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Published 29 June 2017
  • Sustainability

What is a Raingarden?

A raingarden resembles a regular garden with one major difference – it is positioned to receive rainwater from hard surfaces such as a downpipe from a roof, paved areas or roads.

Using layers of soil and gravel for filtration and planted with a combination of plants, shrubs and grasses, a raingarden reduces the amount of stormwater that would otherwise wash pollutants into the stormwater system and our rivers and creeks.

Raingardens also reduce flooding and erosion by slowing the rate and volume of stormwater flowing from hard surfaces.

Anyone can create a raingarden. They are creative, low cost and easy to maintain, and you can contribute to cleaner, healthier rivers and creeks.

Please note: A certified plumber must be used for stormwater connection and modification.

Further information

More information is available about raingardens and how to build them from Melbourne Water. For more information, you can also email Melbourne Water or call 131 722.

Examples of Maroondah City Council raingardens

Maroondah City Council has created a number of raingardens in our city:

Raingarden at Larissa Avenue  Raingarden at Larissa Avenue

Larissa Avenue, Ringwood

Raingarden at Mac Adam Square  Raingarden at Bayview Rise

 McAdam Square car park, Croydon and Bayview Rise, Bayswater North

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