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Over 340 species identified during 2022 City Nature Challenge!

Published on 03 June 2022
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Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2022 City Nature Challenge – your efforts will allow scientists and environmentalists to better support the biodiversity in our area.

The City Nature Challenge is an international effort to document nature in cities, with this year’s event tallying over 1.6 million observations globally.

During the four-day challenge period, from 29 April to 2 May, a total 1183 observations were made in Maroondah and over 340 species recorded, with local nature-lovers uploading their photos of wild plants, animals and fungi using the free iNaturalist mobile app.

The more commonly observed species included the humble Magpie and Rainbow Lorikeet, as well as Sweet Bursaria and Cherry Ballart. There were, however, a few unusual sightings too.

A moth from the genus Hyperxena seen at Warrien Reserve appears to be the only second recording in iNaturalist of this genus from Victoria.

Although common elsewhere, the discovery of a Hydrobiosid caddisfly in the urban section of Brushy Creek even came as a surprise to waterbug specialist, Eddie Tsyrlin.

The challenge saw Maroondah team up with 20 other councils across Melbourne to represent Greater Melbourne on the global stage, finishing 33rd out of more than 440 cities for the most observations made.

Of the 21 Melbourne Councils, Maroondah ranked 3rd for the most species observed and the most observations made, while coming in top spot for the most people making observations.

Mayor of Maroondah, Cr Mike Symon, said the data collected was available for use and study by local environmentalists, scientists, land managers and Council to help better understand and manage our local biodiversity.

“As global human populations become increasingly concentrated in cities, it’s more important than ever to document urban biodiversity and help ensure the future of plants and wildlife,” Cr Symon said.

“Thanks to our community’s participation in the challenge for a second year in a row, we can continue to work together to build a record of the stunning biodiversity found in Maroondah, which increases our ability to both manage and protect it,” he said.

To stay in touch with Maroondah’s involvement in future citizen science events, visit our Discovering Nature page.

2022 City Nature Challenge – the results are in

Global results (445 cities)

  • Observations - 1,694,877 
  • Species - 50,176+ 
  • Observers - 67,220 

Greater Melbourne results  

  • Observations - 12,599 (33rd overall) 
  • Species - 2,035 (27th overall) 
  • Observers - 603 (23rd overall) 
  • Top Australian City
  • 5th highest city in the Southern Hemisphere (behind four South African cities).

Melbourne collaboration (21 councils)

  • Most observations - Darebin with 1,931 (Maroondah 3rd)
  • Most species - Darebin with 502 (Maroondah 3rd)
  • Most observers - Maroondah with 78 

Maroondah results  

  • Observations - 1,183 
  • Species - 342 
  • Observers - 78 
  • Participants in Nature Discovery Activities - 120
  • New iNaturalist users - 44

See all results including the most observed species.

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