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Schoolies Week 2021 - Safety urged

Published on 24 November 2021
  • Children and young people
  • Community safety
Young people celebrating

With thousands of VCE graduates heading into Schoolies celebrations, Council is urging Maroondah’s young people to have fun, play it safe and celebrate responsibly.

Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Maroondah liveability, Safety and Amenity Committee, Councillor Rob Steane, said it was a proud moment for many Year 12 school leavers, and their families, with many graduates planning local, interstate and even overseas celebrations for Schoolies Week.

“Schoolies has become a rite of passage for many young high school leavers, with many celebrations now extending well beyond the traditional week. While it’s a time for celebrating and unwinding with friends, it is important young people manage their own safety as well as looking out for each other,” Cr Steane said.

Victorian Schoolies runs over a two-week period in 2021 - from 27 November to 11 December.

Cr Steane, who also chairs the Maroondah Community Safety Committee, urged all school leavers, parents and the wider community to be informed about Schoolies activities.

“After a year of stress and challenges, young people will be ready to put 2021 behind them and celebrate the end of school. Local destinations such as the Surf Coast around Torquay and Lorne and the Mornington Peninsula will be the hotspots for many Victorian school leavers, particularly as some of the state’s borders remain closed to Victoria,” Cr Steane said.

“If you’re planning on celebrating Schoolies, registering is a great way to ensure the period is a positive experience for young people, their families and the community townships,” he said.

There are several organised Schoolies events in Victoria, including Surf Coast Shire (Lorne and Torquay), Bass Coast Shire (Phillip Island), and on the Morning Peninsula (Rye).

Registrations to organised events and accommodation can be made through the official website. Registration is free and includes access to a 24-hour helpline for students and their parents, official wristbands and photo ID pass.

Young people planning on attending organised Schoolies events are also encouraged to download the Red Frog App. Red Frogs Australia is a support network comprising over 1500 volunteers who provide direct relief, safety and support to young people across 14 locations during the Schoolies period.

Red Frog volunteers act as the eyes and ears in accommodation venues and out on the streets, providing a positive peer presence to school leavers, from help with walking home from events, emotional support, room visits, pancake cook-ups and games.

“The message is to have fun but to stay safe during Schoolies celebrations, and by working together and looking out for each other you can help to ensure a good time doesn’t turn bad,” Cr Steane said.

Things to remember during Schoolies:

  • Always let your friends and family know where you’re going
  • Be a good friend by looking out for your mates
  • Trust your instincts. If you don’t feel safe, you probably aren’t
  • Drugs and alcohol affect your judgement and stop you thinking clearly
  • Avoid illegal substances
  • Drink water and eat food between alcoholic drinks
  • Organise a safe place to meet in case you get separated from friends
  • Drinking and driving don’t mix
  • If you’re unsure about your drink, don’t drink it
  • Unwanted sexual contact is sexual assault
  • Attend an organised schoolies destination and be informed about the services available.

Further information

For more information about celebrating safely and looking after your mates, visit the Victorian Government’s Youth Central website.

If you are celebrating Schoolies, you are encouraged to do so safely by adhering to Victoria’s latest coronavirus (COVID-19) health directions. Information on current directions is available at

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