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Asset protection

An Asset Protection Permit is issued to enable owners and builders to transport building materials and equipment across Council infrastructure assets, under Local Law No. 11.

These assets include anything outside the property, such as vehicle crossings, footpaths, nature strips, drains and pits, kerb, road pavement, trees, signs, poles and hydrants.

The permit must be obtained at least 7 days before commencing building works. 

When is an Asset Protection Permit required?

A permit is required:

  • where the cost of any domestic building work is $20,000 or more
  • for demolition and/or removal of buildings
  • where the cost of commercial/industrial building work is $30,000 or more
  • for all swimming pools/spas irrespective of the cost of works.

Domestic building work is considered to be work that requires a building permit. Such as a new house, alterations to a house, a swimming pool or spa, retaining walls and fences. 

The cost of building work is based on either the contract price or estimated cost of the development. The estimated cost includes the market value of all labour and materials.

Apply for a permit

A permit application form is available from Council. You can call the Asset Protection Administration office on 03 9294 5671 Monday - Friday 9am-3pm.


The non-refundable Asset Protection Permit fee is $200.

Security bond

The minimum amount of the refundable security bond is: 

  • $1000 for a residential site
  • $1500 for a residential corner site
  • $2000 for a commercial/industrial site including multi unit sites of 2 or more dwellings. 

There may be special circumstances where the security bond is increased due to:

  • the extent of the works
  • the potential to cause damage
  • site conditions
  • the proposed development.

Asset protection information sheet

Asset Protection Information Sheet  (pdf, 409KB)

Asset Protection Information Sheet  (docx, 107KB)

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