Cr Paul Macdonald, Deputy Mayor

Tarralla Ward Councillor

Cr. Paul Macdonald

Paul has been a Councillor for a combination of 14 years, 3 years with the former City of Croydon and 11 years with the City of Maroondah. Paul grew up in Maroondah and now lives here with his wife Kathy. He is a licenced plumber and gas fitter and has worked in the government and private sectors. Paul has had an active involvement with community groups, including a number of volunteer roles. Paul cares about our community and enjoys working with his fellow councillors to help solve future challenges. Paul is Deputy Mayor for 2023/24.

Paul is representing Council on the following:

  • Maroondah Arts Advisory Committee
  • Maroondah Environment Advisory Committee
  • Maroondah - Communities of Wellbeing Steering Committee
  • Eastern Regional Group - Mayor and CEO's
  • Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance

Meet Cr Paul Macdonald, Deputy Mayor


Latest update from Cr Paul Macdonald - Autumn 2024