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Maroondah Moments - capturing a moment in time

boy running through sprinkler

Join our Maroondah Moments photography project and take a photo of people, things and places that make you feel happy. Share it with us via Facebook or Instagram by tagging #MaroondahMoments.

With 47% of Australians feeling more stressed due to COVID-19, we are encouraging you to take some time to look after your mental health. Research shows that participating in the arts can have a positive effect on your wellbeing. Photography can be a fun and different way to express your feelings without having to use words.

Another way of enhancing mental wellbeing is through gratitude and recognising the positive things we have in our life. Focusing on creativity and things that make you feel good helps you appreciate of the world around you and can enhance feelings of happiness. So, show us the good things in your life through the lens of your camera or phone!

Take photos of things that make you smile, things that give you joy and happiness and share them with us. You can be as creative as you like! You could experiment with costumes, new camera angles, close ups or different lighting.

Look at the world with fresh eyes - even the familiar can be surprising!

To share your photo, jump on our Facebook page and add your photo or tag us Instagram. Don’t forget to #MaroondahMoments as this allows Council to reshare your photo to inspire others. 

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