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Regular maternal and child health programs

Maroondah City Council runs a number of services and information sessions that will ensure the health of babies and ease the concerns of new parents:

  • Lactation program
  • First food for babies talk
  • Baby settling talk
  • Toddler Talk 
  • Open consultation sessions. 

A support service for breastfeeding mothers of babies 0-4 months of age. 

We understand that breastfeeding mothers may need a little extra help from time to time. During the program, Maternal and Child Health nurses will provide advice on a range of issues including correct attachment techniques, stimulating milk supply, understanding your baby’s needs, and gaining confidence in handling your baby.

If you live in Maroondah, please call 9294 5777 to make an appointment to see our Lactation Consultant.

Learn about what you need to know when introducing solid foods to your baby. 

When: First Tuesday of the month (apart from November and December - second Tuesday), 1.30 pm to 3pm 

First food for babies is available on the following dates (you only need to attend one):  

  • Tuesday 5 February
  • Tuesday 5 March
  • Tuesday 2 April
  • Tuesday 7 May
  • Tuesday 4 June
  • Tuesday 2 July
  • Tuesday 6 August
  • Tuesday 3 September
  • Tuesday 1 October
  • Tuesday 12 November
  • Tuesday 3 December

Where: Training Room at Norwood Family & Children’s Centre 

18 Notlen Street 
Ringwood (Mel ref: 49 H6) 

Price: Free to Maroondah residents with children aged 4-6 months. 

Bookings essential: Complete a booking form for each person attending. No prams please. 

Book First For Babies

Learn about your baby’s behaviour and how to establish and develop a daily routine based on feed/play/sleep. 

When: 2nd Thursday of the month (not on public holidays) 1.30 pm to 3pm 

  • Thursday 14 February
  • Thursday 14 March
  • Thursday 11 April
  • Thursday 9 May
  • Thursday 13 June
  • Thursday 11 July
  • Thursday 8 August
  • Thursday 12 September
  • Thursday 10 October
  • Thursday 14 November
  • Thursday 12 December 

Where: Training Room at Norwood Family & Children’s Centre 
18 Notlen Street 
Ringwood (Mel ref: 49 H6) 

Price: Free to Maroondah residents with children aged 0-3 months. 

Booking essential. Complete a booking form for each person attending. No prams please. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers are welcome.

Book Baby Settling Talk

The session is an opportunity for you to learn more about how to support your child’s language & social development through your everyday interactions and play with them.

We will also have time for you to ask questions to check how things are progressing with your child after the session.

We recommend you arranging child minding for your child if possible to enable you to fully engage in the session. If you need to bring your child(ren) along, we will have a small play area available for your convenience. 

Date: Friday 11 October, Friday 8 November and Friday 6 December
Time: 10am to 11.30am
Venue: Multi purpose room at Croydon Maternal & Child Health Centre, 9 Civic Square, Croydon
Price: free

Book online 

No appointment is required for these brief consultations for babies aged 0-12 months.

Consultations offer an opportunity to visit a Maternal and Child Health Nurse between your child’s scheduled key age and stage visits.

Feel free to call in and discuss feeding, behaviour and sleeping concerns, for a weight check or to talk with a Maternal & Child Health nurse. These are well baby clinics, so please do not attend if yourself or your child are unwell.

These sessions are held every Monday from 9am to 11am at our Maternal & Child Health centre located on the corner of Civic Square and Mt Dandenong Road, Croydon (the Tudor building opposite mycar).

Developmental checks require a booked appointment as this service does not replace the key age and stage assessments. 

Interpreters are not available with this service.

For information about any of these sessions, call 9294 5586.

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