fund a further 23 Changing Places and three Marveloo mobile facilities, creating a network of facilities across the State to ensure people with severe disabilities can fully participate in their communities.

CCTV upgrade for Croydon


The $435,000 upgrade and extension of the CCTV network within the Croydon Town Centre precinct is now complete.

Thanks to funding from the Australian Government’s Safer Streets Programme, 14 existing CCTV cameras have been upgraded with Wi-Fi technology and an additional seven cameras have been installed into priority areas with the Croydon Town Centre.

This important community safety project included the installation of cameras at designated priority areas within the Croydon Town Centre, including along pedestrian areas from Croydon Station through Main Street and into Croydon Park. In addition, new hardware has been installed at Croydon Police Station, to provide a live feed from all cameras.

This latest project builds upon the work Council is undertaking with local police, traders, community services, other levels of government and the community to create a safe and vibrant Croydon Town Centre. To date, graffiti has been substantially reduced and perceptions of safety greatly improved.

The newly adopted 2018/19 Budget will deliver more than 120 services and programs, protect Council’s $1.57 billion in net community assets, deliver $43.68 million of extensive capital projects, and ensure financial sustainability via a surplus of $18 million.


Priority actions

The Council Budget 2018/19 allows for 40 new initiatives to be undertaken by Council over the next financial year. The Council Plan lists 74 Priority Actions to ensure our work and priorities continue to align with the community’s vision.

budget01-050618.jpgThese major initiatives include:
  • Undertaking the operational readiness planning and construction of the $16.5m HE Parker Multi Sports Complex in Heathmont.
  • Designing and constructing the redeveloped $3m HE Parker Sporting Pavilion in Heathmont.
  • Commencing redevelopment of the $2.7m Silcock Sporting Pavilion in Croydon.
  • Commencing the $2.5 million redevelopment of the pavilion at Jubilee Park.
  • Constructing a new $2m Croydon Town Square.
  • Design of the redeveloped Springfield Sporting Pavilion in Croydon.

Delivering vital community services

Over the past few years, Council has received significant recognition for the innovative and quality services it delivers.

These services are vital to the health and wellbeing of our community and include:

  • Important Maternal & Child Health services delivered through seven centres across the municipality, including infant health checks and mother’s groups.
  • A fully accredited immunisation service, which delivers more than 10,000 vaccinations annually, including for babies and children, both pre-school and school-aged.
  • More than 250 hours of support provided annually to residents through the Maroondah Supported Residential Services program.
  • Close to 15,500 hours of Social Inclusion and Wellbeing programs for older residents and people with a disability.
  • Services and programs for young people aged 12 to 25, including drop-in programs and support services.
  • The creation and delivery of more than 40,000 Meals on Wheels meals every year.
  • Training and coordinating 91 School crossing supervisors at 74 school crossings across Maroondah, who support safe passage to and from school and kindergarten.

Capital works highlights

Council maintains $1.57 billion in assets on behalf of the community; including 510 buildings and structures; 433 parks; 47 bush reserves; 121 playgrounds; 475 kilometres of roads; 367km of storm water drainage pipes; and 600 kilometres of constructed footpaths. Council has allocated $43.68 million in the 2018/19 Budget to ensure our assets continue to meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

budget02-050618.jpgThese important and diverse projects include:
  • improving accessibility at our facilities
  • road sealing and reconstruction works
  • footpath replacement works
  • stormwater and drainage renewal
  • sports field resurfacing and lighting
  • playground renewals and bridge replacement works in our reserves.

Rates and charges spent per $100

  • Capital works $25.03
  • Environment $21.49
  • Leisure and culture $21.34
  • Community support $14.12
  • Transport and access $10.37
  • City development $7.65

Congratulations to our Maroondah Youth Awards nominees


The Maroondah Youth Awards celebrate and recognises the commitment and achievements of young people aged between 10 and 25 in Maroondah, and is held during Victorian Youth Week.

This year’s awards evening, held on 19 April at Karralyka, recognised 123 young people across four categories.

The Creativity Award nominees included talented young people from the world of music, theatre, dancing, acting and visual arts. The Personal Journey Award nominees spanned newly arrived refugees, young people working hard towards a future career, and young people overcoming personal or physical adversity.

The Leadership Award included an impressive pool of young people who are displaying leadership qualities through their advocacy and volunteer work and through taking on leadership roles at school or in the community. The Group Achievement Award nominees included an impressive array of projects being undertaken by young people, including Maroondah’s Youth Wellbeing Advocates.

For more information on Council’s many programs and services for young people, check out the Maroondah Youth website.

Volunteers needed


Council’s social support program is looking for more volunteers to join our day programs which assist our frail and elderly.

The Social Support Programs provide a variety of activities for isolated, frail older people to enhance their health and wellbeing.

As a volunteer you could help run art and craft activities at our Kerrabee Centre; assist with the meal preparation for clients; or drive the 12-seater bus on day trips, visits to local libraries and shopping.

Find out more about volunteering here to support the Social Support Program, or other Council activities or for further information call 1300 88 22 33.

Recognising Reconciliation Week


Sunday 27 May to Sunday 3 June was Reconciliation Week. This important annual event provides the community with the opportunity to acknowledge the traditional owners of Maroondah; learn more about Indigenous culture and heritage; and celebrate reconciliation.

Council partnered with Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place to present a special Reconciliation Week event on Friday 1 June. Popular Indigenous singer/songwriter Kutcha Edwards headlined the event, which included performances of songs that Kutcha wrote with students from Ringwood Secondary School and the Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place community. The Indigenous flag was also raised at a ceremony at the Council offices in Ringwood.

A Reconciliation Action Plan is currently in development and seeks to reaffirm Council’s commitment to the important process of reconciliation and its desire to build strong partnerships with the local Indigenous community. It will build on the current Reconciliation Policy Statement. 

Community Centres: something for everyone


Learning a new skill, getting involved in the community, breaking social isolation, having fun and meeting new friends – these are just some of the reasons to visit your local community centre and see what’s on offer.

Local community centres bring people together in a friendly, supportive environment. There are affordable courses on topics such as computer training, writing, arts and crafts, pottery, meditation, horticulture, exercise and self-development. Some courses are even accredited vocational education programs.

There are tailored programs and supportive services at each location, including childcare services at Arrabri and North Ringwood and a playgroup at Central Ringwood.

Glen Park is home to the successful Community Shed program (formerly known as the Men’s Shed) and the Community Pantry program (for those who require assistance meeting their daily food needs). Yarrunga runs Hungry for Success (to support young people to gain employment in the hospitality industry) and Enterprise Skills (to increase pathways into accredited training and employment). Community houses are also a great way to connect to other community-based activities such as volunteering.

To find out more, visit your local community centre:

Run Maroondah

Run Maroondah start

Sunday, 23 September
8am to 11am
HE Parker Reserve, 152 Heathmont Road Heathmont

Enjoy some physical activity in a supportive environment at Run Maroondah. You can enter as an individual or a family group, and choose from the 10 or 15 kilometre challenge; the 5 kilometre run/walk or the kids 1.2 kilometre race.

Find out more

Maroondah Festival


Sunday 11 November,
10am to 4pm
Town Park, Norton Road, Croydon

It’s the biggest community event of the year and it’s coming soon, so mark Maroondah Festival into your diaries. There will be fantastic entertainment on the Festival main stage, as well as in the dedicated Kids Kingdom and the Youth Space. Local products and services will also be on display in the Community Expo area. Pamper yourself at the Health and Wellbeing area, and pick up some Christmas presents from the market stalls. Plus, there will be food stalls and roving entertainment for all ages.

Find out more

Did you know?

This year’s Maroondah Festival falls on Remembrance Day, Sunday 11 November. Council is working with the RSL to ensure the significance of the day will be honored.

Dates for your diary


Arrrr we there yet?

Wednesday 4 July (school holiday show)
Karralyka, Mines Road, Ringwood East

A rip-roaring and swashbuckling adventure in which three sailors hit the high seas in search of treasure! Prepare to be amazed as these acrobatic pirates turn ship life upside down… literally! This will be a sure-fire hit with children (and the young-at-heart).

My Neighbour’s Garden: Zetta Kanta

23 July to 14 September
Maroondah Access Gallery, Greenwood Avenue, Ringwood

This exhibition features the work of fibre artist Zetta Kanta. Kanta’s work celebrates sustainable living, permaculture and the creation of a safe and strong community through the sharing of knowledge and creativity.

Weaving Stories

28 July to 10 September
ArtSpace at Realm, 179 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood

An exhibition featuring three Australian contemporary artists who draw upon their cultural heritage to explore their identity in Australian society. View Indo- Persian miniatures by Nusra Latif Qureshi; Chinese mythological figures painted by Kate Benyon; and photographs of Burmese and PNG tribal traditions by Shan Turner-Carroll.

Energy efficiency upgrades


Council is becoming even more energy efficient, with Aquahub, Aquanation and Realm, all undergoing energy-efficiency upgrades.

The $1.58 million project includes replacing existing lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting and installing solar panels.

In addition to substantial electricity and maintenance cost savings of about $242,500 a year, the project will make a significant contribution to Council’s target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2020. In fact, this project will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 15,000 tonnes over the next decade. This is equivalent to removing about 300 cars from the road each year for the next 10 years!

The project has been made possible through an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). Maroondah has worked with three other Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action member councils (Yarra Ranges, Knox and Boroondara) to jointly procure an EPC program – the first of its kind in the Australian Local Government sector.

Further energy-efficient upgrades include installing high efficiency hot water boilers and variable speed drives for pool pumps at both Aquanation and Aquahub.

Assessing Maroondah’s biodiversity


Some remarkable discoveries about local plants and wildlife are emerging from the Maroondah Vegetation Review. Local scientist and Maroondah Citizen of the Year, Dr Graeme Lorimer, has been visiting each reserve in Maroondah to review its flora and fauna.

The review is assessing the natural and cultural values of our vegetation, the health of the wildlife that depend on it, and providing guidance on how Council, residents and others can take steps to protect the future health of our natural environment.

Dr Lorimer conducted a similar biodiversity study for Council between 1995 and 1997. In the two decades between the studies, there have been some major changes in our local native flora and fauna.

For example, some indigenous species such as deer and corellas are much more abundant now, while others such as mistletoes, Koalas and Bell Miners (‘bellbirds’) have become rare or locally extinct.

Dr Lorimer has noted that Sugar Gliders still live in Ringwood, Ringwood North, Croydon and Heathmont; and that Kangaroos have recently taken up residence at Ringwood Lake Park and Heathmont. An indigenous plant species called Wonga Vine that was thinly scattered in local bushland until 2000 is now so abundant it could become a problem.

Human feeding has increased the population of some bird species, including magpies, leading to those species raiding the nests of smaller insect-eating species, resulting in an increase in insects and a detrimental effect on tree health.

A draft report is expected to be presented to Council in July.

Did you know?

Maroondah has an estimated 70,000 street trees and more than 750,000 trees in parks and reserves.

Maroondah’s carbon offsetting program celebrates 15 years

For 15 years, Council has been taking action to reduce its impact on the environment through its carbon offset program.

This program forms an important part of the Maroondah 2040 Community Vision for a “clean, green and sustainable” Maroondah and Maroondah’s Carbon Neutral Strategy & Action Plan 2014-2021. The carbon offset program is run in partnership with environmental not-for-profit organisation, Greenfleet.

Every year, Council offsets the carbon emissions from our fleet vehicles, including trucks, tractors and mowers, with Greenfleet planting native forests around Australia. To date, this commitment has helped plant more than 45,000 native trees in forests. Projects include Koala Crossing, a tree planting project in south-east Queensland that helps restore habitat for koalas.

Find out more about Council’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2020 in our Carbon Neutral Strategy.

Enhancing our local parks


Council is working to address the future needs for two of Maroondah’s largest parks: Eastfield Park and Dorset Recreation Reserve, in Croydon.

As part of the process of developing enhancement plans for these parks, residents participated in a community consultation process during February 2018. After considering this feedback, Council has developed a draft Enhancement Plan for Eastfield Park, and will be consulting with the user groups and community during June.

The Eastfield Park Enhancement Plan considers the needs of a number of key groups within our community, and proposed an additional football/cricket ground; two new soccer pitches; and a new multipurpose pavilion located centrally to service the new and existing sports grounds. It also proposes a new location for the Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place; as well as enhanced landscaping features such as wetlands, waterplay, boardwalks and a nature based area for children to learn to ride bicycles and scooters.

A draft enhancement plan for Dorset Recreation Reserve is being completed, with further community consultation expected in the coming months.

Remember to recycle


Maroondah residents are reminded that there are many items that can be placed into the blue lid recycling bin collected each fortnight.

Recycling is an important part of the waste collection system and despite the recycling issues being discussed in the media, it is important that residents continue to separate recycling from general waste.

There are many paper and cardboard products that can be recycled, from advertising materials, cards and postcards, envelopes, newspaper and magazines to flattened cardboard boxes, egg cartons and empty pizza boxes.

Various metals cans and foil products are recyclable, and there are many plastics that can also be recycled including empty CD and DVD cases, berry punnets, deodorant roll-ons, food trays, juice, medicine packets and more. Just remember, no batteries should be placed into the recycling bin. These can be recycled by placing them in special bins at a Council service centre.

Read more about recycling bin inclusions, exclusions and guidelines

Keeping our waterways healthy


Council manages many waterways, dams and ponds within our parks and reserves. Part of the waterways management process involves desilting – which is the removal of silt, sediment and salts that build up in waterways and affect water quality and quantity.

Earlier this year Council undertook important dam rehabilitation works at Yanggai Barring in Warranwood. The dam was drained and desilted, which has seen a major improvement to the dam’s ecology. As part of the works we also installed a flow control valve that will help to control water levels in the dam.

Pond rehabilitation works were also undertaken at Narr Maen Reserve in Croydon Hills. The works included draining and desilting two of the main ponds. The works seek to ensure the health of the wetlands, which are home to many species such as ducks and frogs.

The last stage of these projects is the replanting around the ponds, which is currently underway.

Bringing Dandenong Creek to life


The revitalisation of Dandenong Creek, to improve storm water quality and habitat for native fish, is well underway.

Melbourne Water is working in partnership with Council to undertake the project, as Council manages many of the stormwater and road drains that flow into the creek, the bridge that spans over the creek and the Dandenong Creek Trail that adjoins it.

The ‘daylighting’ phase of the project involves the removal of an 830-metre piped section of the creek between HE Parker Reserve and the railway line in Heathmont. This excavation will restore the creek to its natural shape and form.

Completion is expected by the end of June 2018, weather dependent.

To allow for the works, the Dandenong Creek Trail has been temporarily detoured with diversions in place between the footbridge and the railway line.

For more information on the Dandenong Creek Daylighting Project, visit the Melbourne Water website.

Did you know?

Dandenong Creek is a highly significant waterway. It’s home to a variety of wildlife, trees and plants and the trail is popular for bike riding, running and dog walking. 

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