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Our new website - tell us what you think

Opening date: 30 August 2017 Closing date: 31 October 2017
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We've been busy building a site that helps you find about what matters most to you - and we'd love to know what you think. The site was launched in late August 2017, and while we've officially closed the consultation period, we're always happy to hear what you think.

Read about some of the features in the site, or you can take a quick tour.

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Tell us what you think. It will only take a few minutes, and will help us know what we're doing well... and what we're not!

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About our website

Front page

Our front page has lots to offer:

  • quick links to the most popular things on the site
  • My Maroondah - Search on your address and find your nearest park, maternal and child health centre, schools and more.  You can also look up your rubbish collection day and your local councillors.
  • quick access to your councillors in the footer
  • a listing of our other websites.

New listings

Search or browse through some of our great listings - some even have a map view to see what's near you.

Updated listings

We've updated some of our existing listings, giving them lots of new features, and a fresh look:

New site structure and updated content

We've refined and restructured the site so you can find what you want faster.  The new main navigation is more intuitive and we've conducted user testing to make sure it works.

We also know which pages are most popular, so you can go straight to them using our quick links on the homepage.

We've assessed all our page content, and rewritten and structured it so you can scan it quickly for what you really want - look out for the accordions that open for more information.

Access for all

Have a look at ReadSpeaker - it's a text to speech converter you'll see it at the top of every page.  This will read out the page for you, and even highlight the words and sentences along the way.  It's a great help for those with poor reading skills, speak English but can't read it, or those with a vision impairment.

We've also written some of our core information in alternate languages - and we've chosen the most common languages spoken in Maroondah.

We've also created some Easy English pages. These pages offer very simple wording supported by images to help those that have an intellectual, cognitive or learning disability, or people with low literacy.  They help with contact details, and highlight services that are available and how to access them.

Other new features

Consultation hub - tell us what you think!

Here you'll find current consultations, where we are seeking your feedback or direction. You will also see past consultations and the outcomes. This is the place for online discussions, blog posts related to a particular consultation, and surveys and polls.

Council blog - see the latest blog posts on topics such as our environment or sustainability.

Social sharing - share a page you like on social media or email the link to a friend .

Page feedback and subscription - provide feedback on one of our pages, or subscribe to be emailed whenever there's an update.

Responsive design - you can see the site on any device - phone, tablet, or desktop - and it will reshape to fit the screen.

Feedback welcome

Tell us what you think by completing a short survey.

We want to hear the good and bad, and any suggestions you might have.

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