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Clear out dangerous chemicals for free

Published on 16 July 2021
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Household Chemicals on a shelf in garage

The Detox Your Home event is a free and convenient way for households to dispose of dangerous chemicals.

Whether you’re trying to make your household safer, or just trying to clear out the garage, now is the time to register to remove chemicals lying around your home that may pose risks to children and pets.

We’ve partnered with Sustainability Victoria to deliver an upcoming Detox Your Home collection. This important service is designed to accept many highly toxic household chemicals that can’t be accepted at most transfer stations. As this is a COVIDSafe event, it will be drive-through and contactless (no walk-ins).

Event details

In Maroondah, Detox Your Home will be held:

  • Date: Saturday 14 August
  • Time: 9am to 2pm
  • Location: Maroondah Operations Centre (28 Lincoln Road, Croydon)

Registration is essential and available through Sustainability Victoria’s Detox Your Home website.

Maroondah Councillor Marijke Graham, who represents Council as Chair of the Maroondah Environment Advisory Committee, said it’s important to correctly dispose of chemicals.

“Throwing out chemical products with your regular rubbish collection is dangerous because they could leak and mix with other chemicals, potentially leading to an explosion,” Cr Graham said.

“While it may be tempting, pouring household chemicals down the drain can be extremely detrimental to our environment. This can contaminate our water supply, harm animals and vegetation, or make our rivers and beaches unsafe for swimming.

“The correct approach is to store your unwanted chemicals in a safe place until you can dispose of them through a service such as ‘Detox your Home’.

Find out more information on how to store chemicals safely.

Chemists will staff the event, as they understand how to safely manage toxic household chemicals. The chemicals will be safely stored, then transported to a licensed processing facility.

What to do on the day:

  • Label your items clearly and accurately. If you’re unsure of the contents, label them ‘unknown’.
  • Safely place the items in your vehicle’s boot, or in the tray of a ute.
  • Bring your order number from your registration.
  • Only one person per car (you won’t need to unload anything yourself).
  • Drive in and follow the signage and directions.
  • Stay in your car and the crew will do the rest.

Find out more information on acceptable materials at Detox your home events.

Register for the Detox Your Home - Croydon event here

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