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Waste tip: remember your reusable bags

Published 11 May 2022
  • Sustainability

Why should we use reusable bags instead of plastic bags? Find out in this month's waste tip.

Single-use plastics (SUPs) make up one third of the litter we see on Victoria’s streets and in our parks and waterways where they cause harm to wildlife and our health.

While nearly three quarters of Victorians are committed to reducing their use of SUPs, they often forget to take reusable bags when heading out to shop. Forgetting reusable bags when we shop happens to all of us.

Make it easy to remember your reusable bags with these simple tips:

  • Keep some by the front door - Try keeping some by the front door or next to where you leave your keys. This way you can simply grab them as you head out the door. Don't forget wherever you store your reusable bags, make sure to wash them regularly to keep them clean.
  • Keep some in your car - Put them in the boot of your car or on the passenger seat – anywhere that’s easily accessible.
  • Keep some in your carry bag - You never know when the need to shop might strike. That’s why it’s a good idea to always keep a compact reusable bag in your regular carry bag, like your handbag or backpack.
  • Put them back in the same place - After unpacking your shopping and checking that your bags are clean, put them back by the door, in your car or in your carry bag so they are ready for next time. By storing your reusable bags in a few convenient locations, you always have some on hand for when you head out to shop.
  • Try reusable fruit and vegetable bags - It’s not just reusable shopping bags that make a difference. Another step that Victorians can take to reduce waste and help the environment is to try reusable fruit and vegetable bags. Reusable fruit and vegetable bags are lightweight and come in various materials, sizes and designs. Often sold as produce bags, they can be found at major supermarkets, smaller shops and online.

By using reusable bags, you can help reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill and create a more sustainable Maroondah.

For more tips and information about alternatives to single-use bags, visit

Council hosts a range of community waste and recycling webinars within the municipality each year. Find out more on our School and community waste education webpage. 

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