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Know your Council

The Victorian Government’s Know Your Council website is an accessible, easy to understand online resource that helps you:

  • understand how councils work
  • explore information about their municipality
  • compare a council’s performance against similar councils.

Local Government Performance Reporting Framework

The Victorian Government established the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) in 2014 to enable consistent measurement and reporting of performance across 10 service delivery areas.

The framework also includes information on Council’s financial performance and their sustainable capacity.

The Know Your Council website publishes local government data based on the 10 LGPRF service delivery areas. 


You can review Maroondah City Council's performance in comparison with similar Councils through the Know Your Council website. You can also compare Maroondah to the Victorian average.

The 'similar councils' group for Maroondah includes all metropolitan councils with the exception of interface and growth area municipalities. 

How we use these results

The LGPRF is one of the tools used by Maroondah to understand our service delivery performance and to drive continuous improvement. 

We will continue to track our performance over the financial year with data to be published in Council’s Annual Report ahead of its release on the Know Your Council website.

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