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Heathmont Activity Centre Structure Plan

Activity Centres facilitate the delivery of essential goods and services to residents, businesses and visitors. The existence of a comprehensive network of activity centres, that differ in size and function, is an important factor in the health of the municipality, particularly with regard to economic activity, employment and service provision.

The hierarchy of activity centres in Maroondah, in order of size and range of activities, is generally as follows:

  • Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre
  • Croydon Major Activity Centre
  • Neighbourhood Activity Centres, including Ringwood East and Heathmont
  • Local shopping strips

Neighbourhood activity centres typically serve a local population catchment and perform an important role in the life of the community.

Heathmont Structure Plan

A structure plan is a means to provide precinct-specific direction on the extent, form and location of land use and development. The preparation of structure plans for Maroondah’s neighbourhood activity centres is designed to protect and enhance the role of the centres, help direct capital spending on public realm and infrastructure improvements, and protect residential areas from the encroachment of inappropriate commercial uses.

At its meeting on 26 August 2013, Maroondah City Council voted to adopt the Heathmont Structure Plan. The structure plan was prepared over a two-year period in consultation with the community and landowners and can be accessed below:

Introduction  (pdf, 13MB)

Background and Context  (pdf, 602KB)

Community and Stakeholder Engagement  (pdf, 627KB)

Key Ambitions and Principles  (pdf, 377KB)

Structure Plan  (pdf, 13MB)

Implementation  (pdf, 203KB)

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