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Council welcomes Victorian Government announcement to remove level crossings in Maroondah

Published on 30 July 2021
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Boom gates down at Dublin Road Level Crossing

Maroondah City Council welcomes the announcement from the Victorian Government that three level crossings in Maroondah have been added to the Level Crossing Removal Program and will be removed by 2025.

The exciting project will see the removal of the level crossing at Bedford Road, Ringwood; as well as a new station at Croydon in association with the removal of the level crossing at Coolstore Road; and a new station at East Ringwood, in association with the removal of the level crossing at Dublin Road.

“This is a huge win for the Maroondah community, and a real game changer for Croydon and East Ringwood, not to mention for the community that lives, travels to school, and commutes through the dangerous Bedford Road intersection,” said Mayor of Maroondah Ccouncillor Kylie Spears.

“Council has been advocating for the removal of these level crossings, and in particular the removal of the Coolstore Road level crossing and Croydon Station upgrade, for more than 5 years,” said Cr Kylie Spears.

In 2016 Council began an advocacy campaign to have the level crossing at Coolstore Road, Croydon removed as an urgent priority.

At that time, the level crossing at Coolstore Road was not on the Victorian Government’s list of 50 level crossings within the level crossing removal program.

Council has continued to advocate to the Victorian Government over the past five years, with activity that has included preliminary investigations for the site and a business case put to the Department of Transport for this critical element to deliver the vision for the Croydon Activity Centre.

“It is vital for the success of the Croydon Major Activity Centre that the Coolstore Road level crossing is removed to enable a truly integrated town centre. The removal of this dividing line between the commercial centre of Croydon will enable significantly improved vehicle and pedestrian connections, create new open space, and will be a catalyst for significant development outcomes, with resulting economic and social benefits,” said Cr Spears.

“Council is very excited by the possibilities the removal of the level crossing will create for the Croydon and wider community, which will include a new railway station and bus interchange. This project will enable a revitalised and connected Croydon Town Centre, and complements the work underway by Council to create the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct,” said Cr Spears.

The removal of the existing level crossing at Dublin Road will enable pedestrian safety and traffic flow enhancements at this busy intersection which leads to the East Ringwood shopping precinct, local schools and various family and children’s services.

“Council looks forward to this project which will also deliver a new station and bus interchange in the heart of the East Ringwood Activity Centre shopping and community centre,” said Cr Spears.

The removal of the Bedford Road Level Crossing will create significant improvements for the movement of traffic and pedestrians at this busy intersection, which is adjacent to a large secondary school, community hub and local shopping precinct.

“Removal of this level crossing is a huge relief for Council, not only will this improve peak hour traffic congestion it will provide pedestrian and vehicle safety enhancements that are urgently needed given the large number of students walking and riding to the nearby schools and train stations at Ringwood and Heathmont,” said Cr Spears.

“An additional benefit from these projects is the opportunity to provide a continuous quality riding and walking experience that connects Ringwood to Croydon. We look forward to this and the other significant urban renewal opportunities that will be achieved for our local community,” said Cr Spears.

“Council is looking forward to working closely with the Victorian Government and the Level Crossing Removal Authority to see these projects completed as quickly as possible and to the benefits that will come for our community,” said Cr Spears.

The level crossing at Dublin Road, Ringwood East and at Coolstore Road, Croydon are both on the Lilydale line.

The level crossing at Bedford Road, Ringwood is on the Belgrave line.

The removal of these 3 level crossings in Maroondah, along with the other level crossing removal projects already completed or underway, will make both the Belgrave and Lilydale lines boom gate free along the entire length through to the City.

The Victorian Government has confirmed that early investigations suggest the most likely design to remove the crossings at Bedford Road and Dublin Road will be to build trenches under the roads. The Coolstore Road crossing will be removed through a rail bridge over the road.  

The projects will be managed by the Level Crossing Removal Authority.

For more information, including next steps and timeframes, visit the Level Crossing Removal Authority website.

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