On Call Hard Waste Collection

Changes to Council's hard waste collection service from 1 July 2015:

Collections for the week start from each Monday.  You can book a collection until midday Friday, sort your waste and place the items out on the weekend for collection in the following week.

Mattresses will now be collected separately for recycling.  Please place on the side of hard waste piles, so they are easily accessed.

Further information on what can and can't be collected is provided below.  If you have a query or would like to book a collection please call us on 1300 88 22 33.  

A service when you need it 

Household properties with a residential bin charge are eligible for 2 hard waste collections a year at no extra cost.

  • Please book first before placing hard waste on the naturestrip - either by phoning 1300 88 22 33 or in person at one of Council's Service Centres.
  • Council staff will explain the process, including when to put out your hard waste and when it will be collected.
  • Households can have up to 2 pick ups each financial year.
  • Up to two cubic metres (2m3) will be taken by the contractor per single collection booking.
  • A list of accepted and not accepted items is provided below as a guide, but should not be considered an exhaustive list.

    Acceptable items


    • Washing machines, stoves, dryers, fridges and freezers (with doors removed)
    • Electrical appliances
    • Metal tools and equipment
    • Lawn mowers (empty of petrol and oil)
    • Empty paint tins (with lids removed)
    • Old tins, scrap iron and other metal items (max 2 pieces of tin if roofing/fencing)

    Other hard waste

    • Mattresses (max of 3, placed separately from other items)
    • Household furniture
    • Internal doors (max of 3)
    • Carpet (rolled & tied, max 1.5m long and no more than 2 rooms)
    • Kitchenware, pottery & crockery
    • Timber (up to 10 pieces, without nails, max 1.5m long)
    • Home improvement material such as cupboards, toilet fittings and wash basins (max half a cubic metre in total
    • Glass from table tops or coffee tables (securely wrapped and labelled)

    Not accepted

    • No items longer than 1.5 metres (except mattresses)
    • No items that can't be lifted by two people
    • No items placed out in plastic bags, including domestic garbage
    • No garden waste
    • No gas bottles and fire extinguishers
    • No building waste including bricks, concrete, tiles, pavers, rubble, soil, pallets and insulation
    • No cement sheeting, fibro, plasterboard and asbestos
    • No liquid waste, chemicals and hazardous waste
    • No paint cans or oil containers with any residual liquids in them 
    • No fencing material, including gates
    • No vehicle parts including tyres, wheels, rims, body panels, batteries and engines
    • No glass, mirrors and shower screens
    • No business waste - even if home based

    To arrange a collection it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

    1. Book first - call 1300 88 22 33

    • Remember to contact Council before you place your waste on the naturestrip.  This ensures Council is aware that the rubbish is a booked collection and not illegally dumped rubbish.
    • Residents with a domestic bin charge are eligible for two collections of up to two cubic metres of hard waste per financial year.

    2. Assess and sort

    • Sort your waste and place out the items in a neat pile on the weekend before your allocated collection week. Check your pile to make sure it doesn't exceed the two cubic metre size limit. Two cubic metres is 2m in length, 1m in depth and 1m in height.
    • Check the acceptable items list included in your booking kit and make sure there are no hazardous or unacceptable items.
    • Place your mattress to the side of your pile to allow collection of the mattress for recycling.
    • Please remove fridge and freezer doors for safety.

    3. Collection

    • Place your pink 'BOOKED' sticker on an item in your pile, ensuring it is visible from the road.  If you've made a booking and your sticker goes missing your waste will still get collected.
    • Uncollected material must be removed from the naturestrip within 24 hours of the collection. 

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