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Council to seek Ministerial approval after it adopts Amendments C134maro and C136maro to Maroondah P

Published on 23 September 2021
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Council will seek Ministerial approval following its adoption this week of Maroondah Planning Scheme Amendments C134maro and C136maro.

Council at its Ordinary Meeting on Monday 20 September 2021 resolved to adopt the amendments to the Maroondah Planning Scheme, paving the way for improved future development in the Ringwood and Croydon South precincts.

The amendments will now be submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval.

Mayor of Maroondah, Cr Kylie Spears, said the adopted amendments represented a significant step towards creating a more sustainable approach to urban redevelopment through the Greening the Greyfields project.

“This ground-breaking project is the culmination of six years’ extensive research and land analysis to identify local neighbourhoods in which improved, more careful design can be applied, and I thank the many community members and stakeholders who have provided input and feedback to help get us to this point,” Cr Spears said.

“Most redevelopment of suburban residential lots involves landowners subdividing blocks in smaller lots, leading to loss of green space, a lack of housing diversity and overcrowding.

“The two amendments will bring our planning scheme into current-day thinking and enable a more thoughtful approach to urban redevelopment, so that we can provide for our growing population in an effective and sustainable way,” she said.

Maroondah is the first Victorian Council to pilot the Greening the Greyfields approach, which has been integrated into Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 - the State Government’s vision for the growth of Melbourne over the next 35 years.

Following an extensive pre-engagement process, the amendments were exhibited in late January to late February 2021 and, upon consideration of submissions received, Council resolved to request the appointment of an independent planning panel to review all submissions.

In late June 2021, a planning panel considering all submissions determined that the amendments unlock ‘greyfield’ areas for housing choice and support greener outcomes, and recommended they be approved by Council.

Council has been working with the Swinburne University’s Centre for Urban Transitions since 2015 to apply the greyfield renewal concept in Ringwood and Croydon South.

View the amendment

You can view Amendment C134maro - Ringwood Greyfield Precinct and Amendment C136maro - Croydon South Greyfied Precinct at Your Say Maroondah.

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