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Amendment C60 - Gaming Premises Policy

Amendment C60 – “Gaming Premises Policy” – is currently on exhibition from 24 January to 6 March 2008.

The amendment applies to all gaming machine planning permit applications in Maroondah.

The amendment proposes to amend the Local Planning Policy Framework to introduce a new local policy entitled ‘Gaming Premises Policy’. 

The policy enables Maroondah City Council to consider environmental, social and economic impacts for the location of gaming machine venues and the number of electronic gaming machines.


Any person may make a submission to Council about the amendment.  A submission may support, oppose, or seek changes to an amendment.  There are no specific requirements about the form a submission must take, but it should:

  • Clearly identify the amendment it refers to, by citing the amendment number and set out the submitter’s views on the amendment (for example why the submitter supports or opposes the amendment and how the amendment will materially affect the submitter).
  • Set out what the submitter would like the planning authority to do (for example abandon the proposal completely, exclude certain land from its effect, include additional conditions on a proposed use or approve the amendment as exhibited).
  • Give the submitter’s name and address, email and phone and facsimile numbers for contact during office hours.

Submissions are to be sent to Phil Turner, Director City Development, PO Box 156, Ringwood 3134 by 7 March 2008.

More Information

The Explanatory Report, proposed Policy and proposed Schedule change can be accessed via the links listed below:

PDF icon   Amendment C60 Explanatory Report  (PDF, 111kB)

PDF icon   Proposed Gaming Premises Policy  (PDF, 104kB)

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