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Maroondah FReeZA now recruiting for 2018

Published on 13 November 2017
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Are you a young person who enjoys live music and entertainment and would like to learn about what goes on behind the scenes in staging events?

Maroondah Youth Services is now recruiting for its 2018 FReeZA Crew, offering young people aged 15 to 25 in Maroondah the chance to gain hands-on industry experience in producing, planning and promoting local live music and cultural events for other young people.

By joining the FReeZA committee you will be given the chance to make decisions and lead in the staging of events, whilst also broadening networks within the community by connecting with local businesses, schools and other organisations.

Councillor Michael Macdonald said Maroondah’s youth FReeZA Crew had put on some incredible local events, including the upcoming youth film festival ‘Cinematic’, underage dance event ‘Neon Noise’, a Pure Talent exhibition for young emerging artists, and Summer Vibes - Music and Arts Festival, just to name a few.

“FReeZA is a great way of engaging our youth in activities that boost their social engagement and learning through practical experience,” Cr Macdonald said.

“Having direct input by being part of the ‘crew’ is as good as a back-stage pass, and virtually gives participants access to all areas,” Macdonald said.

Throughout the course of the program, participants will be supported to develop and deliver events catering for young people and performers in the local area. Events may include live music, DJ dance parties, pool parties, short film festivals, hip-hop, art exhibitions, open mic, skate competitions and more.

As well as developing these skills, participants will also provide important performance opportunities for local musicians and emerging artists to showcase their talents through statewide competitions, such as the annual FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands.

“Importantly, FReeZA events are fully supervised drug, alcohol and smoke-free, reinforcing the positive message that you don’t need alcohol and drugs to have a good time,” Cr Macdonald said.

How do I sign up?

If this sounds like you or you know someone who might be interested in joining the Maroondah FReeZA Crew, you can download the 2018 FReeZA Recruitment Info Sheet and 2018 FReeZA Recruitment Application Form on the Youth Services website.

Application forms must be received by no later than Thursday 30 November. For more information, phone the Youth Services team on 9294 5704 or email

What is FReeZA?

FReeZA is an innovative youth development program funded by the Victorian Government that encourages and supports young people to get involved in community life by planning and running drug, smoke and alcohol-free music and cultural events for other young people.

Being part of a FReeZA group or committee enables participants to build self-confidence, create and develop professional relationships and have opportunities to explore various pathways in the music industry.

Meet one of the crew

Kellie Seaye, 19, is one of the ‘crew’ behind this year’s local Battle of the Bands competition, Open Mic and Maroondah Festival.

Kellie says she knew she wanted to become involved after seeing FReeZA crew organisers at work during a local Battle of the Bands competition earlier this year.

“I was doing a documentary on the development of Australian bands (as part of a Bachelor of Communications in Digital Media course), and this allowed me to film organisers during a local Battle of the Bands competition. I was thinking that I’d like to get involved in something like this, and that’s how it all started,” she says.

“There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, from being actively involved in advertising and figuring out what type of advertising is age-appropriate for the event, working out how much to charge for tickets, designing posters, as well as writing to police, organising security and (liaising with) St John Ambulance.

“You can also learn about audio and lighting and about event management, which is what originally drew me in.

“Being involved has given me a lot of PR and advertising knowledge, and I’ve been able to apply these skills to a professional and creative writing course I’m now enrolled in at Deakin.”

And the best part of being one of the FReeZA crew?

“Meeting interesting people and seeing the end of every event is what I enjoy most. I love the atmosphere; it’s fun and you learn so much about events that you’re putting on together as a team.

“It’s helped in giving me direction in career choices and has taught me valuable skills in terms of setting tasks and sticking to a timetable.”

While requiring a level of commitment, Kellies says FReeZA is a “massive opportunity” for anyone considering joining the team.

“You learn a lot about yourself and other people. It gives you a good idea of what teamwork is all about. It also provides you with a lot of career choices and, if nothing else, it’s great experience that looks good on your resume.”

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