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About Local Government

What is Local Government?

Local Government is often referred to as a 'Council' and represents a shire, town or city. Councils are responsible for a range of programs and services for residents and visitors eg: roads, parks, environment, economic development, tourism, health and events. Councils strengthen the vitality and viability of the local community.

Local Government Career Paths

Local Government is one of the largest employment sectors and has a diverse range of career opportunitites including:

Study Disciplines Positions
Early Childhood Studies
Disability Studies
Health and Social Studies
Psychology and Humanities
Social Work
Arts/Youth Affairs
Aged Care Worker
Child Development Officer
Community Relations Manager
Cultural Affairs Officer
Disability Care Worker
Environmental Health Officer
Family Support Worker
Maternal and Child Health Nurse
Social Planner, Social Support Officer
Youth Worker
Study Disciplines Positions
Engineering Civil Engineer
Construction Engineer
Design Engineer
Performance Engineer
Project Engineer
Structural Engineers
Traffic Engineer

Study Disciplines Positions
Business Management 
Human Resource Management
Information Technology 
Political Science
Administration Officer
Business Analyst, Business Planner
Economic Development Manager
Financial and Management Accountant
Human Resource Manager
Information Technology Manager
Marketing and Media Advisor
Policy Advisor, Purchasing Officer, Project Manager
Research Analyst, Risk Management Officer
Solicitor, Statutory Planner, Strategic Planner
Study Disciplines Positions

Environmental Management

Landscape Architecture

Park Management


Town Planning
Urban Design
Property and Construction Management

Landscape Architect

Natural Resources Officer

Environmental Officer

Parks Planner, Park Ranger

Waste Management Officer

Building Inspector
Building Surveyor
Permit Officer
Property Management Officer
Town Planner
Urban Planner

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