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Bungalook Conservation Reserve

Bungalook Conservation Reserve is located on Tereddan Drive in Kilsyth South (Melway ref. 51 F11) with access from Tereddan Drive, Chandra Avenue, Ormond Place and Regency Drive.

The total size of the reserve is 14.5 ha (35.6 acres) and is made up of three separately managed areas.

6.2 ha (15.2 acres) around the retarding basin is managed by Melbourne Water, a further 2.2 ha (5.4 acres) west of the Melbourne Water reserve is a Trust for Nature reserve and the southern section of 6.1 ha (15 acres) is managed by Maroondah Council.

Bungalook Conservation Reserve contains the most intact remnant bushland within the City of Maroondah, featuring several different vegetation types and the only known population of the Kilsyth South Spider Orchid, listed as endangered under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The reserve is also listed as ‘Land for Wildlife’.

A brief history

Kilsyth Spider Orchid  – Caladenia sp. aff. venusta12 ha of the land was acquired in 1989 – 1990 for the preservation of its flora and fauna which has considerable conservation significance.

A block of land of 2 ha adjacent to the Council managed reserve was added in 2009 to protect the Kilsyth South Spider Orchid which was discovered on the site in 1991.

Weed management and subsequent natural restoration of indigenous species have led to significant improvement of the quality of the remnant bushland.


Kilsyth Spider Orchid – Caladenia sp. aff. venusta


Bungalook Conservation Reserve consists of Valley Heathy Forest, Plains Grassy Wetland, Swamp Scrub, Wetland Formation and Swampy Riparian Woodland.

The following list represents some of the common and some of the rare and significant (*) plants found in the reserve.

Upper storey

  • Mealy Stringybark – Eucalyptus cephalocarpa
  • Narrow-leaf Peppermint – Eucalyptus radiata
  • Messmate – Eucalyptus obliqua
  • Swamp Gum – Eucalyptus ovata
  • Bundy – Eucalyptus goniocalyx

Middle storey

  • Prickly Moses - Acacia verticillata
  • Tree Everlasting - Ozothamnus ferrugineus
  • Narrow-leaf Wattle – Acacia mucronata
  • Silver Banksia – Banksia marginata*
  • Drooping Cassinia – Cassinia arcuata
  • Prickly Currant Bush- Coprosma quadrifida
  • Yellow Hakea – Hakea nodosa*
  • Furze Hakea – Hakea ulcina*
  • Snowy Daisy Bush – Olearia lirata
  • Prickly Tea-tree - Leptospermum continentale

Lower storey

  • Purple Coral-pea - Hardenbergia violacea
  • Common Flat-Pea - Platylobium obtusangulum
  • Common Rice-Flower - Pimelia humilis
  • Common Hovea – Hovea linearis
  • Tall Lobelia - Lobelia gibbosa
  • Prickly Geebung – Persoonia juniperina
  • Shrubby Fireweed - Senecio minimus

Grasses, Sedges and Rushes

  • Thatch Saw-sedge - Gahnia radula
  • Purple-sheathed Tussock-grass - Poa ensiformis*
  • Club Rush - Isolepis platycarpa*
  • Rapier-sedge - Lepidosperma filiforme*
  • Many-flowered Mat-rush - Lomandra multiflora*

Lilies and Orchids

  • Kilsyth Spider Orchid – Caladenia sp. aff. venusta*
  • Black-tongue Caladenia - Caladenia congesta*
  • Pale Grass-lily – Caesia parviflora*
  • Tasman Flax-lily – Dianella tasmanica
  • Bronze Caladenia - Caladenia iridescens*
  • Copper Beard-orchid - Calochilus campestris*
  • Purplish Beard-orchid - Calochilus robertsonii*
  • Red Beard-orchid - Calochilus paludosus*



  • Black-fronted Plover - Zonifer tricolor
  • Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo - Calyptorhynchus funereus
  • Scarlet Robin - Petroica boodang
  • Striated Thornbill - Acanthiza lineata
  • White-throated Treecreeper - Cormobates leucophaea
  • Brown-headed Honeyeater - Melithreptus brevirostris


  • Sugar Glider - Petaurus breviceps
  • Echidna - Tachyglossus aculaeatus
  • Common Brushtail Possum – Trichosurus vulpecula
  • Common Ringtail Possum - Pseudocheirus peregrinus

Amphibians and reptiles

  • Striped Marsh Frog - Limnodynastes peronii
  • White-lipped Snake - Drysdalia coronoides
  • Weasel Skink - Saproscincus mustelinus

Friends of Bungalook Conservation Reserve

If you would like to get involved or would like more information, please refer to our Community Groups listing or contact Team Leader Bushland, Maroondah City Council on (03) 9294 5677.

Photography: Helen Moss

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