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Meet our FOGO Champions

Published 25 August 2022
  • Sustainability

As you may have already heard, FOGO service is coming to Maroondah. From May 2023, the community will be able to place food scraps in the garden organics bin in addition to garden materials. Food waste that’s diverted from landfill will be turned into nutrient rich compost that will improve the soil on Victorian farms and gardens.

To help spread the word we have been looking for residents who are passionate about sustainability to help us, and we have now recruited a team of nine FOGO champions 

Meet two of our champions, Jane and Neil from Ringwood, who recently met with Morgan, our Waste Education and Engagement Officer, to learn more about the upcoming FOGO service. They are able to answer questions from the community about the FOGO, and share their tips to minimising food waste. 


Morgan, Waste Education and Engagement Officer with FOGO Champions Jane and Neil from Ringwood.

Read more about why Jane and Neil registered to be FOGO champions and why they’re passionate about diverting food waste from landfill. 

Why did you sign up to become FOGO Champions?

Jane: “We’re passionate about playing a role to reduce food ending up in landfill and helping our community to move towards a more regenerative relationship with the Earth.”

What aspects of the FOGO Champion program are you looking forward to participating in?

Jane: “Talking with people in our neighbourhood; as well as family and friends about this exciting initiative and supporting them in understanding the role they can play.”

Neil: “Working through the process to ensure that it is easy and practical”

Why do you think FOGO will be beneficial for the Maroondah community?

Neil: “Removing food from landfill will be a real game changer for limiting greenhouse gasses and it will also empower myself and others to play our role as responsible citizens.”

Jane: “It will help people feel they are able to contribute to redressing the damage we have been doing to our beautiful planet; it will help people feel proud of the leadership being shown by Maroondah City Council.”

Why are you looking forward to using the FOGO service in your household? 

Jane: “We have a compost system and worm farm, but we’re looking forward to using the FOGO to dispose of our citrus, onion and meat scraps; as well as learning how to support others in using the system.”

Neil: “It will help me be more responsible for the disposal of food waste and allows me to be confident in contributing such items as meat scraps, citrus and onions; and the process looks easy.”

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We’re still looking for Maroondah FOGO champions

Our FOGO champions are passionate about creating a more sustainable Maroondah and supporting the community during the transition to a FOGO service.  

Read more about FOGO and how to become a FOGO Champion.

Maroondah Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) Champions program

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