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Climate change adaptation

Council is committed to the implementation of practical measures to alleviate the impact of, and adapt to, climate change. For Maroondah, climate change adaptation means changing the way we behave and do things, in order to be more appropriate for the future climate.

Climate change risks

Climate change has the potential to disrupt various aspects of our lives, with effects and impacts on the special places we love in Maroondah.

Many of the risks we face are not new. However, there are likely to be changes in duration, frequency and severity of some weather events, as well as changes to the climate. Climate change adaptation allows us to better manage the risks of climate change. We are not doing it alone. Other areas of government, industry, and businesses, and individuals are actively addressing the impacts of climate change to our municipality.

Discussion paper

Read about the adaptation work already completed and how we plan to move towards climate resilience.

Climate Risk and Adaptation Strategy Discussion Paper  (docx, 7MB)

Climate Risk and Adaptation Strategy Discussion Paper  (pdf, 3MB)

Community feedback on climate change adaptation

Community feedback, along with the outcomes of ongoing engagement with stakeholders (including government and the greenhouse alliances adaptation working group) will be considered in the Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy, to be implemented from mid-2017.

What you said

Climate change risks - The community advocated for management of natural environment and health impacts.

Climate change opportunities - The community identified that the Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy could benefit from the upscale of stormwater reuse, energy efficiency and integrated transport planning as well as through urban greening initiatives.

Community engagement report

The Report details the views presented throughout the consultation

Community Engagement Report  (docx, 4MB)

Community Engagement Report  (pdf, 987KB)

Further information

For further information contact Council's Strategic Environment Planner on 9298 4360.

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