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Hull Road on-road bicycle lanes

Mooroolbark VIC 3134
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In progress
Approx. start date:01 March 2018
Approx. end date:30 April 2018
Council has worked in partnership with VicRoads to develop a proposal to improve road safety on Hull Road.

The bicycle lanes on Hull Road will be installed between Dorset Road and the 5-Ways roundabout.

In accordance with Maroondah City Council’s commitment to improving the bicycle network within the municipality, Council’s Officers have worked in partnership with VicRoads to develop a proposal to improve road safety on Hull Road through the introduction of on-road bicycle lanes between Dorset Road and the 5-Ways roundabout. The proposal has been considered with respect to Hull Roads unconventional road geometry, existing safety issues, and strategic benefits to the bicycle transport network, as discussed further below.

Road status

Hull Road between Dorset Road and the 5-Ways roundabout is an important 1.8km length of higher order arterial road under the management of VicRoads. Hull Road connects the Croydon Major Activity Centre (MAC) via Hewish Road with Mooroolbark, carries approximately 20,000 vehicles per day, and forms part of the 689 Croydon to Montrose Bus Route. 

Strategically, VicRoads has designated the road as part of the Principal Bike Network (PBN). The PBN is a network of proposed and existing cycle routes that help people cycle for transport, and provide access to major destinations in Victoria.

Road geometry and existing safety issues

Hull Road has an unusual width of 11.2 metres. There are several bends and undulations, and it is marked with a centre line (including a ‘double-line’ section between Kincumber Drive and Kurrajong Avenue).  When considered in the context of the road design standards, this width does not safely allow for the formal marking of two lanes in each direction, or even for the designation of a single lane and a parking lane in each direction. 

Given the existing width of each lane of travel, motorists generally tend to drive single file, but in a staggered arrangement. In the past five years, there has been 12 accidents (seven of these rear-end crashes), which is a high number of crashes for a road of this type. It is possible that the road width and staggered driving arrangement is a contributing factor to these accidents.

Numerous traffic surveys undertaken during day and night periods indicate that Hull Road residents generally do not park along the road, with parking either banned, or not occurring due to safety concerns relating back to the road width. The demand for parking along Hull Road seems to be catered for, with most people parking in private property, or along the numerous side streets that intersect with Hull Road. 

Bike lane proposal

Council’s Engineers have worked with VicRoads and determined that one way to improve safety is to address the undesignated road width. The best way to do this is to linemark the road and create a more standard road width for vehicular travel in each direction.  As the road is not wide enough for two lanes in each direction, or to mark a formal parking lane, this can best be achieved by introducing kerb side on road bicycle lanes in each direction, as shown in the figure below. Road widening is not feasible given the numerous services and trees within the narrow naturestrip, and the impact that a widening would have on residential driveways.


The benefits of this proposal are:

  1. improved road safety along Hull Road 
  2. clarity for motorist in terms of one lane of travel in each direction and parking not being allowed
  3. the implementation of an important section of the PBN (linking Croydon MAC and Mooroolbark).

Community consultation

Council thanks the local community for the high level of feedback received during the consultation period between November and December 2017, in response to the bicycle lane proposal. To ensure all views were considered, between January and February 2018, Council undertook an independent review of the proposal with respect to the feedback submissions. A copy of the report is available for viewing below. 

Consultation report 

Hull Road bike lane report  (pdf, 4MB)


Hull Road bike lane plans  (pdf, 3MB)

Hull Road bike lane plans (linear)  (pdf, 3MB)

Next stage

Council is currently working through the consultation feedback and report with VicRoads. It is likely to be several months before a decision on the bicycle lane proposal is made. Council will advise residents on the outcome of the discussions with VicRoads in due course.

Further information

For further information on the works please contact Council’s Project Engineer, Thomas Dobson, on 9298 4276.

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