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Lift your spirits with the Maroondah Lift Project

Published on 04 May 2022
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Learn simple and easy strategies to improve your mental wellbeing with the Maroondah Lift Project, with registrations opening on Monday 23 May.

The Maroondah Lift Project is a seven-week, evidence-based mental health and wellbeing program commencing Sunday 19 June and is available to all Maroondah residents. The Project brings together scientifically-proven strategies from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine to improve mental wellbeing.

As part of the Project, participants will receive videos each week on different wellbeing topics.

Residents can register and complete the sessions online in their own time or join one of our face-to-face groups.

Cr Mike Symon, Mayor of Maroondah, hopes that the Maroondah Lift Project will encourage time-poor residents invest in their mental wellbeing.

“Although restrictions are easing, the pandemic continues to be a cause of stress and anxiety for some.

“The Maroondah Lift Project is a great opportunity to devote a little bit of time each week to supporting and improving your mental wellbeing at a time that is right for you.

“If you join online, you can also work through the program at your own pace and encourage your family and friends to join you on the journey.

“Participants can also share their learnings and support each other through the Maroondah Lift Project Facebook group,” Cr Symon said.

Dr Darren Morton will be conducting the Maroondah Lift Project. He pleased to be able to offer the Project to all Maroondah residents.

“I’m sure you’ll find the videos useful and supportive on your journey to a mentally healthy lifestyle. The beauty of this program is that you can complete the topics at your own pace,” said Dr Morton.

Lesson topics

Week 1: 19 to 25 June — Discover how your 'limbo' (our nickname for the part of the brain responsible for your emotions) is affected when you speak positively to yourself and others.

Week 2: 26 June to 2 July — Learn how the way you position and move your body can influence how you feel. Discover how messages you receive from your senses sight, sound, smell and taste can be uplifting.

Week 3: 3 to 9 July — Learn how happiness is socially contagious and the benefits of immersing yourself in an uplifting social environment.

Week 4: 10 to 16 July — Learn how what you focus on affects how you feel. Discover ways to focus on positive things about the past, present and future.

Week 5: 17 to 23 July Current medical research has discovered that your gut is your second brain. Come along and discover how a happy gut leads to a happy life.

Week 6: 24 to 30 July High levels of stress can be damaging to your health. Come along and discover how to rest to feel your best. Learn the cure for the three sleep-depriving culprits.

Week 7: 31 July to 6 August This week you will learn the most powerful way to increase wellbeing and happiness. Discover the five things you need to flourish and thrive.

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Evidence-based results

The effectiveness of Project has been investigated in a number of studies, with the findings presented at academic conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Participants in Project typically experience a 20 to 40 per cent reduction in depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress and significant improvements in positive aspects of wellbeing such as vitality and satisfaction with life. Furthermore, participants with lower levels of mental health and wellbeing at baseline tended to experience the greatest improvements.

The evidence supporting The Lift Project has resulted the program being officially endorsed by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Registrations for the Maroondah Lift Project open Monday 23 May and closes Friday 3 July; the first videos of the program will be released on Sunday 19 June.

Learn more about The Lift Project

The Maroondah Lift Project is in partnership with Maroondah community houses, EACH, ERL, Neami National, Communities of Wellbeing and Eastland shopping centre.

This program is suitable for adults, young people and children approximately eight and over.

Supporting our community’s mental wellbeing

We are committed to supporting the mental wellbeing of our community. In 2020, Council conducted a COVID-19 survey in which the community told us they wanted more mental health and wellbeing support. Approximately 70 per cent (two in three) respondents reported that the pandemic had negatively impacted their mental health.

As part of our Be Kind initiative, we are encouraging residents to ‘be kind to their minds’ this winter, with a range of informative and supportive workshops, walks and online sessions available to help manage the stress and anxiety that many people in our community are feeling.

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