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Community funding resources

Review this collection of community grants and funding programs for available funding opportunities.

AMP's Tomorrow Fund Grants

Looking for people who have a talent or a passion for something that will ultimately benefit Australia – whether that’s a scientist who is developing innovative technology, a social entrepreneur with a community enterprise in mind or a singer who wants to take their voice to the world stage. You’ll need to show that you’ve already done some work towards achieving your goal and that you have a plan to take it further.

Australian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for an AMP Tomorrow Fund grant.

Andrews Foundation Grants

Grants are made to organisations in Victoria and the Trust gives priority to:

Small Grants for Smaller Community Organisations

These Grants are aimed to help community organisations that are locally based to either get started or enhance an existing project. The Trust will look to significant contributions from volunteers and other community organisations when making a Grant.

Social Disadvantage, Needs and Problems

The Trust sees the need to assist organisations that work in the area of social disadvantage, needs and problems in order to help individuals and groups to find sustainable solutions to their issues. The Trust favours the targeting of such issues by locally based organisations.  However, the Trust will not make Grants to pay for salaries.


The Trust will accept Applications from kindergartens, schools (primary and secondary) for projects of building or equipment and innovative programs that will assist students. These programs must be locally based and be designed to benefit a substantial number of students.  Applications may also be made by universities and TAFE colleges for Grants for the purposes

Closing Dates for Applications

The closing dates for applications are the end of the first week in each of March, June and November. The outcome of your Application will be notified to you in writing within four to six weeks from the date of the Trustees meeting.

Ansvar Insurance Community Education Program Grants

Aim of the Community Education Program Grants

Ansvar’s Community Education Program (CEP) provides grants up to $50,000 for programs supporting Australian youth which fall under two categories:

Empowerment and Education: Programs within this category must provide opportunities to develop positive values that lead to healthy lifestyle choices and a positive contribution to our community.

Outreach Programs: Programs within this category must support youths who are at risk or are already experiencing difficulties (such as drug and/or alcohol abuse) through rehabilitation and/or skills training.

Ardoch Youth Foundation

Ardoch is a children’s education charity focused on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities.

They partner with schools and early years services to deliver tailored education support programs that aim to increase engagement in education, build aspirations, enhance learning outcomes and increase the confidence of children and young people living in disadvantaged communities. They mobilise community and workplace volunteers to support schools and early childhood services. They also advocate for and seek to influence policy change to reduce inequity in education. 

The Arthur Marsden Whiting’s Sympathy Fund

The Arthur Marsden Whiting's Sympathy Fund has been established to provide assistance to individuals of the Protestant faith with a primary physical disability who are in need of financial assistance. Grants are available for equipment, treatment, education or training and other types of assistance needed to care for a person with a disability.

To be eligible for assistance, applicants must:

  • have a primary disability that impairs mobility
  • he of the Protestant faith
  • reside in the State of Victoria
  • not suffer from alcoholism
  • meet financial eligibility criteria as determined by the panel.

Grant amount 
Up to $3000 per applicant per 12 month period.

Application period 
Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Applications Received 1 Jan to 31 Mar, Grants approved May 
Applications Received 1 Apr to 30 Jun, Grants approved Aug 
Applications Received 1 Jul to 30 Sep, Grants approved Nov 
Applications Received 1 Oct to 31 Dec, Grants approved Feb

auDA Foundation

The auDA Foundation is a charitable trust established to promote and encourage educational and research activities that will enhance the utility of the Internet for the benefit of the Australian community.

Previous grant recipients (projects) include:

  • Interpret-ED Project - A national online Auslan interpreter training and professional development program that delivers training and professional development for signed language interpreters throughout Australia.
  • Online support and Education Program for People with Cystic Fibrosis - Online support and education program to connect cystic fibrosis sufferers and their families to others having similar experiences providing them with and the most up to date health information.
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance - Using Eye Gaze Technology for Children with Cerebral Palsy - a pilot project for children with Cerebral Palsy (unable to talk or use their hands), allowing them to use eye gaze technology on iPads to access readily available internet apps.
  • Butterfly Foundation -Development of existing education services into online resources - to develop a new online learning system for body image and eating disorders prevention.

Applications will be open from Monday 8 February 2016 until 5pm on Friday 11 March 2016.

Australian Communities Foundation

ACF is committed to helping build healthy and resilient communities. To achieve this, ACF supports a range of charitable organisations and projects each year. Grants are made domestically and internationally through Australian registered charitable organisations for specific projects, or for purposes that support the ongoing activities of those organisations.

With over 250 sub-funds, ACF provides over 500 grants annually that broadly fall into the following categories: arts and culture, community development and advocacy, community services and welfare, disability, training and employment, environment, health and medical research, education and overseas aid and development.

Within these categories, target groups are also supported, including Indigenous communities and refugee/asylum seekers.

Australian Council for the Arts - Arts and Disability Funding

Our grants program supports a diverse range of artists, organisations, artistic practice and arts activity.

Expert, arms-length peer assessment of artistic merit and excellence is central to grant decision making at the Australia Council for the Arts.

We encourage applications from artists with disability. We accept applications in Languages Other Than English (LOTE).

Career Development Grants for Individuals 

If you are an individual artist, arts worker or group of artists, this grant can provide support to further develop your skills or improve your capacity to build an enduring career. Grants are available from $5,000 to $25,000. 

The Australia Council offers three grant rounds each year for this category.

In 2018, the grant rounds will close on:

  • Tuesday 6 February for projects starting after 1 May 2018
  • Tuesday 5 June for projects starting after 1 September 2018
  • Tuesday 2 October for projects starting 1 January 2019

  Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups

In 2018, the grant rounds will close on:

  • Tuesday 6 February for projects starting after 1 May 2018
  • Tuesday 5 June for projects starting after 1 September 2018
  • Tuesday 2 October for projects starting 1 January 2019



Australian Disability and Indigenous Peoples' Education Fund

The Australian Disability and Indigenous Peoples' Education Fund (ADIPEF) will assist indigenous and non-indigenous people with disability to participate in both formal and informal education programs through small grants. Realising that the work to empower people with disability is ongoing we have long considered the best way to support this is through further education and learning.

For many, a small financial grant will enable them to undertake a course. This education fund is about helping people complete or undertake courses and programs through providing small grants. Our fund is looking to distribute small quarterly grants of up to $2,500 to assist people with disabilities to continue their learning.

People with disabilities of any age living in Australia may apply for any assistance to help with both formal and informal education. While people may need assistance to complete the application, we would like a letter in the persons own words telling us why they want to learn.

The closing dates for the Education Fund are every six months at the end of March and September each year.

australianethical AEI Community Grants

Every year Australian Ethical Investment donates 10% of its pre-tax profit to organisations making a positive difference in the world.

We seek applications from organisations seeking funding for new or existing projects delivering tangible outcomes that positively impact the planet, people and/or animals. We treat each application on its merits but do have some basic requirements. For example, we require your organisation to have an ABN (or Incorporation Number) and an Australian bank account.

Application opening date for 2016 still to be announced.

Australian Government - Department of Social Services (grants)

The Department’s streamlined processes make it easier for organisations to apply for funding and allows them to focus on delivering important services in the community.

The nine grant programmes are:

Families and Communities Programme 
Housing and Homelessness Programme 
Disability, Mental Health and Carers Programme 
Support for the Child Care System Programme 
Ageing and Aged Care Programmes:

Commonwealth Home Support Programme 
Residential and Flexible Care Programme 
Workforce and Quality Programme 
Ageing and Service Improvement Programme 
Access and Information Programme

Grants currently available for application can be found on the Funding Open for Application page.

Bendigo Bank Bayswater, Boronia & Ringwood Community Grants Program

Bayswater, Boronia & Ringwood Community Grants Program

Area: The Bayswater, Boronia & Ringwood Community Grants program will support programs and projects in the Bayswater, Boronia & Ringwood area. 
Audience: Charitable and Not-for-profit Organisations can apply for projects and activities that offer clear public benefit for communities. Contributing to their development in building social capital, community welfare, environmental, health, education or cultural areas

The Community Grants Program is administered by Community Enterprise Foundation and made possible by the generous support of the Bayswater, Boronia & Ringwood Lending & Investment Centres. The Community Grants Program is designed to:

  • Make better, targeted use of funds that are responsive to community needs
  • Provide a simpler application process
  • To be more responsive to the needs of communities

Bennelong Foundation

To help guide the distribution of grants to worthwhile organisations, the Foundation has identified seven key areas of focus.

  • Education, training and employment
  • Community health
  • Migrant and indigenous community welfare
  • Crisis support
  • Youth at risk
  • Medical research
  • International aid and assistance

Closing dates

For 2016, the closing date for applications for the first round of funding is 15th of February 2016 and for the second round, 15th of August 2016. The Board meets twice a year to consider applications and after submitting an application, you will be advised in writing when you may expect a decision.

Besen Family Foundation (Health & Welfare)

Grants for Health and Welfare will be given to not-for-profit organisations based in Victoria. The current focus is for projects in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Projects that encourage integration and improve educational outcomes for the disadvantaged.
  • Building strong communities - encourage and promote social inclusiveness and community connectedness.
  • Disadvantage
  • Crisis and emergency support
  • Youth
  • Families

The relevant dates for applications in 2015 are:

Funding Round One

Monday 23 February - Friday 27 February 2015: Expression of Interest forms for Health & Welfare submissions will be accepted

Thursday 2 April 2015: Closing date for full submission in all categories

Funding Round Two

Monday 7 September - Friday 11 September 2015: Expression of Interest forms for Health & Welfare submissions will be accepted

Friday 2 October 2015: Closing date for full submission in all categories.

CBB Grants and Scholarships


CBB aims to increase value to organisations that serve people in Australia’s Not for Profit sector.

CBB’s objectives are:

  • To advance the interests, well-being and welfare of people who are disadvantaged by reason of disability, culture or personal circumstances.
  • To assist charitable organisations working in the areas of aged care, disability, health, welfare, indigenous services, education, community housing and other community services to manage their organisations and activities   effectively and attract and retain staff by providing a range of services to them including salary packaging, consulting and finance services.
  • To foster and promote good management and efficient use of resources in charitable organisations.
  • To raise funds to assist in the achievement of any of the preceding objects.

A monetary grant of up to a maximum of $3,000 + GST will be available to successful applicants. 

The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation Community Grants

The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation supports organisations working to improve the lives of marginalised young Australians. We broadly define marginalisation as:

Social/Economic Marginalisation – may result from, but is not limited to, a breakdown in family/community support, low-income, poor education, drug and/or alcohol dependency, homelessness, physical or mental disability, being a refugee or of non-English speaking background or a combination of these factors. 
Marginalisation amongst Indigenous Youth – with an emphasis on school retention/attendance, poor literacy and numeracy, health issues, poor nutrition, social exclusion or a combination of these factors. 
Physical Marginalisation – specifically due to living in regional and remote areas of Australia. 
Mental Health Issues / Youth Depression.


Programmes addressing marginalisation should focus on achieving tangible outcomes in one or more of three core areas:

Education – providing & enhancing basic skills to assist young people in improving their day-to-day lives. 
Leadership – enabling young people to develop confidence & leadership skills for their future. 
Wellbeing – promoting the physical fitness, nutrition education, mental health &/or social wellbeing of young people.

Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund Community Grants

Community Grants 2015 - To be eligible to receive a Community Grant your organisation must run, manage, conduct or implement a program that supports children and youth up to the age of 21 years old in Australia.

Applications for our 2015 Community Grants program will be open during the following period: 

Applications open: Monday, 2 February 2015, 9.00am AEDT 
Applications close: Friday, 27 February 2015, 5.00pm AEDT 

Applications are completed using an online application form. 

Register to be contacted via email when applications open below.

Community and Philanthropy Partnerships

A small number of grants of up to $10,000 are available to help communities in urban, regional, rural and remote Australia celebrate what they have achieved by working together in partnership with philanthropy.

Community Sector Banking - social investment grants program

Our Social Investment Grants Program funds not-for-profit projects or programs working to improve social outcomes. Each year we open applications for not-for-profits to apply for grants. 

Community Sector Banking directly funds our Grants Program, from an allocated 50% of net profit earned on Social Investment Deposit Accounts. Contributions from our committed Social Investment Deposit Account holders are also pooled to fund the Social Investment Grants Program. 

We are delighted to support Australian not-for-profits through our grants for the second year running; this is an exciting opportunity for Community Sector Banking and our customers to directly give back to the communities our not-for-profit customers strive to assist.

Bookings open - July 2017

Connecting Communities Grants Program - Optus 

Optus Community Grants Yes! To helping youth across Australia

Optus Community Grants have been supporting organisations that help vulnerable young Australians since 2008.

We define ‘youth’ to be from the age of 4 up to the age of 26 years.

Selection criteria for applications

All funded projects must address at least one of the selection criteria below:

  • Education and employability

    This selection criterion funds projects which help to improve education outcomes. Projects funded will aim to close education gaps, help kids stay engaged in school and remove barriers to completing education or training. These projects may help young people with future career options and transitions to employment.
  • Inclusion and wellbeing

    This selection criterion funds projects which help to improve young people’s mental wellbeing and health. This selection criterion may include opportunities and accessibility for isolated and remote areas to ensure they have access to services.
  • Access to technology

    This selection criterion funds projects for young people who, due to disadvantage, don’t have access to technology. Projects may focus on delivery of technology that enables or improves access.
Danks Trust and Annie Danks Trust

The Danks Trust disburses funds to projects/organisations that fit the categories of religion, education or the relief of poverty. Annie Danks Trust funds can be disbursed to any charitable cause.

Disbursement of funds occurs twice yearly. 
Trustees meet in February & August each year. 
Closing dates 31st January and 31st July. This is strictly applied.

We do not issue formal application forms but request written submissions are on organisation letterhead.

It is preferable that applications be received well in advance of the closing dates. 

Annie Danks Trust 
The same as above however the Annie Danks Trust funds can be disbursed to any charitable cause.

A single application addressed to the Danks Trust/Annie Danks Trust is very acceptable. 

Mr J Graeme Danks 
The Danks Trust 
414-426 Lower Dandenong Road 
Ph 9264 5007 
Fax 9587 1719 

Deaf Children Australia - Youth Grants

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and 15 – 21 years old, did you know you can apply each year for a grant of up to $2,500 to help you achieve a personal goal or project? Deaf Children Australia wants to help you dream big!

Applications close on 30 April.

Dick Smith Foods Foundation

Requests for Donations and Sponsorships

We have changed our method of giving donations. 
PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to donate to charities or institutions which hold DGR Item 1 status. 
We have another $1 Million to give away. For more details click here or feel free to email your request to

Disabilities Donations Trust

The Disability Donations Trust (the Trust) is a set of charitable bequests and donations. The Trust provides grants to people with a disability to assist in meeting needs they are otherwise unable to afford. Funds are held and invested by State Trustees Ltd and managed by the Department of Human Services.

Grants for individuals

Grants are available for people experiencing financial hardship and can be used to purchase supports that specifically meet the disability-related needs and goals of the applicant. Grants are only available to applicants who are unable to access assistance from government funding programs or other funding sources.

Some of the bequests are only available to residents or former residents of residential institutes, or to those with an intellectual disability.

Funding rounds

Grants are made twice a year. Applications can be submitted in the two months prior to the round closing dates. The rounds are: 
Round one - opens 1 March, closes 31 March 
Round two - opens 1 August, closes 31 August.

Applicants must fall into one of the following groups to be eligible for a grant:

    • Children aged 18 or under who have an intellectual disability as defined by the Disability Act 2006
    • Current residents of a residential institution (Colanda or Sandhurst)
    • Former residents of St Nicholas’ Hospital.

    Currently there is no funding available for adults who do not fit into any of the groups above.

    All applicants must also:

    • Be Victorian residents
    • Have a disability as defined by the Disability Act 2006
    • Fall within the target group for priority access to disability services.

 Grants for organisations

Herbert Allen Bequest

The Herbert Allen Bequest can be used to provide bus excursions for children with an intellectual disability between the ages of 8 and 18, including board and lodging and other incidental expenses.

Grants are available to registered disability service providers and specialist schools. Please read the guidelines for all details.

Funding rounds

Grants are available annually, with applications closing on 31 October. Application forms will be available on this website in the two months prior.

How to apply

Before completing an application to the Herbert Allen Bequest, organisations should read the guidelines: 
Disability Donations Trust - Herbert Allen Bequest - guidelines 

To apply to the Herbert Allen Bequest, organisations should complete the application form: 
Disability Donations Trust - Herbert Allen Bequest - application 

Disability Self Help Grants

The Victorian Government’s commitment to supporting people with a disability and their families is reflected in the provision of non-recurrent operating grants of up to $10,000 over two years for disability self-help groups.

Disability Self-Help Grants are available to assist disability self-help groups in financing general expenses and minor works and equipment.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available to assist self-help groups to:

  • strengthen the capacity of people with a disability to live independently in their own community and actively participate in community activities
  • support members to make informed decisions about their own lives
  • encourage a network of community peer support and information exchange for people with a disability and their families/carers
  • increase opportunities for self help groups to provide information and education on the experiences of people with a disability.

Disability Self-Help Grants are allocated for a two-year period.

Equity Trustees Major Grants

Community Inclusion Program

Specific areas of interest for this program are:

  • Care of the aged in the community and residential care;
  • People with a physical or mental disability; or
  • Children with a physical disability.

Grants of up to $100,000 per annum for up to 3 years are available.

Felton Bequest

The Felton Bequest supports the development of ideas and catalytic projects that support women and families in the raising of children and that have the potential to enhance the physical and emotional health of women, children and young people within Victoria.

Expressions of Interest Closed on 1 July

Applications Closed on 1 September

Organisation Capacity Building Program

The Capacity Building Program aims to build the capacity of small and medium sized charitable organisations (annual revenue less than $4 million) within Victoria. Grants are provided for activities that will support organisations to achieve a stepchange in their organisational effectiveness and impact thus enabling them to better achieve their mission. Areas of focus for this program are:

  • Strategy, governance and leadership capacity
  • Change management capacity
  • Management capacity
  • Operational capacity

Grants of up to $100,000 per annum for up to 3 years are available.

Future 2

Future2 Make the Difference! Grants are designed for the benefit of socially and financially disadvantaged young Australians, aged from 12 to 25 years.

Future2 seeks to support programs that address the needs of disadvantaged young Australians through:

  • Education, including skills training and leadership development
  • Engagement, including mentoring and juvenile justice programs
  • Employment, including work experience and job readiness training
  • Health, including remedial programs for drug and alcohol dependence
  • Independent living and homelessness

The 2015 grant round is expected to start in early April 2015, with applications closing at the end of July. Watch this space for more details.

Gandel Philanthropy

Gandel Philanthropy seeks to prioritise support for the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in our society, and aims to help build stronger, more resilient, more vibrant and more inclusive communities.

Community Grants will be allocated in both the traditional and new areas of interest, reflecting our wish to explore and learn about the needs in a range of sectors in the community. These areas of interest may continue to evolve.

In 2014/15, Gandel Philanthropy Community Grants are allocated towards six specific Areas of Interest:

  • Arts & Culture;
  • Education;
  • Health & Medical Research;
  • Community Development;
  • Social Cohesion & Inclusion; and
  • Poverty & Disadvantage.

Applications for Community Grants are accepted throughout the year and there are no specific closing dates.

Grants Victoria

The Victorian Government grants directory enables you to search for government grants and assistance within the state of Victoria. You will find grants for the community, education, legal and business grants or financial assistance which are available to you.

Harcourts Foundation

Who can apply for a grant from the Harcourts Foundation?

No matter the size of your organisation, the Harcourts Foundation not only gives back to those affected by large scale cataclysmic disasters but to charitable community organisations or assists with helping individuals in need. Grants applications must be requested for a specific event, project or initiative.

  • As most of the funding for The Harcourts Foundation is generously provided by our Harcourts offices, we will only consider applications from groups for a specific event, project, item, or initiative where Harcourts has an office. (Please note there is a Harcourt office located in Croydon)
  • Priority is also given to those areas where the Harcourts office is currently a financial contributor to The Harcourts Foundation (Note: many of our offices fund and support a huge range of community initiatives through their own offices as well as through The Harcourts Foundation).

•In the event that we receive more applications that meet the criteria than we have funds available, we will prioritise those applicants which demonstrate their grant will have the widest community impact.

Grant Application Rounds:

All applications must be received by the last day of the dates noted below.

  • 1 January – 31 March
  • 1 April – 30 June
  • 1 July – 30 September
  • 1 October – 31 December


Helen Macpherson Smith Trust

Our grants program reflects our mission statement: “To help build fair, creative and resilient Victorian communities through initiatives that promote positive change.”

It is also aligned with our strategic aims of Building. Enabling. Leading. which include:

  • Building the capacity of charitable organisations and the communities they serve
  • Enabling collaborative projects that can deliver even greater social benefits
  • Supporting initiatives that demonstrate leadership and invest in Victoria’s future leaders.

Funding criteria

When you prepare your application, you will be asked to select:

  • The program which best fits your project. You can apply in one program only.
  • At least one of the three focus areas listed in your selected program. You can select more than one relevant focus area, but you will need to justify your selection.
  • At least three of HMSTrust’s five key objectives, which are important funding criteria. These objectives must match your own project objectives.

Applicant notification dates

Please ensure that the commencement date of your project is after the following Grant Round notification dates.

Community Multi-year Grants - Applications open: 3rd March 2015 Applications close: 26th March 2015

Community One-off Grants - Applications open: 5th May 2015 Applications close: 28th May 2015

Social Impact Grants - Applications open: 18th August 2015 Applications close: 10th September 2015

Hogan Family Foundation

The Foundation is inspired by the Founder's mother, Rita Hogan, to both honour her memory and to remind those guiding the Foundation now and in the future that giving with a spirit of non judgemental love and kindness does much more than money can ever do alone.

We, at the foundation, remember Rita's authentic caring spirit when we are given the opportunity to invest and/or support fellow human endeavours, whether they be at an individual, organisational or community level.

The current focus of the Hogan Family Foundation is the alleviation of domestic violence within Australia, given it is at national crisis levels as well as continuing our support of Primary Ethics. Please contact the foundation with an initial email as a first step, should your project fall within our focus areas.

The Honda Foundation

The Honda Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving charities - approved bodies that focus their activities on the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from long-term, life threatening illnesses.

Application opening date for 2015 still to be announced.

Hyundai Help For Kids Grants

An initiative of Hyundai and Hyundai Dealers across Australia, Hyundai Help For Kids provides grants to organisations focused on delivering assistance to children and the families who support them, through sport, culture, education, health, community engagement, and social welfare initiatives. There are three main areas of focus for approved and selected grant recipients:

  • Community based programs
  • Medical Assistance and Research based programs
  • Vehicle Assistance based programs

The Ian Potter Foundation

The Ian Potter Foundation makes grants across a broad range of sectors and endeavours. Our grants are managed through nine program areas: Arts, Community Wellbeing, Education, Environment & Conservation, Health & Disability, Medical Research, Science, Travel, and Conference.

Health and Disability - The Foundation prioritises funding for innovative programs that enhance the lives of people with disability or chronic illness and/or promote the health of the community. Applications for this program area are considered once a year by the Board of Governors.


The Foundation will favourably consider proposals that aim to:

Enhance the lives of individuals with disability or chronic illness, particularly through innovative approaches to health service delivery

Promote research and development in public health and preventative medicine initiatives aimed at improving the health of the Australian community.

Community Wellbeing - Community Wellbeing grants seek to encourage individuals or organisations to participate in innovative activities or programs which enhance the wellbeing of the community, or which alleviate homelessness or other disadvantage arising from poverty or other causes.

The Foundation particularly encourages applications that have a strong volunteer component.

There are two funding streams within the Community Wellbeing program area.

Small grants (up to $50,000): emphasis on innovative programs that work to alleviate disadvantage and promote the general wellbeing of the community

Large grants (more than $50,000): prevention of homelessness, in particular early intervention programs that aim to break the cycle of disadvantage that can lead to homelessness.

Education - The Foundation has two streams of funding available to support innovative programs and research in this sector:

SMALL GRANTS ($50,000 and under)

Providing support for individuals and their families.

This stream prioritises programs that improve the school readiness of children, engages family participation in the school community and provides students with the means to meet their educational potential.

The Foundation is keen to support projects that assist individuals to achieve their education potential. The objectives of this program recognise the work being done in communities to engage and re-engage children, young people - and their families - with education and school communities.

LARGE GRANTS (more than $100,000)

Whole-of-life approach to education.

This funding stream prioritises programs that take an holistic approach to improving educational, employment and community outcomes. We also support research that seeks to document and disseminate best practice approaches to improving education outcomes.

The Foundation recognises that schools alone are not responsible for ensuring every child meets their educational potential. We encourage projects that address the interrelationship between health and education, and acknowledge the importance of family involvement and an inclusive, supportive and strong school community.

The Foundation also prioritises projects that build the skills and employment potential of people living in disadvantaged communities.

Funding Round dates

Round 1

EOIs open: Monday 17 November 2014

EOIs close: Monday 12 January 2015

(Invited full applications must be in by 24.2.15)

Round 2

EOIs open: Monday 30 March 2015

EOIs close: Monday 11 May 2015

(Invited full applications must be in by 23.6.15)

IMB Community Foundation

IMB has grown alongside the communities in which we live and work, and we believe it's important to play our part and give back. The IMB Community Foundation was established in 1999 as a way for IMB to assist community groups in building community assets.  

The Foundation supports projects that reflect its objectives, which include enhancing the economic self-sufficiency of communities, as well as generating economic, social, cultural, environmental, tourism and educational benefits for those communities.

Submissions Open: 12 January 2015

Submissions Close: 5pm, 28 February, 2015

2016 Impact Philanthropy Application Program (Perpetual)

Information on Perpetual’s 2016 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program will be available on this site in November 2015. If you would like to be notified of further information as it becomes available please email your contact details to

The Invergowrie Foundation

Grants to Community Organisations 
The Invergowrie Foundation makes grants to enable organisations to fund educational opportunities for girls and women in the State of Victoria. Funds may be applied to the development and/ or operational costs directly related to the provision of these educational opportunities.

These grants enable organisations to:

  • Conduct programs to assist the education of girls and women in situations of disadvantage
  • Provide programs to assist girls and women to further their education

Dates for applications

Grant applications are considered in August, November, February and May each financial year. Preferably, applications should be received by the Foundation by the middle of the preceding month.

IOOF Foundation

We are committed to creating opportunities for disadvantaged families, youth and the aged, by investing in initiatives that improve quality of life and help others achieve their potential to meaningfully participate in the community. We achieve this by granting of funds to Australian community groups. Our focus areas include:

  • Aged Care It is well known that there is an increasing need for improving the quality of life for Australia's ageing population. We are focused on supporting the needs of older members of our community.
  • Disadvantaged Families Our support for disadvantaged families is focused on providing families with a chance to remove some of the difficulties that block their opportunities for a better quality of life.
  • Disadvantaged Youth & Children We are dedicated to supporting programs to assist youth and children to reach their full potential. Programs that focus on developing technical skills, health and disability and providing unique engagement opportunities are all considered.

IOOF Foundation will open applications for funding in February 2015.

Funding: will be granted in June 2015

Grant Amounts: 
1.Small Grants: a one year grant for up to $10,000 
2.General Grants: grants up to $30,000 per a year for up to two years 
3.Major grants: will be accepted by invitation only.

The Jack Brockhoff Foundation

Every year, the Jack Brockhoff Foundation supports many charitable organisations across Victoria. The Foundation makes annual grants in three priority funding areas:

Priority Funding Areas

Applications are invited from eligible organisations which meet the following criteria:

  • Have a broad community reach and profile
  • Demonstrate sound management and service excellence in meeting clients’ needs
  • Have a high degree of community and/or volunteer involvement
  • Connect their operations with the community they seek to assist
  • Benefit people residing in Victoria

The Foundation requires all applicants to contact the Foundation’s staff to discuss their project or program before submitting their application.

Applicants should be aware that the Foundation may seek independent expert guidance on appraising applications.

You may email the Foundation at with a brief outline of your project and budget estimations or call us on (03) 9006-1765.

The Foundation expects applicants to articulate their long term goals and to demonstrate a strategic plan and operational objectives to best address their clients’ needs. Well managed and efficient operations are highly regarded.

Dates have changed for Community Applications 2015:

Applications Open: 1 July

Applications Close: 31 July

James N. Kirby Foundation

For over 40 years, The James N Kirby Foundation has been and continues to be committed to supporting organisations that provide innovative solutions and opportunities to those in our community who need it most. Our Foundation considers requests under the following four categories, seeking to support organisations and programs whose work benefits:

Education and Technology


  • To enhance Australia’s technical capacity.
  • To provide opportunities and support for all Australians to reach their full potential.

Priority Areas include Australians with Disabilities

Social Welfare, and The Arts


  • To strengthen our community and address social and economic disadvantage.
  • To promote the development of and access to the arts.

Priority Areas include Australians with Disabilities

All grant applicants are to complete and submit the application form enclosed on this website. In addition to the application form a written submission of no more than 3 A4 pages is to be included. The submission must be on the letterhead of the entity endorsed as the DGR and must be signed by a Director, CEO or responsible person of the DGR. 

Jetstar Flying start

Jetstar's Flying Start Programme invites community groups and organisations across Australia to apply for a grant for $30,000, made up of $15,000 cash and $15,000 worth of travel with Jetstar, to fund a project that will enrich the lives of people in their local community in the areas of charity, health, sport, education or the arts

Each quarterly grant will consist of the same elements, to ensure fairness and transparency.

Each grant will be worth $30,000, comprising $15,000 cash and $15,000 worth of Jetstar travel. 

John T Reid Charitable Trusts

The John T Reid Charitable Trusts distributes funding within six main categories.

  • Aged & Palliative Care
  • Arts & Cultural Heritage
  • Community & Social Welfare
  • Education & Youth Support
  • Environment
  • Health Support

Many projects will fall within more than one category of support; we encourage each applicant to present their proposal in their own words as it best promotes their needs rather than try to fit within a rigid category.

Knox City Council - Community Development Fund Grants

Knox Council's Community Development Fund (CDF) may be able to help. The CDF provides financial support to enable local not-for-profit community groups to undertake various projects and events that meet local needs.

The Community Development Fund provides grants in three categories and each category has a separate application form: Category 1 - up to and including $2,000 Category 2 - $2,001 up to $20,000 Category 3 - up to $5,000 for annual community events* established for more than three years. *An annual community event is defined as an event that is open to the entire Knox community. Please note that there is a different application form for each category.

The Community Development Fund aims to support and strengthen not-for-profit community groups and organisations in developing local solutions to local needs. Let’s Work Together’ Information Sessions, whether community organisations have previously received a CDF grant, or the organisation is submitting for the first-time, community organisations are strongly advised to discuss their proposed application with Council’s Community Resourcing Officer or a member of the Community Strengthening team. Organisations interested in applying are also encouraged to attend a free 'Let's Work Together' information session where they will have the opportunity to learn about other groups and planned projects within Knox. You will also have the opportunity to have both Council and other community organisations contribute ideas and knowledge to strengthen your project and application potential.

Our facilitator will walk you through the eligibility criteria, guidelines, application form and evaluation requirements. If you would like to speak to a Council Officer regarding the Community Development Fund please contact the Community Strengthening Team on 9298 8000 or

The Leith Trust

The Leith Trust is an Anglican orientated trust that focuses on supporting projects and programs located in Victoria, aimed at helping the disadvantaged with a bias towards children, youth and families.

We prefer to fund programs that make a cost effective, demonstrable and sustainable difference for the better in the quality of life and access to opportunities for our targeted children, youth and families.

The annual closing date for applications is 30 September. Successful applicants will be notified by mail by 31 December and unsuccessful applicants by 31 January.

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

We aim to provide life opportunities, promote social inclusion and cohesion, build company resources and improve quality of life within the community. Our grants program focuses on six key Impact Areas of Ageing, Homelessness, Youth, Community & Preventative Health, Arts & Heritage and the Environment.

The granting program continues to support small organisations requiring material aid and small infrastructure as well as through the Survive & Thrive and Capacity Building granting programs.

It also provides opportunities for innovative organisations to explore ideas and test new service models within our six key Impact Areas. With this granting approach, we will support organisations or projects that intend to facilitate real change in people facing social and economic disadvantage.

To learn more about our model of social change philanthropy, please contact our grants team on 9633 0021.

Current Grant Rounds:

Further information in relation to next year's Grants Program will be available in March 2015.

Matana Foundation for Young People

Matana’s focus is on improving the welfare and wellbeing of young people from severely disadvantaged or marginalised backgrounds, or whose concerns and issues are not readily funded from other sources. Recognising that disadvantage takes many forms, we prioritise projects and organisations that address the causes of youth disadvantage by:

  • Providing programs primarily targeting school retention and increased education achievement for students who are at risk of dropping out of school or who have already dropped out. The focus is on early identification, customised learning and mentoring.
  • Providing programs that target employment skills development, employment and career pathways and transitions into employment.
  • Providing programs that target social and community connectedness, personal significance and social and emotional outcomes.
  • Providing services in geographical areas across Australia where funding is difficult to source.

The Marian and E.H. Flack Trust

The Trust supports the following areas:

Services to aged care 
Services that assist the elderly, which include but are not limited to, medical equipment, furniture and fixtures, transportation of the elderly and general support of the elderly. Preference will be given to requests that directly benefit the elderly.

Services to disadvantaged groups or organisations 
Services that directly support children, adolescents, adults and families who are disadvantaged due to education, financial, and/or social circumstances.

Services to community health 
Services that directly support groups or organisations assisting individuals or families with a medical condition, disability and/or mental illness.

Creative arts 
Innovative, educational or creative arts programs involving disadvantaged adults or youth.

Multiple service organisations 
Organisations that undertake activities that offer services covering two or more of the categories above.

The Trust accepts applications only during the months of March and April each year. Applications must be lodged no later than 30 April. 

Maroondah City Council - Community Grants Scheme

The funding program has two schemes:

The Community Grants Scheme offers assistance to not-for-profit community groups to develop programs, projects and events that enhance community wellbeing.

The Arts and Cultural Grants Scheme provides funding for not-for-profit organisations for the implementation of community arts projects, festivals and events.

Applications open early April and close Mid May.

Mary MacKillop Foundation

The Mary MacKillop Foundation provides financial support for small, life changing projects that are selected according to strict funding guidelines. One of the main purposes of the Mary MacKillop Foundation is to enable work that is in the spirit and tradition of Mary MacKillop to continue. For this reason, the Foundation seeks applications from organisations that are carrying out such work. The Mary MacKillop Foundation supports two kinds of projects with grants of up to $10,000:

  • General Projects
  • Projects in Partnership with Indigenous Australians 

The Foundation aims to help those in need by working to :

  • Meet the needs of people in rural and isolated areas
  • Provide support to people with mental illness or disabilities
  • Form partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Respond to the needs of people coming to our country without support
  • Relieve the effects of physical, emotional and spiritual distress

Mazda Foundation

The Mazda Foundation awards grants to programs promoting:

  • Education and literacy
  • Environmental conservation
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Social welfare
  • Scientific research

Grant Application - We only accept applications from May 1 through July 1.

Mental Health Conference Funding Program

The Australian Government Department of Health funds the Mental Health Conference Funding (MHCF) Program to provide limited financial assistance to support mental health and/or suicide prevention themed conferences and events. This program is managed by Mental Health Australia on behalf of the Department.

The objective of the MHCF Program is to both promote the involvement of consumers and carers at mental health themed conferences and events, and support the delivery of those events with a mental health clinical/professional focus. 

The next funding round will open in March 2015. 

Mercy Foundation

 The Mercy Foundation Grants to End Homelessness are available for seeding initiatives, services, projects, advocacy and research that will contribute to the goal of ending homelessness by supporting housing first and permanent supportive housing solutions.

Projects that focus on chronic homelessness and women who experience chronic homelessness are currently priority areas for funding. These will generally be larger grants (up to $50,000 for any one year) with grants likely to be averaging $20,000 – $30,000.

Chronic homelessness is defined as an episode of homelessness lasting 6 months or longer or multiple episodes of homelessness over a 12 month period or more. 

 Social Justice Program

he Mercy Foundation’s Social Justice Small Grants Program provides seed funding to assist communities and organisations to build capacity that will help create structural change and bring about greater social justice in Australia.

Funding under this program ranges between $1,000 to $10,000 per organisation.

 NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund

NAB IIRF will offer non-repayable grants of up to $100k to purchase specialised capacity building support from providers (this can include but is not limited to advisory, intermediary, financial or legal services). It can also potentially cover the enterprise's costs of putting the investment plan in place.

Application guidelines are available here

Applications open 9am on Tuesday 10 March 2015. There are no specific grant rounds so we encourage enterprises and their chosen providers to apply when they are ready.

Newsboys Foundation 

The Newsboys Foundation provides grants to community organisations working with disadvantaged young people aged 11-18 in Victoria. In particular, it supports initiatives that meet the diverse education needs of these young people. 

The Newsboys Foundation encourages grass-roots organisations to apply. A variety of strategies will be considered for support, including programs involving the arts, outdoor education, sport and social enterprises. 

Priority is given to initiatives that help disengaged young people re-engage with education, with an emphasis on one or more of the following:

  • Successful transition from primary to secondary school
  • Completion of secondary school
  • Successful transition from secondary education into further education, a trade, training or suitable employment.  

The Newsboys Foundation focuses on supporting:

  • Young people from low socio-economic circumstances
  • Young people in rural and regional Victoria
  • Young indigenous people
  • Young refugees and asylum seekers 

nib Foundation - Community Grants

Community Grants

Funding of up to $50,000 for projects that run for up to 12 months

Open application-based annual Community Grant round held mid-year

Aim to support locally-based initiatives that foster community engagement and improved health outcomes in communities across Australia.

Peter Williams Trust Fund

The Peter Williams Trust Fund was established with a focus on the early childhood years and an acknowledgement of the critical significance of appropriate developmental experiences to later life outcomes. The Trust Fund supports children and families experiencing financial and social disadvantage. 

Enquiries and applications to: Lesley Oakley


Tel: 9598 2134

159 Bluff Road Black Rock Vic 3193

Pierce Armstrong Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to disburse grants to not for profit organizations whose work is judged to have the potential to improve the lives of the sick, disabled and under privileged; to support research which may contribute to a better quality of life for all Australians and to support artistic and cultural endeavours which will enrich the lives of members of our community.

At present there are two grant rounds each year in June and December.

Applications for the June distribution in any year must be received no later than 5pm on 15 April. 
Applications for the December distribution must be received no later than 5pm on 15 October

Psychiatric Illness and Intellectual Disabilities Donations Trust Fund Guidelines (PIIDDTF)

The Psychiatric Illness and Intellectual Disability Donations Trust Fund (PIIDDTF) is a philanthropic trust fund that is made up of donations and bequests dating from 1934. PIIDDTF was established by an Order of the Supreme Court in 1994. State Trustees Limited (State Trustees) is the custodian trustees of the fund. The Trust broadly provides for payments to be made for the treatment or welfare of people with a mental illness or intellectual impairment.

The psychiatric component of the fund is administered by the Regulation, Health Protection and Regions Division of the Department of Health whilst the intellectual disability component of the fund is administered by Department of Human Services.

Funds available through PIIDDTF are limited and approved grants from the Trust must meet the criteria of one of the PIIDDTF Trusts. Principles have been established to ensure that funds are made available in an equitable and accessible manner for potential applicants.

Any registered person, who is currently receiving treatment and care in a Victorian public clinical mental health service, is eligible for funding and may apply by way of an application, supported by their public clinical mental health service clinician.

Psychiatric Illness and Intellectual Disabilities Donations Trust Fund (PIIDDTF) general guidelines 

General Enquiries

RACV Community Foundation

About the foundation

RACV is committed to serving the community. That’s why we created the RACV Community Foundation – to deliver vital funds to not-for-profit community groups.

Grants of up to $20,000 help grassroots organisations – often staffed by volunteers – deliver local projects that help improve the lives of people in need throughout Victoria. Since 1997, the Foundation has approved grants worth over $2.5 million to approximately 445 Victorian charities.

The Foundation focuses on supporting mobility in the community as its primary area of philanthropic funding, with a view to enhancing safety, environmental sustainability and/or social cohesion.

Application opening date for 2015 still to be announced.

RACV – Minor Sponsorship

RACV provides financial and in-kind assistance to many local charitable and non-profit community organisations and groups.

Minor sponsorships do not exceed $2,000.

Sponsorships may be considered for events, organisations, programs and activities, and should demonstrate a good fit with RACV’s values and one or more of the areas below:

  • Arts and leisure
  • Community development
  • Environment
  • Health and well-being
  • Mobility and safety
  • Welfare

Applications are reviewed throughout the year and will be processed and responded to within a month following submission.

For details about RACV’s Minor Sponsorship Program please download and view our guidelines below. If you have further queries please contact Rochelle Broder, Community Programs Coordinator on 9790 2995 or

Applications can be emailed to or mailed to the address below:

RACV Minor Sponsorship Program 
Public Affairs 
550 Princes Highway 
Noble Park North VIC 3174 

The Rali Foundation 

We Principally Invest In Projects That focus on education, particularly literacy target young people facing "at risk" stages in their schooling provide opportunities for disadvantaged people to engage in education assist in the acquisition of new skills (mothers/parents)

The Foundation's Main Focus

  • women
  • young people
  • indigenous
  • refugee / immigrant
  • rural / remote

Target Area - eastern and southern states of Australia

Application Process - The RALI Foundation has a two-step application process.

Initially we require completion of an Expression of Interest form.  Once reviewed by our Grants Committee we may request completion of a more detailed Application form. Please contact us to discuss in more detail. 

The Readings Foundation

In 2015, the Readings Foundation grant funding will have a strong focus on those organisations directly supporting disadvantaged communities by way of literacy and educational assistance programs. Leaning towards direct human contact at the individual level with subsequent impact on greater social change

Real Needs Community Grants

Real Needs encourages not-for-profit organisations working with children to apply for charitable funding, which will enable them to further aid youth in need. Real Needs aims to make a positive difference by providing charities with grants that assist them to manage programs that help children in need across Australia, and make a real difference to the community by addressing the growing issues faced by Australia’s youth.

Submissions close at midnight 28 June 2015 (AEST - Sydney time).

R.E. Ross Trust

The Ross Trust will direct resources towards projects and other activities that:

  1. Address disadvantage and inequity
  2. Encourage and promote social inclusiveness, community connectedness, health and wellbeing
  3. Protect and preserve Australian flora and fauna.

In order to fulfil this commitment the Trust directs its resources to areas of the highest priority need where there is the greatest potential for impact. Therefore, the Trust currently accepts applications under four chosen impact areas.

Impact areas

  • Improved outcomes for the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised Victorians
  • Improved outcomes for children and young people at risk (0–18 years)
  • Improved access to and achievement of equity and excellence in public education, arts and culture
  • Protection and preservation of Australian flora and fauna

Sabemo Trust 

Sabemo Trust’s focus is on assisting groups that are concerned with the welfare and development of young children from birth up to the early school years. The projects that are preferred use a community development model where the aspirations of parents and communities for their children are harnessed to maximise opportunities for change.

An application does not have to meet all the criteria but must demonstrate the relevance of the project to the Trust’s intentions.

Requests for funding will be considered when an applicant can demonstrate that a project can:

  • Benefit children 0-8 years in age
  • Alleviate disadvantage and answer unmet needs
  • Affect a large number of people over a long term
  • Generate partnerships with other grant makers
  • Generate partnerships with other community groups
  • Create change and bring about independence in individuals or communities
  • Show clear outcomes
  • Explain how outcomes are to be measured
  • Achieve a degree of sustainability

The final date for lodging grant applications 1 October

SBS Foundation

The SBS Foundation supports Australia charities and community organisations by providing advertising time on television to promote their activities. SBS invites eligible organisations to apply to be an SBS Foundation partner

SBS will select Partners whose applications: clearly demonstrate an alignment with the SBS Charter; demonstrate a need for television promotion; and show they can provide SBS with a good quality television commercial (TVC).

The SBS Foundation is seeking Partners from the following categories:

  • Creative/Arts
  • Multicultural
  • Indigenous
  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Regional, and
  • Sport.

For information about the SBS Foundation Guidelines.

More information about the SBS Foundation Terms and Conditions.

For general enquiries e-mail with your contact details.

Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation

The Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation have grants in the following areas:

Poverty and disadvantage - Poverty and disadvantage has an impact on all aspects of life; well-being, poorer health, ability to participate in community and access to education and employment.

Arts & Humanities - Myer family philanthropy is synonymous with the arts in Australia. The tradition of giving to enrich cultural life began with Sidney Myer, a passionate supporter of the arts, and remains a central focus for the family today.

Education - Investment in education results in improvements in knowledge and competencies, and in economic and cultural development, for both the individual and for society.

Sisters of Charity Foundation

The Mission of the Sisters of Charity Foundation is to provide support for and financial assistance to community initiatives that will benefit poor and marginalised people.

Make grants for charitable public purposes that promote the mission of the Sisters of Charity, especially where projects are not supported by well established organizations with significant reserves and/or the capacity to raise their own funds.

March 2015 Grant Round

Applications for the next grant round close on 31 March. The Grant Allocations Committee will consider all applications in April ready for Board approval in May.

State Trustees Australia Foundation

State Trustees currently runs two granting programs under the State Trustees Australia Foundation:

State Trustees Australia Foundation Grassroots Grants Program

State Trustees Australia Foundation Strategic Grants Program

Steggles and Sydney Roosters Charity Nest’s ‘Charity of Choice’

Applications are now open for an Australian children’s charity to become the 2015 Steggles and Sydney Roosters Charity Nest’s ‘Charity of Choice’.

Our chosen charity will join Lifestart, Children's Hospital Foundation Queensland and the Children's Cancer Institute as part of the Steggles and Roosters Charity Nest.

Since February 2010 Steggles and the Sydney Roosters have raised more than $1,800,000 for Australian children's charities.

Funds will be donated to the Nest for every winning point scored by the Roosters throughout the 2015 NRL season and from various fundraising events.

In 2014, the Steggles Roosters Charity Nest raised more than $400,000 which was shared among the four children's charities.

Applications close Friday 9th January

For further information please email

Suncorp Group Community Grants Fund Program

Grants of between $1,000 and $10,000 will be awarded to charities, individuals or community organisations nominated by our people. Grant Round 4 will be open from 1 November to 1 December.

Funding Priorities

On a national scale, the community’s health and wellbeing is imperative for Australia and New Zealand’s prosperity in terms of our social and economic wellbeing, workforce participation, productivity and overall welfare. Across all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand the health and wellbeing areas that the Suncorp Group Community Grants Fund Program can support are:

  • mental health
  • women, men’s and children’s health
  • ageing health
  • drug & alcohol abuse prevention and treatment
  • Indigenous and minority groups health

Sunsuper Dreams

Sunsuper Dreams is all about doing something positive for the community in a really meaningful way.

So if you have a dream that can help make things better for an Aussie cause, send it in.

To qualify, your dream project must:

  • Be based in Australia
  • Be able to be undertaken in the next six months
  • Do something good for a charity, community group or not-for-profit organisation.

No self-centred dreams. No inappropriate content or language. And no dreams you've had when you've been asleep! We're talking about the dreams you have with your eyes wide open.

Each month we'll be awarding a $5,000 grant to the nominated recipient of the dream voted most popular on this website. 

Telstra - Disability

We have a range of products to help our customers who have difficulty accessing standard telephone services.

Our Disability Equipment Program is for customers who are deaf or blind or have a hearing, speech, vision, mobility or dexterity impairment.

For more information about our Disability Equipment Program and other products and services that may suit your needs, please contact our Disability Enquiry Hotline on:

1800 068 424 (Voice)

1800 808 981 (TTY)

1800 814 777 (Fax) (email)

Accessible products and services

To help find a specific solution for your telecommunications needs, we have a range of products and services across the following categories: Hearing, Speech, Vision, Mobility and Dexterity.

Tobin Brothers Foundation

Awards are presently limited to a maximum of $2,500. Recipients of an Award will be ineligible to re-apply for a period of 2 years.

Applications are invited annually, usually during the first week of September, through advertisements in the daily press. Applications must only be made on the official application form.   

Transport Accident Commission - Small Grants Program  

The aim of the TAC Small Grants Program is to maximise independence and improve the lives of people with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and/or Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). 

The TAC is offering funding for innovative and client centred projects that maximise people's opportunities to participate in and contribute to their local community. 

What projects will be funded? 

The six key priority areas for action outlined in the National Disability Strategy have been adopted by the TAC Small Grants Program. 

  1. Inclusive and accessible communities
  2. Rights protection, justice and legislation
  3. Economic security
  4. Personal and community support
  5. Learning and skills
  6. Health and wellbeing

The TAC invites applications of up to $25,000. Any worthy applications for larger amounts may be considered and can be discussed with the Small Grants Program Coordinator for suitability.

Further information will be provided in the 2015/2016 financial year for the next round of funding.  

Variety The Children's Charity

Variety Victoria delivers five core programs: Freedom, Caring For Kids, Future Kids, VICKIDS and Variety@Work.

Variety Future Kids Program provides children with intellectual or physical disability access to equipment to positively transform their classroom experience and academic performance. 

For children with autism and other learning difficulties, this equipment can help a child speak their first word, or write down their own thoughts independently. 

We also help with sporting trips, musical equipment, scholarships and other items that help children with various special needs improve their potential to learn, participate in the community and enjoy life!

The Variety Freedom Program provides funding for mobility equipment like wheelchairs, walking frames and customised tricycles so children can get out and about. 

VicArts Grants program

The VicArts Grants program aims to develop a strong, innovative and diverse independent arts sector in Victoria. It seeks to increase the availability and accessibility of the arts to the public and build on Victoria’s creative strengths. There is a commitment to reflect the diversity inherent in the State of Victoria by supporting emerging artists, projects in regional Victoria and artists or communities that are Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse or living with disability.

VicArts Grants will support projects and programs that:

  • Create new works across all forms of contemporary art, music, literature and performance.
  • Present original performance, literary works, recordings or exhibitions that engage Victorian audiences and/or reach new audiences nationally and internationally.
  • Build the sustainability and financial viability of an artist’s or arts organisation's professional practice.
  • Engage in partnerships or collaborations with Victorian industries, organisations or communities.

It will allow for the best use and a broad distribution of Government funds across the Victorian arts sector, and maximise the benefit for the Victorian community.

Applications close at 5pm, Wednesday 25 February 2015 for projects commencing after 1 June 2015.

Walter and Eliza Hall Trust - The Survival Fund

The Survival Fund is an initiative of the Walter and Eliza Hall Trust, created with the aim of raising additional funds to assist those affected by poverty who find themselves in a crisis.

In Australia today, more individuals and families than ever before are relying upon Centrelink benefits as their only source of income, and many others try to survive on very low incomes. Unfortunately, these government benefits and low incomes are often barely sufficient to cover basic day-to-day living expenses, and when unexpected events occur, such as illness, death, birth of a child, or marriage breakdown for example, already stretched financial resources are usually inadequate. It is then that individuals or families can find themselves in desperate need of assistance.

The care of a disabled child or adult can also be financially draining, with the cost of medical treatment and items of equipment being beyond the financial capabilities of some individuals and families.

Applications for assistance can only be accepted through social workers or other responsible persons holding official positions within organisations such as Area Health Services, welfare organisations, hospitals, or recognised church welfare departments. Applications can only be accepted by organisations holding DGR/ITEC status. All applications should be directed to The Secretary, and be made on behalf of identified clients whose particular need for assistance must be specified.

Requests for financial assistance should be addressed to

The Secretary, The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

PO Box A2263, Sydney South NSW 1235

and include:

  • a completed Application for Financial Assistance Form signed by the applicant and the Social Worker or other responsible person.
  • a letter supporting the Application from the Social Worker or other responsible person, providing:
  • background information covering any of the items mentioned above, as applicable;
  • an assessment of the client's needs; and,
  • some comment about the degree of difficulty and need the client is experiencing.
  • copies of quotes obtained for any specific item requested for a client.
  • copies of the relevant accounts if assistance is being sought for outstanding debts, eg, electricity, gas, telephone.

Application for Assistance.pdf (PDF, 85KB) 

Westpac Foundation

Westpac Foundation Community Grants

Westpac, in partnership with Westpac Foundation, is committed to supporting local community organisations providing opportunities to those who need it most. Westpac Foundation Community Grants encourage local not-for-profit organisations that have a big idea to change lives for the better to apply for funding.

The general public, Westpac customers and staff have the opportunity to get behind their favourite community organisation by encouraging them to apply for a grant. Any community organisation that meets the eligibility criteria can apply for a community grant of up to $10,000.

Social Enterprise Grants overview

Our Social Enterprise Grants invest in social enterprises with the aim of:

  1. Promoting the sustainability of social enterprises we support and fostering innovation in the sector
  2. Creating a pipeline of funding for social enterprises at every stage of development. For example, an organisation who receives a Seed grant to launch a social enterprise may be eligible at the end of the Seed funding period for a Strengthen grant to expand their operations.

City of Whitehorse – Community Grants

The Community Grants Program supports the community by facilitating the provision of services, programs, activities and events that meet community needs, provide value for money, promote and strengthen community spirit and celebrate Whitehorse’s heritage and diversity.


Applications to be made under the following service areas:

  • Older Persons Activities
  • Community Wellbeing & Safety
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Arts & Culture
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Seeding Funding (One-Off)
  • Minor Capital Items (Equipment, Resources, Musical Instruments Uniforms, or Miscellaneous Items or Supplies with a maximum funding of $1,500)

Registered Not-For-Profit or Incorporated Not For Profit Status (or in the process of registering). Community groups applying for Cash Grants must provide proof of being a registered or incorporated not-for-profit organisation (ie Incorporated Associations) based within the City of Whitehorse or providing activities, services, projects, or programs to the City of Whitehorse. Organisations can be auspiced by a registered not-for-profit agency but will need to provide proof of the auspicing arrangement.

City of Whitehorse Service Provision. All services, projects, programs, events or funded activities must take place within the City of Whitehorse. (In exceptional circumstances, the Council may consider funding for an activity outside the Whitehorse municipality)

The William Angliss (Victoria) Charitable Fund

Applications for funds are accepted only from Victorian and Queensland organisations in the following categories:

  • Multiple service organisations
  • Services for the ageing
  • Services for children and families
  • Services for the disabled
  • Services for educational, cultural and religious organisations
  • Services provided by hospitals and health organisations
  • Services for research purposes
  • Services for youth welfare

Closing date for applications: 30th June

Annual distribution: December 

Yarra Ranges Council (Community Grants) 

Community development grants are available to organisations for up to $10,000 to provide the following outcomes:

  • More resilient, healthy and active communities
  • Increased levels of volunteering and engagement in the community
  • Development of skills and capacity in community organisations
  • Innovative responses to community issues
  • Local knowledge and insight
  • Strengthened relationships

Other avenues in finding funding

Grants Victoria

The Victorian Government grants directory enables you to search for government grants and assistance within the state of Victoria. Find here the community, education, legal and business grants or financial assistance which are available to you

Our Community Funding Centre

What is the Funding Centre?

The Funding Centre is the best place to go to get information on grants and fundraising in Australia.

The Funding Centre’s grants database, helpsheets, and tools are designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations and schools, no matter your location, size or type.

  • Grants Database: Fully searchable directory of more than 2500 live grants, updated daily
  • Funding Centre Scoop: Comprehensive PDF listing of all relevant and currently open grants, plus the latest fundraising news and tools
  • Grant Alerts: Customised daily or weekly emails alerting you to grants that fit your profile
  • Fundraising Help: Help sheets, video and audio to guide you through the process of raising funds with minimum effort
  • Fundraising News: No fluff, just the stuff you really need to know if you’re raising funds in Australia
  • Fundraising Tools: Checklists, templates, policies and planning tools



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