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Croydon Central planning application

Published on 02 May 2022
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Artist impression of Croydon Central Artist impression of Stage 2 (retail and future residence)

Council recently received a request from the owners of Croydon Central Shopping Centre to amend the approved plans that form part of the Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 6), within the Maroondah Planning Scheme. 

The Development Plan Overlay applies to the entire land at 5-15 Kent Avenue, Croydon and identifies the land use and development outcomes contemplated for the land.

The Development Plan Overlay was originally approved by Council in 2014 following extensive community consultation and engagement as part of the combined planning scheme amendment and permit application process (Amendment C85). 

The approval of the Development Plan Overlay reflected the agreed land use and development aspirations for the site, which is for a mix of commercial and residential development in two stages. Much of the works related to the commercial shopping area and residential dwellings in Stage 1 have been completed. 

This recent request to amend the approved plans of the Development Plan Overlay is for the portion of land fronting Wicklow Avenue, and is known as Stage 2. It proposes an increase in the mix of land uses and an increase to the building height and form which will significantly impact traffic and parking, vegetation, pedestrian access and the public realm, amongst other matters.

Council has refused to support the proposed amended plans of the Development Plan Overlay for Stage 2, noting that they are not in keeping with the intended land use and development outcomes for the site, with the matter now on appeal with VCAT. Council is also concerned that the applicant is seeking approval of substantially different plans than that already approved using a process that bars community consultation and genuine consideration of their and Council’s feedback.  

Further information

Feedback on this planning application is now closed. 

More information on the amended plans and supporting documentation can be found here

For further information on the planning application, please contact Council’s Statutory Planning team on 1300 88 22 33. 

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