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Asset protection

An Asset Protection Permit is issued to enable owners and builders to transport building materials and equipment across Council infrastructure assets, under Local Law No. 11.

These assets include anything outside the property, such as vehicle crossings, footpaths, nature strips, drains and pits, kerb, road pavement, trees, signs, poles and hydrants.

The permit must be obtained at least 7 days before commencing building works. 

When is an Asset Protection Permit required?

In any case where a Building Permit has been issued under the Building Act 1993 or Building Works are about to commence on land, an Asset Protection Permit will be required.

'Building Works' includes any works with respect to the construction, demolition, renovation, alteration or removal of, or to, any building, structure or land or any work for which a permit is required under the Building Act 1993 or any other legislation (including the Local Laws).

Council will exercise discretion in determining if works are likely to damage Council or public infrastructure assets, therefore if a permit is required.

If you are unsure if a permit is required, please contact Council Asset Protection Administration Officers on the details provided below.   

Permit fee and bond

The non-refundable Asset Protection Permit Fee and refundable Asset Protection Permit Bond is based upon the type of works and is required to be paid prior to an Asset Protection permit being issued.

Refer to our fees and charges page for details of the applicable fees.  

Apply for a permit

Council is developing an Asset Protection online application portal that will be available in late 2018.

In the interim, to obtain a Asset Protection permit application form please email and provide the following information:

  • property address
  • description of works
  • owners name, address, email address & contact number
  • builders name, contact name, address, email address and contact number. 

Please use the following as the email subject: “Asset Protection Application Request – (Insert Property Address)”

Council will then email you an application pack including an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, the relevant forms are completed and returned to Council, you will be sent the Asset Protection Permit.

If you have any questions, please call the Asset Protection Administration Officers on 9294 5671 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm.  

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