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Maroondah Sustainability Strategy

Maroondah's Sustainability Strategy 2016-2020 was formally adopted by Council in July 2016. The Maroondah 2040 Community Vision for a clean, green and sustainable community is central to the development of this Strategy, which outlines Council’s sustainability agenda for the next four years.

In order to deliver a more liveable and sustainable environment in Maroondah, Council plans to lead by example. It will continue to collaborate and work in partnership with the community for mutual benefit and better environmental outcomes.

The Strategy encompasses important key directions and implementation strategies, which are built around five key focus areas:

  • Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Transport
  • Green Assets and Water
  • Engagement, Partnerships and Communication
  • Governance, Evaluation and Improvement
  • Funding, Resourcing and Opportunities.

In light of the many challenges we face to our wellbeing and liveability, the Strategy’s main focus is to mainstream sustainability principles, and requires embedding sustainability into everything that we do.

The Strategy complements the Maroondah Carbon Neutral Strategy adopted by Council in 2015. The Implementation Plan was reviewed in 2018 and a new Strategy will be prepared in 2020-21.

Sustainability Strategy 2016-2020

Sustainability Strategy 2016-2020  (pdf, 4MB)

Sustainability Strategy 2016-2020  (docx, 2MB)

Sustainability Activities Report

The Maroondah Sustainability Strategy 2016 to 2020 Activities Report tracks the progress and describes actions undertaken by Council, the community and our partners to improve social, economic and environmental sustainability in Maroondah. This report covers the full four-year period of the Maroondah Sustainability Strategy 2016 to 2020.

Sustainability Strategy 2016 to 2020 Activities Report  (pdf, 1MB) 

Further information

For further information contact Maroondah City Council's Sustainability Team on 1300 88 22 33

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