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Maroondah Heritage Action Plan: identifying, protecting and celebrating our heritage

Published on 21 October 2021
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Council has released the Maroondah Heritage Action Plan, which outlines its objectives for identifying, protecting, promoting and celebrating the city’s heritage over the next four years.

The Maroondah Heritage Action Plan, which was adopted at Council’s meeting on Monday 18 October 2021, sets out the parameters for the further identification, conservation and management of Maroondah’s heritage, working within the following four themes:

  • Knowing – To know where we have come from and understand the significance of our heritage.
  • Protecting – To protect Maroondah’s heritage places from inappropriate demolition, development or subdivision.
  • Supporting – To assist in conserving and educating others about heritage places.
  • Communicating – To celebrate, connect with and enjoy our heritage places.

Mayor of Maroondah, Cr Kylie Spears, said a key priority of the Heritage Plan is the preparation of municipal-wide heritage gap studies to identify and protect places throughout the city that remain unprotected. 

“Council has a strong commitment to conserving Maroondah’s rich heritage, which forms an important part of our city’s identity and character. A Heritage Study Review conducted in 2003 resulted in more places of heritage significance being protected under Council’s Heritage Overlay,” Cr Spears said.

“A new Heritage Study Review will complete this work and involve a wider survey of places of potential heritage significance, including identifying those places that have significant cultural heritage value to ensure they are sufficiently documented and protected,” she said.

“Places and assets of heritage significance warrant special attention and management. They can include anything that might be considered of significance to the local community in terms of historical, aesthetic, architectural, technological and social value, as well as spiritual importance.

“Heritage sites are not only limited to buildings but also natural assets like trees and landscapes, as well as intangible cultural heritage such as the memories of long-established families and the traditions and ceremonies that bring us together.

“All these things form part of a historical record. It helps our understanding of the past, enriches the present and will be of value to future generations. We look forward to working in partnership with the community to achieve objectives identified in the Maroondah Heritage Action Plan,” Cr Spears added.

The Maroondah Heritage Action Plan has been developed with input from the Maroondah Heritage Reference Group formed by Council in early 2021.

The Reference Group includes representatives from the Croydon Historical Society, Croydon Conservation Society, Monastery Ridge Group, Ringwood and District Historical Society, Friends of Cheong Park and Jubilee Park Residents Group.

See the Maroondah Heritage Action Plan.

To learn more about Maroondah’s heritage, see Maroondah heritage places and objects.

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