Target Weed: Acacia longifolia

Published on 22 August 2023

Acacia longifolia close up

Image: Acacia longifolia

You may be wondering why we’re writing about an Australian native plant (and one that features in so many gardens) in a blog about environmental weeds.

While Acacia longifolia subspecies longifolia, commonly known as Sallow Wattle or Sydney Golden Wattle, is native to Australia, it has spread outside its original home and become invasive here in Victoria.

Its photogenic flowers led to it being favoured by gardeners across the state. Its seeds then spread, and this shrub or small tree has become a significant environmental weed here.  

Sallow Wattle reaches maturity at 18 months and can produce up to 11,500 seeds. This plant grows in dense stands and suppresses the growth of indigenous trees and shrubs by out-competing them.

Control methods include pulling seedlings out by hand (ensuring the root system is also removed) and using the cut and paint method.

Acacia longifolia is similar in appearance to Acacia floribunda, which has wider and longer leaves.

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