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Virtual Engagement Recreation Activity (VERA)


Virtual Engagement Recreation Activity (VERA) is a new program offered through our Social Support Group team at Kerrabee.

VERA is series of interactive fun, social and wellbeing group programs conducted online via Microsoft Teams (similar to Zoom and Skype). The program has been designed to include everyone, from people who use a computer or tablet with confidence through to people who have absolutely no experience.   

Programs run through VERA include:

  • exercise, meditation, mindfulness, health and wellbeing
  • craft (supplies provided)
  • guest speakers 
  • entertainers
  • word games, puzzles, bingo and brain teasers
  • cooking together on-line
  • tours of local places of interest (eg art exhibitions)
  • conversations and friendship
  • learning skills to open up a world of new possibilities

Further information

To find out more or to get involved with VERA, please phone our Kerrabee office on 9294 5531 to express your interest in the program and staff will guide you on how to get involved. 

"Kerrabee & VERA are very important to me."

"Wonderful service in every way. Received a lot of support during COVID19, which is very important."

"I like the way the programs are worked out i.e. asking for our input & bringing our attention to other possibilities which might interest us. VERA has been a Godsend."

"The staff at VERA are fantastic. Without this activity I would not have any interaction with anyone. The activities provide, expertise and social interaction is so appreciated."

"The cost of VERA is achievable. The supplies to do activities is just so fantastic, well thought through, creative programs & puzzles & appropriate for both female and male, and great friendships being made. Thank you."

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