Community Safety

Community Safety

Maroondah is a safe place to live, work and enjoy. 

The term ‘community safety’ relates to how people feel about where they live, and the factors that influence their perceptions of safety. Council is proud to be involved in partnerships with Victoria Police, government and community organisations, businesses and individuals that develop local responses to local issues. 

Council is involved in a number of initiatives including drug and alcohol use, preventing violence against women, road safety and graffiti. For more information about Community Safety please phone 1300 88 22 33 or email Council’s Community Safety Officer 

Safety in public spaces

The Safer Design Guidelines were developed by the State Government to assist local government, developers and the community to design and maintain the urban environment in ways that promote community safety and wellbeing.

The Safer Design Guidelines will:

  • improve community perceptions about public spaces
  • increase the use of public spaces
  • improve the way streets and public places are connected
  • create places that are more liveable.

A copy of the Safer Design Guidelines for Victoria can be obtained by contacting the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) or downloaded from the DPCD website.

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Community Safety MonthCommunity Safety Month

October is Community Safety Month.

Community Safety Month aims to promote awareness about a broad range of safety matters, including crime prevention; personal safety; safe work practices; and staying safe during an emergency.

Community Safety Month reminds us that we all have a role in making our communities safer.

To celebrate Community Safety Month, Council is involved with a number of events and workshops aimed at creating awareness and promoting safety issues.


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