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Projects for our community

Council’s $27.254 million capital works program ensures our assets meet the needs of our community now and into the future. 


Recreational facilities

An allocation of over $4.467 million has been made to maintain and upgrade our recreational facilities such as playgrounds, golf courses, sports fields and reserve bridges.

This includes $1 million towards the Croydon Town Square project, $480,000 for playground renewals throughout Maroondah, including at Ringwood Lake and Cheong parks, East Ringwood Reserve and Ricki Court in North Ringwood; $800,000 to be spent on sports field surface renovation at Russell

Lucas Oval in the Jubilee Park sports precinct. It also includes $100,000 for sports infrastructure renewal such as cricket nets and coaches boxes and $200,000 for netball and tennis court surfacing, nets and fencing, along with $200,000 for foot bridge replacement works.



Maroondah’s extensive system of stormwater drains, which extend more than 760 lineal kilometres, will receive $2.44 million for drainage improvement works.

This includes embankment stabilisation works at Landau Drive, Warranwood; along with the next stage of the Scenic Avenue, East Ringwood Flood Mitigation Works and Stage 5 of the Flood Mitigation works at Acacia Court, Ringwood.


Council buildings and structures

A total of $7.843 million has been allocated to the 510 Council buildings and structures to maintain these assets to a high standard and ensure the community has access to safe and appropriate facilities.

The projects include: improvements to pavilions and facilities at Silcock, Eastfield and Quambee reserves and Croydon Park; new public toilets at Warrien and Eastfield reserves; and building renewal and accessibility works at various locations including Kurburoo Kindergarten in Warranwood; East Ringwood Senior Citizens; HE Parker tennis pavilion; Bedford Park Scout Hall; North Ringwood Community Children’s Centre; and Wyreena Community Arts Centre.


Roads, local area traffic management and commercial centres

Council maintains over 475 kilometres of roads and 600 kilometres of constructed footpaths and will provide funding of more than $5.127 million on roads, local area traffic management and commercial centres.

These works include road resealing of Old Lilydale Road, Ringwood; ongoing works to complete the reconstruction of Dublin Road, East Ringwood; $1.50 million on Stage 1 of the reconstruction of Lincoln Road between Dorset Road and Fiveways Roundabout; and local area traffic management works at Heathmont Road and Exeter Road. A new carpark will also be constructed at Knaith Road Reserve, while a new disability accessible carpark will be constructed at Ringwood Lake Park.

The Mall Shopping Centre will also see an upgrade of existing disability parking spaces, and works to improve existing carparks at Eastfield Park and Hughes Park will also be carried out.


More than $2.845 million will be used on footpath replacement works and improved footpath access at numerous locations across the municipality.

This will include new footpaths along Northwood Street, East Ringwood adjacent to Eastwood Primary School, and along Dorset Road between Lincoln and Hull roads. Shared paths will also be improved, including $100,000 on the Tarralla Creek Trail.

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