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Clean up time for Croydon gateway railway bridge

Published on 14 September 2017
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“I am very pleased to advise the Maroondah community that Council has been successful in its advocacy to Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) and Public Transport Victoria (PTV) in seeking to have the illegal graffiti removed from the railway bridge at Mount Dandenong Road in Croydon,” said Mayor of Maroondah, Councillor Tony Dib.

“The gateway to Croydon, as you travel east along Mount Dandenong Road, is a large concrete railway bridge. It frames the entrance to Croydon and provides a focus to the Dandenongs beyond,” said Cr Dib.

“Unfortunately, this large piece of rail infrastructure has become an eyesore, with illegal graffiti covering  both sides,” said Cr Dib.

Council works closely with the community to maintain the appearance of Maroondah, with a range of measures available to: 

  • remove illegal graffiti from Council property;
  • to support our residents to clean up their own property; and
  • to deter illegal graffiti, including public art programs.

“Maroondah has a range of infrastructure which is owned and maintained by different service providers, and Council works with these providers to ensure they understand the importance of removing illegal graffiti promptly from their property,” said Cr Dib.

Council wrote to the Minister for Public Transport, the Hon. Jacinta Allan on 22 May 2017 requesting assistance to address the growing community concerns about the illegal graffiti on the railway bridge.

The Minister responded on 31 July 2017, advising Council that Metro Trains Melbourne maintains the railway bridge, however, MTM are only contractually obligated to remove graffiti outside a station precinct if it is offensive in nature. 

“While the illegal graffiti on the Mount Dandenong Road railway bridge does not meet the criteria for removal by MTM, Council was not prepared to give up, and has continued to work with MTM and PTV to seek a solution to the removal of the graffiti,” said Cr Dib.

“As a gesture of goodwill to the Maroondah community, and in recognition of the important gateway focus of the railway bridge, MTM have agreed to remove the illegal graffiti,” said Cr Dib.

“I look forward to the removal of the illegal graffiti taking place very soon, and to the renewed pride our community can have again for this prominent piece of infrastructure, which has such an important place in our City,” said Cr Dib.


In accordance with the Road Management Regulations 2016, and the associated codes of practice, the maintenance and management of the Mt Dandenong Road, Croydon railway bridge is the responsibility of the rail authority - Metro Trains Melbourne.

Metro’s Franchise Agreement with the State Government sets out its graffiti removal responsibilities. It states that Metro is not required to clean graffiti from buildings, structures and fences that are located on the rail reserve more than 50 metres from the end of a station platform, unless the graffiti is offensive. Offensive graffiti is defined as “any graffiti of a sexist, religious, racist or political nature or work with offensive overtones.”

Council does not have power under the Road Management Act or the Regulations to issue a notice to comply, or similar, on another agency/authority in relation to their assets.

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