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International Day of People with Disability

Closing date: 15 December 2017

This year marks the 25th anniversary of International Day of People with Disability.

International Day of People with Disability is our opportunity to challenge perceptions, educate others and help celebrate the contribution people with a disability make to our community.

Do you know someone with a disability or perhaps you have lived experience? Let's have a conversation about what International Day of People with a Disability means to you.

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Maroondah City Council

Maroondah City Council would like to acknowledge the contribution people with disabilities make to our community.

27 November 2017 02:08PM

People with disabilities are an important part of our community.

27 November 2017 02:10PM

My friends brother, Michael, has Down syndrome. He is one of the most loving, gentle and thoughtful people that I have met. Everyone who comes into contact with him cannot help but warm to his warm smile, affectionate nature and gentle spirit. My life, and the lives of so many others are richer for knowing him. This day is about recognising that every individual has a valuable contribution to make to our community. It is also about ensuring that all individuals are provided with every opportunity to fully participate and contribute to society.

27 November 2017 02:45PM

Sometimes it's hard for people to understand those who are living with mental health issues, it's not like you can see the problem. Hopefully, we are moving towards all people gaining an understanding of the difficulties these people face daily. I try not to make judgements around what people should be able to do, and remind myself that if I have not walked in their shoes, I don't really know and remember that people have good and bad days. I wish all people with mental health issues find their own path forward, with enjoyment, friendship and a meaningful life. :)

30 November 2017 11:51AM

Hi Kathy That's such a good point that you make. So many 'disabilities' cannot be seen - and understanding and tolerance are key to a more inclusive and accepting community. Thank you for making a comment about mental health. Its prevalence is so invisible. Robyn

08 December 2017 11:01AM

I'd like to think that as we celebrate and recognise people with disability that perceptions are changing. We are becoming more inclusive, accepting and embracing. People with disabilities are people first and foremost who probably share many interests similar to our own. We just need to take the time to find that out. Disability is only a small part of who they are. Everyone needs a champion and someone who believes in them. Through this great things can happen.

01 December 2017 07:04AM

There are many disabilities that are not always obvious and these are known as invisible, or hidden, disabilities. Invisible disability is a physical, mental or neurological condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities that is invisible to the onlooker. Unfortunately the very fact that these symptoms are invisible, can lead to misunderstandings, false perceptions and judgments. So next time you see someone who might be behaving a little differently, or needing a bit of extra help, don't be too quick to judge!

01 December 2017 11:19AM

This online community board is a wonderful forum to raise the awareness of the contributions people with a disability make to our community. A fantastic idea!

02 December 2017 04:52PM

This forum is a great vehicle for exchanging ideas and attitudes that will assist to highlight the fact that people with disabilities can make a positive contribution to the society in which we live.

03 December 2017 02:43PM

It is important that we recognise the needs of people with a disability. We should continue to improve facilities and educate others in the community. International Day of People with a Disability is an opportunity for the community to celebrate the achievements and improve facilities for people with disabilities.

03 December 2017 09:49PM
Stephanie Eynon

Two people with disabilities work at our local Coles. They are highly respected and a special part of the Coles team. Fantastic!

03 December 2017 09:56PM

First and foremost, ‘they’ are People and then – and only then – ‘they’ are People with a disAbility.

04 December 2017 09:10AM

I have worked with people with a disability and think it is important for them to be accepted and respected members of our community. They need to be given the opportunity to contribute to society which may challenge them, but will also benefit their confidence and self-esteem.

04 December 2017 09:59PM

My mother in law's carer (Kohila) is with one arm. Since seeing her strengths my young sons have changed their mindset. They are focusing more on the community than before. Every physically challenged people are our role models.

06 December 2017 01:50PM
Yvonne Pongho

My beautiful nephew has Downs Syndrome and he has always been a joy to our family. His smile lights up a room and he loves music and dancing. He is now 18 and he just loves life. Take the time to get to know someone with a disability it really enriches your world.

08 December 2017 11:20AM

18.3% people in Australia have some form of disability. That almost 1 in 5 people (source At ADEC we are constantly working together with the community to help empower people living with a disability from ethnic backgrounds, their carers and families lead better and more fulling lives. Discussion board like this one are really important because they help emphasis how important it is to continually strive to help improve the lives of everyone within the community. Thank you.

08 December 2017 02:40PM

Connection, networks and involvement in a community, which ever this is, is essential for people. Employment at Maroondah has built my self esteem in a fashion that still surprises me. I will always be grateful to Wendy King and the others for their support.

08 December 2017 05:01PM
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