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Hit your fitness goals in time for Run Maroondah. Registrations now open!

Published on 12 August 2022
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Run Maroondah

If you’re looking to sign up for something that’s equal parts fun and physical, why not enter this year’s Run Maroondah, with registrations for the family-friendly event on Sunday 18 September now open.

Run Maroondah is a great way for beginners and seasoned runners alike to get into the spirit of a community run.

Whether you’re a runner, jogger or walker, participants are encouraged to set their own pace. You can try running or walking or walk-run the 5km circuit, while for those up to the challenge, there’s the 10km/15km run or kids’ 1.2km dash (under 14 years) - all while enjoying the idyllic scenery of the city’s parks and trails.

The course will begin at HE Parker Reserve, Heathmont and continue along the Dandenong Creek Trail.

Tips to get the best out of your run

For anyone new to running, the best way to train for Run Maroondah is to start out slow and build up from there.

Beth Ludbrook, our Maroondah Leisure health and fitness team member and an experienced runner, offers some key tips for those wanting to hit their fitness goals in time for the springtime event.

Beth’s advice to those who have never run before is to begin interval training - alternating between walking and running.

“When starting out, your walking interval should be longer than the running interval (in other words, walking a little more than running). Then as you become more comfortable, you can gradually decrease your walking time and increase the running, until you can complete your desired distance without walking,” she says.

Interval training and running also helps keep your mind more engaged, leads to less wear and tear on your body, and increases endurance and overall performance.

Even taking a one-minute break every few hundred metres, or when you feel short of breath, will help you to run further without tiring yourself out.

For those keen to build up to longer distances, such as 10km or 15km, Beth advises varying your speed throughout each training session.

“A lot of people wanting to run long distances make the mistake of just attempting to complete all their training runs at the same pace, however, it is more beneficial to complete a variety of runs (around 85% of your heart rate), interval runs and long slow runs,” explains Beth.

Another tip is to incorporate resistance and strength training, which Beth says can “assist with building the muscular endurance needed for running, and also helps build power to drive your body forward each step”.

Strength training for runners should focus on unilateral exercises (like lunges and step-ups), as well as those that develop core strength. Compound, total-body exercises like squats and deadlifts are also beneficial for strengthening the muscles involved in running.

And when it comes to choosing the right running shoe?

“Everyone is individual when it comes to footwear. Generally, a lighter pair of runners is better for running and a more supportive pair is better for training. But whatever pair of runners you decide to wear on the day, ensure you have worn them in properly and have practiced running in them,” adds Beth.

Just as important is maintaining hydration by ensuring you drink water before, during and after a run. Aim for around 500ml of water about two hours before you run. Staying adequately hydrated can improve recovery, minimise injury and cramping, and maximise performance.

Ready to hit the ground running?

Register for Run Maroondah

Entries for the all-ages and athletic abilities community event closes at 5pm on Friday 16 September.

Every entrant who completes the course will receive a finisher’s ribbon. Water stations will be provided along the course as well as healthy refreshments at the end of the race to keep everyone well-fuelled and hydrated.

The event is also timed, so you can aim for a PB or just relax and take in the scenic views.

Run Maroondah is a smoke-free event and dogs are not permitted.

To register, see the Run Maroondah webpage or phone us on 1300 88 22 33.

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