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Receive your rates notice online

Receive your rates notice online

You can register to receive your rates notice electronically, either by email or BPAY View. 

To register for either option, you will need a previous rates notice so that you can enter the details from the notice. 

Once you register you will no longer receive a paper rates notice. A paper notice will only be sent if we are unable to deliver your notice by the requested method, so it's important to tell us if you have changed your mailing address.

Receive your rates notice by email

Create a secure login to have your rates notice emailed to you:

  1. To sign up or log in, go to our eNotices portal
  2. Enter your email address and eNotice Reference Number as it appears on your rates notice:

    eNotices reference number

No eNotice Reference Number?

  • If there is no eNotice Reference Number on your most recent rates notice, call us on 9294 5514.
  • If you are a new owner that has not yet received a rates notice, please sign up when you have received your first notice.

Receive your rates notice by BPAY View

If you use internet banking, register with BPAY View and you can receive, pay and store your rates notice. 

Once you receive your notice, you can pay using either BPAY or BPAY View from your bank account or credit card. 

To register for BPAY View:

  1. Log into your online banking account.
  2. Look for the BPAY View or View Bills section.
  3. Register to receive your rates notice by entering the BPAY Biller Code (118992) and your BPAY reference number (the 10-digit number in the BPAY area of your rates notice).
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