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Capital works an investment in liveability

Published on 19 August 2021
Workmen constructing a footpath

Maroondah has had a record year of capital works projects during 2020/21, despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

At the Council meeting on Monday 16 August, a status report for Maroondah’s Capital Works Program during the 2020-2021 Financial Year was presented to Council. The report highlighted the exciting progress of several high-profile projects, as well as completion of many improvements to local community assets.

In total, Council undertook more than $81.4 million of projects that will serve the community for years to come. Among those include major community asset improvements including the $5.5 million redevelopment of Silcock Reserve; the $3.5 million redevelopment of the RO Spencer Pavilion; and significant works to McAlpin Reserve. We also commenced the $8m Dorset Recreation Reserve redevelopment and the $2.2m Tarralla Kinder and Maternal Child Health Centre redevelopment, and achieved significant progress in relation to the $21.5m Croydon Activity Centre Carpark.

Maroondah Mayor, Councillor Kylie Spears, said the report showed Council’s commitment to improving the community’s assets and associated services.

“What this report shows, and what we are seeing taking shape out in the community, is the vision and investment in our community. Through these works, we are creating communities which can enjoy safe, healthy lifestyles and social connectedness,” Cr Spears said.

Cr Spears noted the improvements to local community assets were as impressive as the major works. These include an array of projects designed to improve accessibility, create a safer roads and footpaths network, and improve drainage. In addition, there has been renewal works undertaken at many popular reserves.

“It’s important that we continue to focus on improving our local community assets. So that’s putting in new footpaths and undertaking maintenance and repairs when required. This improves accessibility and the spaces on your very doorstep,” Cr Spears said.

In total, Council maintains approximately $2 billion in assets, including buildings, parks, bush reserves, playgrounds, roads, footpaths and stormwater drainage pipes.

Other projects completed during the 2020/21 Financial Year include:

  • North Ringwood Reserve carpark and drainage works
  • Settlers Orchard Reserve works
  • Warrandyte Road drainage improvement works
  • Cobain Reserve playground renewal
  • Waterloo Reserve Playspace renewal
  • McAlpin Reserve - Construction of new path, expansion of carparking, and resurfacing of access road
  • Towerhill Drive, Holyrood Crescent, Tunbury Avenue and Major Street, Ringwood - Construction of over 1000m of new footpaths
  • Sherbrook Catchment Drainage Upgrades, Ringwood (Ringwood Major Activity Centre) - Construction of new drainage system designed to filter out pollutants

We’re not stopping here

Now nearing completion is the $3.25 million Proclamation Park Sporting Pavilion.

The new pavilion will be positioned to provide 180-degree views of the field. It will also include new female-friendly change facilities to meet the growing female participation in cricket and baseball. There will be an accessible public toilet, social rooms, storage for clubs, and a first-floor level multipurpose room with kitchen, kiosk and spectator viewing area.

Would you like to keep up to date with other projects underway, or planned for Maroondah? Visit the Maroondah projects page.

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