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'Safety Matters' Community Safety Forum - Wednesday, 20 June 2012

On Wednesday 20 June 2012 96 people from across the community and local organisations attended a Community Safety Forum at Karralyka Theatre. 

PDF  Safety Matters - Community Safety Forum program (pdf. 391 Kb)

Speakers at the forum included: 

Croydon Partners in Safety

The Croydon Partners in Safety Working Group is an energetic and diverse group of representatives from the Croydon community, including Council, Victoria Police, Croydon Community School, Outer East Local Learning and Employment Network (OELLEN), community groups, and traders from Main Street and Croydon Centro.

The group continues to develop small projects to enhance safety and wellbeing in the Croydon Town Centre precinct. A current project is the Community Art Project in the Centreway Aracade.  The previous window panels that were covered in illegal graffiti have now been transfomed into works of art.  The window panels are changed every two months with a focus on a new theme. 

Next time you visit the Croydon Town Centre, check out the latest artwork in the Centreway Arcade. Remember, it was designed and created by the local Croydon community.

To contact the Croydon Partners in Safety Working Group, please email Council's Community Safety Officer or call 1300 88 22 33.

Safety in public spaces

The Safer Design Guidelines were developed by the State Government to assist local government, developers and the community to design and maintain the urban environment in ways that promote community safety and wellbeing.

The Safer Design Guidelines will:

  • improve community perceptions about public spaces
  • increase the use of public spaces
  • improve the way streets and public places are connected
  • create places that are more liveable.

A copy of the Safer Design Guidelines for Victoria can be obtained by contacting the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) or downloaded from the DPCD website.

Graffiti management

Council has received grant funding of nearly $15,000 from the Victorian Department of Justice Graffiti Clean-Up Community Grants program for the 'Schools with Pride' and 'Traders with Pride' projects in Maroondah.

These projects will supply selected schools and trader associations in Maroondah with all-inclusive graffiti-removal kits to assist them to quickly and easily remove graffiti.  The kits will also assist schools in recording and reporting incidents of illegal graffiti to Victoria Police.

Find out more about Council's Anti Graffiti Program


PartySafe is a Victoria Police initiative that has been developed to assist parents and others to host safe parties. The PartySafe program:

  • provides tips on how to host a safe party
  • prevents your party being ruined by unwanted guests
  • encourages the responsible serving of alcohol
  • assists local police to help keep your party safe.

Find out more about PartySafe

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Council supports a harm minimisation approach to the management of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATODs).

Council is an active member of the Local Government Drug Issues Forum and the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Drug Strategy Group, and works in collaboration with the State Government and other local governments across Melbourne to address local issues around the mis-use of ATODs.

For more information about local alcohol, drug and tobacco services, please refer to the links in the Useful Websites section of this page.

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Council's Community Safety Officer

Council's Community Safety Officer works in partnership with a number of community groups and agencies to identify, address and monitor issues of community safety and crime prevention in the City of Maroondah. By closely working with the Victoria Police, local business owners, education and service providers, and State Government departments, the Community Safety Officer plans and supports a range of programs, projects and initiatives in the local community. The Community Safety Officer also conducts safety audits of public areas and gathers evidence to assist in evaluation and future planning.

Community Safety covers many key issues that affect safety and perceptions of safety which can have big impacts on the health and wellbeing of the local community. Such issues include road safety, drug and alcohol misuse, and illegal graffiti.

For more information about Community Safety, please phone 1300 88 22 33 or email Council's Community Safety Officer.

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