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Getting through lockdown

Alto Reserve

Here's some suggestions on looking after yourself while we're COVID-bound.

Discover your local area

Get a sense of your 5km radius here and explore what's around you! Don't forget to take your rubbish home with you and keep our neighbourhoods tidy.

  • Find your local park
    See a map of our parks, with a listing showing park features such as leash free areas, busland, wetlands etc.
  • Walks and trails near you
    Maroondah has some beautiful and historically significant walks throughout the city. Find one near you.
  • Public art
    Use the map to visit a public artwork near you.
  • Find your local shops
    Visit the BizHub maroondah site for a listing and map of your local shopping area.

Disposable face masks

Out and about with a disposable mask? Please dispose of it thoughfully and place it in a bag in the rubbish bin. Note. Disposable face masks are not recyclable. 

Entertainment at home

  • Victoria Together, from the Victorian Government, provides entertainment and connection for Victorians as we stay home and stay safe. The hub showcases the best of our online experiences, including health and fitness programs, music, comedy, kids’ activities and an array of other offerings. 
  • Fuse: Fun at home  
    Great activities for parents to use with children from the Department for Education and Training.

Be kind Maroondah

Did you know that one act of kindness each day can reduce stress, anxiety and depression? Recent statistics show that social isolation is having a negative impact on mental health with requests for mental health assistance in Australia increasing by as much as 40%.  

During these difficult times, it is important that we are kind to ourselves, to others and to our local businesses. See more about Be kind Maroondah for tops on looking after yourself and others.

Be kind Maroondah

Learning from home

Out with your dog?

While walking your dog, make sure they are on a lead in on-lead areas, and:

  • even in an off-leash area, please keep your dog on a lead on a shared path or within 15 metres of: playgrounds or children’s play equipment, barbecue or picnic facilities, or organised sporting events or training sessions.
  • please clean up after your dog - use as a bag, pouch or pooper-scooper, to remove and dispose of any dog waste 
  • remember, our ovals are not off-leash dog parks.

See a list of our off-leash areas

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