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Property information and building approval particulars

We can provide you with property information or a Building Approval Particulars certificate (Building Regulation 326). 

Use our Property Information application to obtain:

Information available

Building Regulations 326 (1) 

Information on building particulars on the property, for sale purposes, including:

  • Details of any building permit issued in the preceding 10 years.
  • Details of any current statement issued under regulation 502 or 503.
  • Details of any current notice, order or certificated issued under these Regulations or Act.

Building Regulations 326 (2) 

Information, for development or sale purposes, as to whether the building or land is in an area:

  • liable to flooding (regulation 802)
  • in which buildings are likely to be subject to infestation by termites  (regulation 803)
  • for which a bushfire attack level (BAL) has been specified in the Maroondah Planning Scheme
  • likely to be subject to significant snowfalls (regulation 805)
  • subject to uncontrolled overland drainage  (regulation 806)

Building Regulations 326 (3) 

Owner and Mortgagee only can apply - identification required

  • Provide inspection approval dates of the mandatory notification stages for building work carried out on that building or land.

Building regulation 610

Stormwater drainage - Legal point of discharge (LPD)

  • Legal point of discharge can be obtained through this application form, however if you require any further information please contact Council’s Engineering Department on 03 9298 4292.

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Further information

Contact Council’s Building Services on 9298 4327.

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