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Upcoming projects in our wards

rIn Council’s 2018/2019 Budget there are a number of capital works projects funded across Maroondah. See a sample of some of the major projects in each ward that will be undertaken this financial year.

Arrabri Ward

  1. Canterbury Road upgrade ($20m) (a VicRoads project)
  2. HE Parker multi sports complex construction ($16.5m)
  3. HE Parker Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($3m)
  4. Heathmont Shops Access improvements ($1.2m)
  5. Scenic Avenue Flood Mitigation stage 3B ($500k)
  6. HE Parker Reserve sportsfield lighting upgrade ($250k)
  7. Heathmont Rail Trail reconstruction (Canterbury Rd – Lena Grove) ($250k)
  8. Armstrong Road footpath construction ($180k)
  9. HE Parker Reserve enhancement plan ($75k)
  10. Lena Grove footpath construction ($60k)
  11. The Boulevard footpath construction ($58k)
  12. Cheong Park sportsfield lighting design ($50k)

Mullum Ward

  1. Jubilee Sporting Pavilion redevelopment ($2.5m)
  2. Karralyka redevelopment design ($800k)
  3. Mullum Reserve sportsfield renovation ($800k)
  4. Bill Wilkins Lodge redevelopment ($850k)
  5. Quambee Sporting Pavilion renewal ($250k)
  6. Ringwood Multipurpose Pavilion renewal ($200k)
  7. Wonga Road Signal light improvement works ($150k)
  8. Mullum Mullum Sportsfield lighting upgrade ($150k)
  9. Holland Road footpath construction ($138k)
  10. Mullum Mullum Reserve carpark improvement works ($110k)
  11. Jubilee Park Croquet building improvement works ($100k)
  12. Jubilee Park enhancement plan ($75k)
  13. Mullum Mullum Reserve Enhancement Plan ($75K)
  14. Quambee Reserve sportsfield renovation design ($50k)
  15. Quambee Sportsfield lighting upgrade ($30k) 

Wyreena Ward

  1. Dorset Rd/Maroondah Hwy intersection upgrade ($8m) (a VicRoads project)
  2. Springfield Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($4m)
  3. Silcock Sporting Pavilion redevelopment ($2.7m)
  4. Lincoln Road reconstruction and improvement works Stage 1 ($2.7m)
  5. Croydon Town Square development ($2m)
  6. Croydon Depot Office redevelopment ($2m)
  7. Croydon Sporting Pavilion redevelopment ($1.2m)
  8. Power Street catchment works ($900k)
  9. Brushy Creek Community Hall redevelopment ($400k)
  10. Warrien Reserve toilet block redevelopment ($270k)
  11. Hull Road easement drainage upgrade ($200k)
  12. Narr-Maen pedestrian refuge island construction ($60k)
  13. Knee Lane local area traffic maintenance works ($45k)
  14. Wellington Park Drive pedestrian refuge island construction ($45k)  
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