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Electronic waste collection (E-waste)


The Victorian Government has banned e-waste from going to landfill, coming into effect 1 July 2019.

Council’s e-waste collection events are an opportunity for Maroondah residents to dispose of their electronic waste for free. All waste collected at the events will be recycled.

Items accepted: Fluorescent light globes, including compact and tubes, household batteries, car batteries and gas bottles (up to 9kg). Any item with a battery or cord, with the exception of whitegoods or items that two people cannot pick up.

There’s no need to book, just come along with your e-waste, stay in your car and a staff member will take your e-waste straight from your car.

Information on our next e-waste collection event will be available in the coming weeks.

Council’s hard waste collection service

Eligible residential households are entitled to a maximum of two collections per financial year. Maximum of 2m3 of acceptable items taken per booking. Book first before putting items onto the nature strip by either contacting council by phone 1300 88 22 33, visiting one of Council’s Customer Service Centres, or on Council's hard waste page

E-waste collection event

Council hosts an e-waste collection event in March every year. Disposal of e-waste is free for Maroondah residents.

Local transfer station

There are several privately-run transfer stations in and around Maroondah that will take e-waste. For a list of nearby transfer stations and their contact details, see Recycling and waste centres

Please note that there may be costs involved.

Industry-run recycling drop-off points

TVs and computers can be taken to an industry-run recycling drop-off point for free under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. You can find a list of nearby drop off points by visiting Planet Ark

Service Centres

Household batteries and mobile phones can be dropped off for free at one of Council’s Customer Service Centres

What is e-waste?

E-waste refers to unwanted and discarded electrical and electronic products – essentially anything powered by batteries or an electrical cord and plug.

Why should it be recycled?

E-waste contains valuable materials that can be recycled and a few hazardous materials that are better kept out of landfill sites.

Where can I find more information about recycling e-waste?

Visit the e-waste website to learn more about the e-waste ban and recycling your e-waste.

Take your e-waste to a better place

From Sustainability Victoria

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