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Parenting information sessions 2018

The sessions we had available in 2018 are detailed in the table below:

Communication in under 5s

This workshop will give early childhood educators and parents practical teaching ideas and tools to support children under the age of 5 years on the autism spectrum who have limited verbal skills.

This workshop will include the following:

  • Communication difficulties in young children with ASD
  • Developing shared attention and requesting
  • Creating opportunities for communication
  • Strategies for the Early Childhood setting and the home

Presented by: Rebecca Van Dyk
Suitable for: Parents, carers and educators of children aged 0-5years old
Date: 19 March 2018

The impact of video games on children and young people

The online world offers both opportunities and risks to children and young people. So what are the parenting strategies that simultaneously optimize the online opportunities for children while minimizing online risks?

Join Steven Dupon, Founder of the Institute of Games and for a discussion on how to keep our children safe and healthy in a world that is rapidly changing.

Expect to learn more about

  • Parenting strategies to balance screen time in the family home.
  • When to seek professional help
  • Violence and other inappropriate content for children
  • Online gambling in online worlds
  • How to create positive gaming experiences

Presented by: Steven Dupon
Suitable for: Parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, educators
Date: 24 May 2018

Body safety

Body safety education (protective behaviours) is whole community education to protect children from sexual abuse. This workshop supports the respectful relationships curriculum and will help communities become Child Safe Standards compliant.

Comprehensive body safety education empowers adults to champion children’s rights, while teaching children relationship skills that will benefit them for life.

Teaching children body safety skills is the same as teaching them about healthy eating. While they are small you are making all their food choices for them, but as they grow you want them to have the skills to understand about nutrition. The earlier you start, the more confident they will be.

This workshop will cover:

  • Childhood sexual abuse; the risk, myths and misconceptions
  • Ten key areas of body safety including consent, assertive communication and identifying trusted adults
  • Identifying grooming behaviours
  • Age appropriate play
  • Digital technology, grooming and abuse prevention
  • Practical body safety strategies to teach children
  • Supporting the at-risk child including self-care

This workshop is interactive and each attendee will receive a booklet of information and activities.

Body Safety Australia has also developed age-appropriate books and activities that will be available for purchase alongside carefully curated picture books that support body safety education.

Presented by: Deanne Carson (Body Safety Australia)
Suitable for: Parents, grandparents, carers, educators and teachers
Date: 26 June 2018

Choosing a kinder or school for a child on the spectrum

Choosing an early childhood program or school that is inclusive, embraces Autism and has quality processes and practices is important. Do you feel overwhelmed and want to know some great ideas to help you decide the best option for your child?

In this workshop, you will learn about what you can look for and ask when choosing an Early Childhood Service or School, as well as hear practical examples of what an embracing and inclusive school could look like or include. You will also be equipped with self care strategies to support yourself through transition periods.

Presented by: Kate Johnson (Spectrum Journeys Inc)
Suitable for: Parents and carers
Date: 19 July 2018

Guiding children’s behaviour and building resilience

Do you wonder why your child behaves the way they do and are you confused as to what to do about it? How do you get the balance right between protecting children from possible harm without wrapping them up in the proverbial ‘cotton wool’?

This session will discuss possible triggers for challenging behaviours and how to support children in building their resilience.

  • Identify what triggers children’s behaviour
  • A 7 step plan to support your children and to encourage cooperative behaviour
  • The importance of play in children’s learning
  • Strategies to build resilience in children

Presented by: Louise Dorrat
Suitable for: Parents, grandparents, carers, educators and teachers of children aged 0 to 8 years old
Date: 24 July 2018

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