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Heathmont Village shopping centre carpark

Canterbury Road Heathmont VIC 3135
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In progress
Approx. start date:01 February 2018
Approx. end date:14 February 2019
Council is undertaking works at the Heathmont Village Shopping Centre which will improve safety, traffic flow and car park access.

This extensive project aimed to significantly improve safety, traffic flow and carpark access off Canterbury Road and through the carpark.

The works involved:

  • The relocation of pedestrian operated signals on Canterbury Road 30 metres to the east to control and improve the safety of the access to the shopping centre carpark. The works include the extension of the right turn slip lane (for eastbound traffic) for the central access, conversion of the signals into a fully controlled U-turn, and an extension of the left turn slip lane. This will resolve the issue of vehicles being trapped on Canterbury Road due to traffic in the intersection within the carpark.
  • Splitter islands at the two intersections of the carpark entrances with the carpark access aisle, and associated removal of seven carparking bays. This component of the works is being undertaken to remove the conflict of cars reversing into these intersections from traffic entering the shops and traffic driving along the carpark access road. 
  • The carpark removal will be offset by the addition of four carparks on Allens Road (constructed in 2011) and 15 on Heathmont Road (constructed in January 2018). The works result in a net increase of 12 carparking bays in the precinct. Based on recent trader feedback, the new parking bays in Heathmont Road will have 2-hour parking restriction to prioritise the parking availability for local shopping centre precinct customers.

The traffic signal plan for the works can be viewed below:

Traffic Signal Plan  (pdf, 340KB)

Early works tree removal

To facilitate the works that were required to extend the left turn slip lane into the central carpark access it was necessary to realign a section of the high voltage power lines located between Canterbury Road and the carpark. As part of the early works initiative, the power authority, Ausnet Services, undertook works in March 2018.

To achieve the power authorities required safety offsets between vegetation and the high voltage powerlines, it was necessary to remove one Eucalyptus tree located within the carpark. Council’s Engineering Services Team submitted a planning application for the removal of this tree.

The power line relocation plan can be viewed below:

High Voltage Power Line Relocation Plan  (pdf, 649KB)


In response to concerns raised with Council regarding the ongoing issue of vehicles crashing into shop fronts, Council undertook a survey of traders in early 2017 to determine the level of support for the installation of additional bollards. Following a positive outcome to the survey, Council engaged a consultant to review the bollard spacing, and a landscape architect to review options for the visual design of the bollards. Council proposed a design that would perform the function of stopping vehicles while blending in and enhancing the village feel of the shopping centre.

The bollard design and layout plans can be viewed below:

Bollard Plan  (pdf, 490KB)

Drainage and accessibility works

In addition to the above works, Council also undertook the design of drainage and pedestrian improvement works for the western (downhill) end of the carpark. These works are proposed to address significant drainage issues in this region as well as to improve accessibility and provide a footpath connection from the west of the shopping centre.

The functional drainage plan can be viewed below:

Functional Drainage Plan  (pdf, 1MB)

Further information

For further information on the completed works please contact Council’s Coordinator Engineering Projects, Nathan Bachmann, on 9298 4224.

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