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Ringwood local street 'No trucks' sign replacement

Council will be replacing all 'No trucks over 4t and over' signs throughout what was formally known as the Southwood Area. This area encompasses all streets between Canterbury Road, Wantirna Road, New Street and Albert Street in Ringwood.

These signs were installed in 1986 with the intention of reducing heavy vehicle traffic using local streets as cut through roads.

Council has recently been made aware that the signs are being ignored by some truck drivers. Following consultation with VicRoads, we will be updating all existing signs to new standard VicRoads ‘No Trucks’ signs.

Existing and updated No trucks signs

New pre-warning signs will also be installed on Wantirna Road, New Street and Canterbury Road, as shown in the signage plan.

These new signs are enforceable by the VicRoads Heavy Vehicle Services Enforcement Team.

Signage plan

Ringwood local streets No trucks signage plan  (pdf, 1MB)

VicRoads Road Rules

Road Safety Road Rules - No trucks signs  (pdf, 208KB)

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