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School holiday programs - primary school

Council provides a high-quality, professional, flexible and fun vacation care program for primary school aged children.

Our programs offer children:

  • secure and consistent care
  • a program that is child-focused, fun, interesting and stimulating
  • a variety of recreational experiences and opportunities
  • an environment that maintains a high standard of health, hygiene, safety and nutrition and where children are guided in appropriate routines.

Who are the programs for?

The programs provide care for children aged 5 to 12 years of age who are currently attending primary school.

When and where are they held?

Programs run between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday during school holidays. Note: they do not operate on public holidays.

They are held at:

  • Springfield, Springfield Ave, Croydon
  • Belmont Park, Olympus Drive, Croydon South

The September school holidays run from Monday 23 September to Friday 4 October 2019.


Enrolments for Vacation Care are made online through our parent portal. Enrol below:



Upcoming programs

To book your child in for our upcoming program please return the following documents to the Vacation Care team. These forms can be downloaded below under the 'Information and booking forms' heading.

  • Booking form (one per family)
  • Child authorisation form (one per child)
  • Excursion Consent form (one per child, at the service you are booking them in to)

We understand this can be a lot to remember, so we have made a checklist to assist you in the process:

How do I book my child in  (pdf, 174KB) 

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for our Vacation Care program please enrol your child using the links above.

Program details

Vacation Care Program — September 2019  (pdf, 2MB)

Big Day Out — September 2019  (pdf, 363KB)

Information and booking forms

Vacation Booking Forms — September 2019  (pdf, 211KB)

Excursion Consent Form - Belmont - September 2019  (pdf, 128KB)

Excursion Consent Form - Springfield - September 2019  (pdf, 127KB)

Child Authorisation form  (pdf, 145KB)  

Child Care Subsidy

A Child Care Subsidy is available to families who have linked their myGov account. If you are unable to link our Vacation Care program to your account, please contact Centrelink on 13 61 50. 

Medical conditions

The vacation care program complies with the Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Quality Framework.

If your child suffers from a medical condition, please provide details of special needs and any management procedures to be followed with respect to the special need.

Anaphylaxis Action Plan  (pdf, 272KB)
Asthma Care Plan for education and care services  (pdf, 157KB)
Action Plan Allergic Reactions  (pdf, 223KB)
Diabetes Management Plan  (pdf, 45KB)
Eczema Action Plan  (pdf, 164KB)
Epilepsy Management Plan  (pdf, 48KB)

Accessible forms

Vacation Booking Forms — September 2019  (docx, 14MB)

Big Day Out - September 2019  (docx, 14MB)

Excursion Consent Form - Belmont - September 2019  (docx, 421KB)

Excursion Consent Form - Springfield - September 2019  (docx, 418KB)

Child Authorisation form  (docx, 422KB)

How do I book my child in  (docx, 409KB)

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