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Your rates at work

The Budget

The Long Term Financial Strategy and Budget have been developed through a rigorous process, and will ensure Council continues to meet the high level and variety of service expected by the community, while also ensuring our long-term financial sustainability within the Victorian Government’s rate-capping environment.

Council is confident that the 2017/18 Budget represents a balanced, sustainable and responsible platform that meets the needs of the community and will see:

  • enhanced services for our community
  • protection of Council’s $1.5 billion in assets
  • the delivery of extensive capital projects
  • a surplus of $6.59 million
  • a financially prudent future for our ratepayers.

The 2017/18 Budget identifies the resourcing to meet 35 initiatives, which are identified in the Council Plan 2017-2021, and will be undertaken by Council over the coming financial year.

These priority actions respond to the needs and aspirations of the community and will directly contribute to the achievement of the Council Plan. They will also help lead us towards our ultimate vision and the preferred outcomes indicated in Maroondah 2040 – Our future together.

Projects for our community


Council’s $27.254 million capital works program ensures our assets meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

Read more about projects for our community

Serving our community


Discover some of the 120 different services, events and activities Council provides to the 113,944 members of the community.

Read more about Council's services and facilities

Total income: 

Rates & charges $84.848m 65%
User fees $23.710m 18%
Operating grants $11.770m 9%
Contributions monetary $4.084m 3%
Statutory fees & fines $4.019m 3%
Capital grants $1.934 1%
Interest $0.981m 1%
Total $131.346m 100%

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