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Permit to install or alter a wastewater management (septic) system application form

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Property owners must apply for a permit before commencing any works. It is the responsibility of the owner to submit an application form to Council for approval.

 About installing or altering a wastewater management (septic) system

 Apply to install or alter

 You are required to provide:

  • a completed application form
  • a Land Capability Assessment
  • details about the system, including name of system, Certificate of Conformity and design of disposal area
  • a detailed and scaled site plan showing:
    • all proposed and existing buildings, swimming pools, driveways, stormwater drains, dams and watercourses
    • location of proposed wastewater system and disposal area including setback distances to dwellings, boundaries, swimming pools and watercourses
  • payment of the prescribed fee.

Install or alter a wastewater management system  (docx, 845KB)

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