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Climate change adaptation

Council’s operations, assets and service delivery provided to the community is vulnerable to a range of climate hazards (potentially damaging events) such as heatwaves and flooding. As the intensity, severity and duration of extreme weather events increases, enhancing the resilience of operations, assets and service delivery will become more important.

Adaptation is action taken to prepare for actual or expected changes in the climate, in order to minimise harm, act on opportunities or cope with the consequences (Climate Change Act 2017). Climate change adaptation means changing the way we behave and doing things more appropriate for the future climate.

Key functions of Council in adapting to climate change include the following:

  • ensuring assets (starting with buildings) can withstand extreme events and climate change
  • identifying how climate change will impact street trees, bushland and urban biodiversity
  • building community and staff understanding of climate change risks and partnerships internally and externally for risk reduction
  • advocate for the community where Council does not control the outcomes.

Our draft Strategy

The Draft Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy outlines how Council and partners will work towards a more climate adapted Maroondah. This draft strategy establishes a plan of action for the next four years enabling Council to prepare for the long-term risks of climate change. It will guide Council’s efforts to integrate climate change risk management and adaptation.

The draft strategy draws on a solid evidence base heavily informed by stakeholder engagement and the latest climate science including projections from the Bureau of Meteorology and the national science body, CSIRO, as well as vulnerability information to inform climate change adaptation planning.

Input was also obtained from the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA) of which Council is a member. The development of the Draft Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy was informed by extensive community consultation and input from a wide range of Council service areas, in particular, Risk Management.

Consultation on the draft strategy

At its meeting on Monday 19 March 2018, Council resolved that the Draft Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy be placed on public exhibition from 21 March 2018 for four weeks. Consultation closed on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

See the Draft Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy

Community engagement report

Community Engagement Report  (docx, 4MB)

Community Engagement Report  (pdf, 987KB)

Discussion paper

Climate Risk and Adaptation Strategy Discussion Paper  (docx, 7MB)

Climate Risk and Adaptation Strategy Discussion Paper  (pdf, 3MB)


Further information

For further information contact Council's Strategic Environment Planner on 9298 4360.

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