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Maroondah Planning Scheme

A planning scheme sets out policies and requirements for the use, development and protection of land. Every municipality has a planning scheme. 

The Maroondah planning scheme consists of a written document and any maps, plans or other documents incorporated in it.  

It contains:

  • The objectives of planning in Victoria.
  • Purposes of the planning scheme.
  • The User Guide.
  • A State Planning Policy Framework.
  • A Local Planning Policy Framework (including the Municipal Strategic Statement).
  • Zone and overlay provisions.
  • Particular provisions.
  • Definitions.
  • Incorporated documents. 

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State Planning Policy Framework 

The State Planning Policy Framework covers strategic issues of State importance.

It lists policies under 6 headings:

  1. settlement
  2. environment
  3. housing
  4. economic development
  5. infrastructure
  6. particular uses and development. 

Every planning scheme in Victoria contains this policy framework. 

Local Planning Policy Framework 

The Local Planning Policy Framework contains a municipal strategic statement and local planning policies.

This framework:

  • identifies long term directions about land use and development across Maroondah
  • presents a vision for its community and other stakeholders
  • provides the rationale for the zone and overlay requirements and particular provisions in the scheme. 

Requirements and provisions

The zone and overlay requirements and particular provisions show:

  • the type of use and development allowed in each zone
  • additional requirements for subdivision, buildings and works on land that is affected by an overlay
  • requirements for any specific uses and development. 

The General provisions provide information on the administration of this scheme and other related matterss.

Bushfire Management Overlay

A Bushfire Management Overlay has been added to the Maroondah Planning Scheme. Find out more about the overlay and see if your property is affected.

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Definitions advise on the meaning of words in this scheme. 

Further information

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website contains information about The Maroondah Planning Scheme.

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