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Do the right thing and pick up after your dog

Published on 28 January 2023
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Dog owners are being encouraged to pick up after their pets and ensure that any dog poo is collected and placed in a bin, following an increase in dog poo being left in Council reserves and open spaces.

Dog owners are reminded to carry an appropriate bag or pooper-scooper to remove or dispose of dog waste in a bin, when out walking or in the community.

You may have seen our new video on social media, which depicts how not picking up after your dog can have unpleasant impacts on those around you, and new signage and footpath decals in Council parks, reserves and open spaces. There are also bin stickers on the bins at our two dog parks that include QR codes that will allow residents to report when the bins are full.

Mayor of Maroondah, Councillor Rob Steane, encourages residents to do the right thing.

“Maroondah is a wonderful place to live, work and play, but we all have a responsibility to help keep it that way.  

“Pet owners can play their part in this by ensuring they pick up after their dog, which can help make a big difference for all who enjoy using Council reserves, parks and open spaces,” Cr Steane said.

“It’s every dog owner’s responsibility to ensure Maroondah is dog poo free.”

Here’s how picking up after your dog helps our community:

  • Helps ensure our children can play in our reserves safely, as well as people using our sporting grounds for sport and recreation.
  • Lowers the risk of other dogs or people getting sick, as some dogs can carry worms and diseases.
  • Ensures our Parks and Bushland team can maintain our parks and reserves safely, without coming into contact with dog poo.
  • Helps reduce pollution in our waterways.

A reminder that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when in a public place, except in areas that are marked ‘off-leash’.

Learn more about responsible pet ownership.

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